Imlie starlife update Friday 11 August 2023

Imlie 11 August 2023: Chini repeatedly disconnects Imlie’s call. Imlie thinks Chini can’t escape if she disconnects her calls repeatedly, she has to answer her questions today. She notices Atharva’s car passing by and follows it. Chini notices Imlie’s car, starts acting as feeling sick, and asks Atharva to drive home soon. She asks him to take a shortcut. A truck blocks Imlie’s car. Imlie loses track, reaches home, and waits for Atharva. Atharva with Chini reaches home and says he is trying to call her since long and asks her not to doubt him. Imlie says she doesn’t doubt him as he was calling her repeatedly even after being with Chini. Whole family gathers. Imlie shows fake nail to Arpita and says she found it near Rana house’s fuse box. Chini asks so what. Imlie says someone tampered with fuse box and set fire with short circuit. She shows Chini’s missing nail and says she set the house on fire. Chini starts emotional drama and says Imlie is doubting her while she sacrificed her love for Imlie. Atharva says Imlie doesn’t lie.

Chini continues her drama and walks away from there. She reaches her room and breaks things shouting Imlie is a nightmare for her. She gets Abhishek’s call and disconnects it repeatedly. Abhishek calls Rupalil and informs that Chini is not picking call. Rupali goes to check on Chini and finds her message on her mobile. Atharva tells Imlie and says he cna’t believe Chini tried to burn her own house. He asks her to tell him if she felt bad. Imlie says he shouldn’t bother and if he feels happy staying with Chini, he can. Chini meets Anu and describes how she tried to trap Atharva and how she got out of the mess with her emotional drama. Anu praises her wickedness. Rupali walks in and says instead of scolding Imlie, she’s praising her. She shows Chini’s message and asks what was that. Chini gets nervous and tries to change topic. Rupali warns her to stay away from Atharva or else. Anu asks if she will slap Chini. Rupali hopes if she had punished Chini in childhood, she wouldn’t have to see this day. She asks Chini why she was not to interfere between Imlie and Atharva. Chini says Atharva and Imlie are not together now.

Imlie starts crying. Atharva says since they are friends, he wants to inform her everything; he met Chini because.. Imlie says she doesn’t want to listen. He asks why she wants to bear pain alone; if she is not bothered seeing him and Chnii together, why she felt pain then. Imlie says she will leave his house in a few days and too much attachment will hurt them more. Agar Tum Saath Ho.. song plays in the background. Atharva leaves sadly. Rudr walks to Imlie next and asks if she considers her as his father or not. She nods yes. He asks if she felt bad seeing Atharva and Chini together. Chini says Atharva asked her same and she said she stopped hoping. Rudra says her eyes say a different truth.

Rupali says Chini doesn’t want to see that things are getting normal between Imlie and Atharva and both families are trying their best to unite them, its Chini who is interfering between them. She says she will reveal Imlie that she is trying to trap Atahrva again. Chini pleads not to do that. Rupali walks to Imlie’s room and brings her out. Chini smirks and recalls Anu’s plan to divert everyone’s attention from Chini’s sin and looks at a lose pelmet. Pelmet falls towards Imlie and Rupali. Chini pushes them away and bear a palmet on her head. Anu starts her drama that her Chi baby is hurt. Family gathers. Keya says someone must have tampered the pelmet. Devika asks her to stop acting as a detective and asks Rudra to call a doctor. Doctor comes and treats Chini and asks her to take rest.

Chini grins thinking she got some some time to spend at Rana house and execute her plan. She starts emotional drama again and says Imlie still wants to accuse her. Imlie asks Rupali why she took her out of room, if she wants to tell her something. Arpita says they can talk later, let Chini rest now. Everynoe walk out. Rupali asks Chini if she dropped that pelmet. Chini refuses. Imlie prepares food for Rupali and Chini. Atharva walks to her and asks why she is taking care of a person who is hurting her repeatedly. Imlie says there is a pleasure in helping others, when Chini who hurts others can’t change, she who helps others also can’t change. He thinks he should inform her about Chini and says he wants to talk to her about Chini.

