Imlie starlife update Thursday 10 August 2023

Imlie 10 August 2023: Atharva pulls Imlie closer to him. She nervously asks what is he doing. He says one which was incomplete and slowly strikes her head with his head. She asks what was that. He says striking heads is a bad luck, so he did it twice. She asks since when he started believing in all this. He says since he befriended a fighter girl, there is a constant fear of loss. She smiles and leaves. Rudra tells Devika that Imlie’s life was getting back on track with great difficulty, but Chini’s reentry will try to separate Atharva and Imlie again. Devika says she trusts her son but not Chini. Rudra says if Atharva falls for Chini again, he will not forgive Atharva again.

Akash and Keya fume discussing that Atharva let Imlie’s family stay at Rana house and turned it into a Dharamshala. Chini walks in and asks them to welcome her and her plan to get Imlie out of Rana house. She recalls Rupali walking into her room when she was planning with Anu to take revenge from Imlie. Anu shuts her mouth. Rupali says shutting Chini’s mouth is of no use. Anu says they were discussing about Chini’s wedding jewelry. Rupali says she knows what is going on in Chini’s mind and asks Chini to come and sleep in her room. Chini demands a separate room. Rupali asks her to shift to Anu’s house then. Chini follows her frowning.

Imlie feels tested while working on her laptop and thinks her tensino is because of Chini and he needs to talk to Rupali about it. Atharva knocks door and jokes that girls fall for his charm. Imlie says she doesn’t. He says he came to sleep in her room. She requests him to leave and closes the door. Chini gets Anu’s message that she returned to Rana house for Atharva and then Abhishek’s I love you message. She feels irritated and thinks its time to gearf up her plan. Atharva starts working on his music. Imlie feels guilty for sending Atharva back and walks towards his room. Chini also walks towards Atharva’s room thinking he let her family stay at his house for her sake, he still loves her. Keya pulls her away and shows that Imlie is already knocking at Atharva’s door. Chini fumes that Imlie always ruins her plan.

Imlie knocks Atharva’s room door. Atharva opens door. Imlie apologizes him for being rude and not letting him inside her room. He says she just said no and wasn’t rude, so she shouldn’t apologize. He praises her and then says he was a bit hurt though. She says what can she do when he doesn’t want her to apologize him. He asks her to sleep in his room. She recalls him telling Chini that he loves her and not Imlie in this room and says she can’t. He says he knows she has bad memories in this room, he is trying to change himself and wants her to help him and try at least. She walks into his room and scolds him for keeping his room untidy. He draws a pillow line between bed and seeks her help. Their hands strike. Imlie stares at him. Atharva starts acting and asks her to stay on her side. She moves. He says he was joking and asks her to sleep. She sleeps.

He continues chatting and says he was worried for her, he means everyone. She thanks him for supporting her family. He says he supported her family for her sake and he is not worry when she is with him. She says she will be with him always. Atharva tells her that he got Chini’s message that she misses him, but didn’t reply her; he doesn’t know what she wants to prove with his message.

Atharva tells her that he got Chini’s message that she misses him, but didn’t reply her as he wants to move on; he doesn’t know what she wants to prove with her message. He finds Imlie already asleep and says Imlie shouldn’t get any doubt in her mind, Chini is important to him, but not important than Imlie’s friendship. He gets Anu’s call who says there must be a fight between Abhsihek and Chini and now Chini is not picking her call, he should go and speak to Chini as he is her friend. Atharva walks to Chini’s room and doesn’t find her there. He calls her and when she doesn’t pick call goes out to garden and finds her sitting on bench. Chini acts emotional seeing him and tries to hug him. Atharva stops him. Chini says sorry, she is habituated to hug him. Atharva asks her to change her habit now and says he came to check on her on Anu’s request. Chini says she is not fine. Atharva says he will send Rupali or Anu here. Chini says there is no need for that. Atharva asks what is her problem. Chini says she said yes to Abhishek to get away from Atharva and Imlie’s lives, but now she realized that she doens’t love Abhishek and made a mistake. Atharva says she should inform this to Rupali. Chini says Rupali will not understand her. Atharva says he can’t help her the and walks away, leaving her fuming.

Next morning, Rudra tells Devika that by god’s grace, a first night with Chini inside home passed without any issues. Devika says maybe something happened which they don’t know; she trusts Atharva until Imlie is with him, but can’t trust Chini. Rathores walk down. Devika takes them for breakfast. Arpita says she got high cholesterol and hence can’t have paranthas. Keya says already paranthas are made. Atharva brings fruit salad and shares it with Arpita. Keya murmurs Atharva is buttering his in-laws too much. After breakfast, Imlie thgins of investigating the cause of fire at Rathore mansion and asks Chini to accompany her out. Chini refuses giving a weird excuse. Imlie leaves alone. Chini calls Abhishek to meet her a a tea tapri/stall and also messages Atharva that she needs his help. Atharva thinks of informing Imlie about Chini’s message and asks Devika about Imlie. Devika informs that Imlie just went out. Atharva thinks Chini must really be in trouble and rushes towards her sent location.

Abhishek meets Chini at tapri and feels happy that she invited him at their first meeting spot. Chini hopes Arto reaches soon. Arto reaches there. Chini gets happy seeing him coming and starts arguing with Abhishek to change his hobby of helping others and starts crying. Atharva watches them and hopes if Imlie was here to help Chini, thinks what shallhe do now. Chini hopes he gets trapped in her plan. Imlie reaches Rathore house and inspects the mansion thoroughly. She finds Chini’s fake nail near a electric board and thinks of questioning her. Atharva tries to leave. Chini stops him and thanks him for coming with just a message. Atharva asks why did she call him here. Chini says its not her but her heart called her. She starts provoking him against Abhishek. Atharva says he will speak to Abhishek, but Chini stops him and says Abhishek will complain Rupali against her and as usual her family will blame her. She continues her emotional blackmail. Atharva says he is going home and can drop her home if she wants to or else.. Chini thanks him and sits besides him.

Imlie while driving back home calls Chini. Chini thinks why is Ms Shutlik calling her, if she got suspicious that Arto is with her. She disconnectgs call and thinks why don’t he speak. Arto thinks of calling Imlie and inform her that Chini is with her. Chini starts crying and says her family and society will blame her if she cancels even this wedding. Arto finds Imlie’s number busy. Imlie thinks Chini can’t get away if she rejects her call repeatedly.

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