Imlie starlife update Wednesday 9 August 2023

Imlie 9 August 2023: A goon points gun at Atharva. Atharva fight with him, and bullet thits Imlie’s shoulder and she falls down injured. Whole family looks at her in shock. Atharva angrily trashes goon. Sundar also pushes another goon away. Other hostages catch those goons. Atharva rushes to Imlie and tries to keer her awake. Police enter and catch goons. Rudra and others rush in next and ask what happened to Imlie. A hostage and her daughter whom Imlie helped refuse to leave until Imlie gets normal as Imlie risked her life and helped them. Other hostages also refuse to leave until Imlie gets well. Rudra says their Imlie has become everyone’s family member. Devika prays god to treat Imlie soon. Doctor visits and bandages Imlie and says she is fine as bullet just touched her shoulder and left. She suggests Imlie to rest well until she recovers completely. Abhsihek shows his concern for Chini. Chini ignores him and tells Arto that he need not worry as Chini will be fine soon. Arto says he knows. Chini praises him for protecting Imlie. Arto says he just protected his friend and asks her to go home. Arpita takes her from there.

Imlie returns to Rathore Mansion, recalls Arto’s words, and thinks she will break up with Abhishek first and start Chini and Arto’s love story part 2. Rupali enters and says she wants to slap her for whatever she was trying to do with Atharva at the jewelry store. Chini asks what did she do. Rupali asks aren’t she ashamed to try to trap her sister’s husband again, she is lucky that she got Abhishek, and says she will not let her get out of Rana house until she marries Abhishek and leave Rana house. Atharva looks at sleeping Imlie and hopes she lets him follow his friendship. Imlie wakes up and asks if she was snoring that he was staring at her. He asks what? She asks why did he come to jewelry store. He says store owner is his childhood friend and asks why did she stay at the store when he asked her to leave. She asks if he doesn’t know why she stayed back. He asks how is she feeling now. She says she is fine now. He says he was eagerly waiting to hear that more than his fans wait for his new music tracks. He holds her hand and says he was very afraid, then nervously leaves her hand.

She notices its 9 p.m. and asks if the watch is not working. Arto says no. Imlie panics thinking her boss would scold her for not completing her project. He stops her and says he already spoke to her boss who also asked her to rest. He says he was checking on her each other if she awoke and asks her to rest well now. Imlie says she is not getting sleep now. Atharva asks what shall he do to get her sleep. Imlie asks him to sing a lullaby. He says he can sing a rap song and keep her away. She says he made her sing a lullaby the other day, now its his turn. Atharva sings a romantic song and makes her sleep. Imlie feels good.

Next morning, Arpita and Rupali inform Chini that they are going to get her lehanga and leave home. Chini calls Anu and informs her about it. Anu asks if she knows what to do. Chini asks always and forever. She sets Rana mansion on fire and leaves thinking Imlie’s dream will burn into ashes today. Sundar who is asleep doesn’t wake up. Atharva brings breakfast for Imlie. Imlie refuses to have it. Atharva calls his parents in. Imlie asks Devika who is she. Devika says she is angry on her for resting well. Imlie says she is absolutely fine. Atharva asks Devika to explain that she had a bullet and not orange pill. Imlie argues that she doesn’t want to rest. Rudra and Devika enjoy their nok jhok. Atharva insists them to explain Imlie. Rudra says he can’t explain well-reserved Imlie and orders Imlie to walk only in her room. Devika asks her to have food in some time. Atharva lives with his parents saying he will check on her every few minutes.

Imlie calls Sundar thinking Rathores must be busy. She then calls landline when no one picks call. Sundar wakes up and picks call and is shocked to se fire all around. He knocks door and calls Arpita and Rupli. Sundar collapses due to smoke. Imlie gets concerned hearing him coughing and panicking and runs towards Rathore mansion.

Chini sets Rathore mansion on fire and walks out. Rupali and Arpita return home from shopping, panic seeing fire, and call fire brigade. They worry for Sundar and Chini. Chini walks to them and says she had gone to pick up Anu. Arpita says Sundar is stuck inside. Chini getc concerned for Sundar. Anu asks why is she bothered. Chini says her enmity is with Imlie, Sundar is her family. Imlie and Atharva reach there. Imlie drapes blanket around her walks into house to save Sundar. Atharva accompanies her. They get Sundar out of his room. Imlie sends Sundar out with Atharva and goes back to save Seeta maiya’s idol. She inshales smoke and collapses. Atharva brings Sundar out. Rupali asks where is Imlie. Atharva tries to enter, but stops seeing fire increasing.

Imlie walks out holding Seeta maiya’s idol. She then keeps idol at a safe pace and walks to Atharva. Atharva hugs her emotionally, leaving Chini jealous, and asks if she is fine. Imlie nods yes. Atharva says he will not leave her alone even for a second. Imlie says she wasn’t alone and looks at Seeta maiya’s idol. She recalls candelier falling in front of her and its rod flying and hitting fire alarm and spraying water on her face to wake her up and send her out of the house. She thanks Seeta maiya. Sundar says Imlie’s Seeta maiya always protects her. Rathores shift to Rana mansion where doctor treats Sundar and Imlie. Atharva asks doctor if Imlie is fine, then says he means Sundar and Imlie both. Everyone laugh.

Anu says Chini’s wedding is nearing and asks Rathores where will they stay now. Shivani says they can stay at Anu’s big house. Anu says there is renovation going on at her house. Abhishek says they can shift to his house. Chini hopes he doesn’t spoil her plan. Imlie thinks she can’t ask them to stay here as Rudra doesn’t Chini here. Rupali says they can shift to their farmhouse in city outskirts. Arpita says its too far and they can’t travel up and down for wedding shopping. Atharva says they can stay at Rana house. Rudra and Devika feel uncomfortable but agree on Atharva’s insistence and request Rathores to stay at Rana house until Rathore mansion gets ready. Devika goes to get rooms ready. Atharva angrily looks at Chini when Chini smiles at her and walks to his room.

Imlie recalls Chini smiling at Atharva and thinks if he stopped Rathore family for Chini’s sake. Atharva thinks Imlie may misunderstand him, so he should inform her about Chini’s message. He clashes with Imlie in corridor and asks if she is fine. She says yes. She says whatever he did for her family. He says he did it for her, then says because they are good friends. Imlie asks for their friendship? Atharva says he learnt to forget his pain and worry for others via here. Imlie asks if he is still in pain, he should share his problem with her. He says he is fine. His phone falls down. He bends to pick it and hits his head over her head. She asks if he is fine. He gets her closer to him. She asks what is he doing. He says whatever was left incomplete and strikes her head light again.


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