Atharva tells Imlie that he wants to talk to her regarding Chini. Imlie says she doesn’t want to know and starts joking that she is not Chini’s teacher to give her each information. Atharva says they are friends though. Imlie says she can show him a way as a friend but can’t walk with him. She asks him to taste her prepared khichdi. He refuses. She asks not even from her hand. He agrees and smiles at her while she feeds him. Dheere Dheere Bekhe.. song plays in the background. She asks how is it. He says as tasty and simple like her; she gets taste in everything, be it porridge, khichdi, or his life; he is a fool that he didn’t realize it earlier. Imlie feels anxious.

Ginni tells Devika that she doesn’t trust Chini even now. Devika says she should respect Chini though as she is Imlie’s sister. Shivani says though she doesn’t like Chini, she feels Imlie dropped that pelmet on Chini. Rudra warns her to change her habit of cursing Imlie and says though Chini is hurt, they need to watch Chini’s moves as she is untrustable. Chini gets Abhishek’s call and disconnects it. Abhishek messages her to talk to him. Atharva passes by and notices Chini hasn’t even touched Imlie’s prepared soup and asks if she would like to have lunch with. Chini excitedly asks him? He says with family. She says okay and thinks soon she will go on a lunch date with him. She goes and sits with family on Imlie’s seat. She taunts Imlie that she took her place, acts as getting up and feeling headache, and says she fell too much trying to save Imlie. Imlie says she is right, she fell too low and will take time to get up. Chini says she took Imlie’s place, where will Imlie sit now. Imlie says her place not just a chair, corner, or room, whole family and house belongs to her and she will make her place herself. Chini thinks she took Imlie’s place today and soon will take her place in Arto’s life.

Imlie goes and sits on a sofa. Atharva joins Imlie and enjoys her prepared khichdi. Rupali thinks seeing this, Chini can’t interfere between Atharva and Imlie. Imklie asks Atharva why did she come to him. He says he needs her company and likes her khichdi. She asks if he shall prepare porridge/dalia tomorrow. He says no. Chini feels jealous seeing their bonding and messages Anu. Anu calls Imlie as Bhaskar Times’ employee and acts as unable to hear her. Imlie walks out trying to connect with her. Chini messages Atharva to meet her immediately and thinks soon she will replace Imlie in Atharva’s house and life. Atharva reads her message. Anu tries to keep Imlie busy, but Imlie sensing her drama disconnects call and walks in. She fears that Imlie may catch Arto and Chini together.

Imlie watches time and thinks it’s time for Chini and Rupali’s medicines. Chini excitedly opens door and finds Abhishek standing instead of Arto. She asks what is he doing here. Abhishek says he informed Imlie about their spat who suggested him to visit Chini and clear their differences. Chini says Imlie doesn’t have any right to interfere between them. Imlie walks in and says she didn’t try to created differences between them like some people/Chinii and leaves after giving her medicines. Atharva fumes that he wants to inform Imlie about Chini’s repeated message, but she doesn’t want to listen at all. He recalls Imlie’s advice to remember god and ask his parents or dear ones to choose 1 among 2 fingers and walk on that path. He notices Imlie and asks her to hold 1 finger. She asks if he is stuck somewhere. He says yes. She chooses 1 finger. He says he should have informed her about Chini’s message. Imlie says she knows about Chini and Abhishek’s fight, already Abhishek is here to sort out their issues. Atharva thinks its good that Chini knows about Chini and Abhishek’s fight, but he couldn’t inform her about Chini’s repeated messages.

Abhishek tries to speak to Chini, but Chini shows her arrogance and fumes on him for involving Imlie. Abhishek leaves saying she should mend her ways before he loses patience and stops thinking about them. Chini thinks us means only she and Arto. She notices Imlie passing by smiling and fumes more. Anu walks in. Chini explains her how Imlie called Abhishek here. Atharva clashes with Imlie. Imle carrying pooja thali drops sindhoor on his face and jokes. Atharva runs behind her to apply sindhoor and smears her hairline with sindhoor. Imlie freezes while Chini stands jealous seeing their play.

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