Anupama starlife update Thursday 10 August 2023

Anupama 10 August 2023: Anupama comforts Toshu and says its not a punishment but accident which can happen to anyone, he should have maintain courage. Toshu asks if she is angry on him. Anupama says a mother can never be angry on her child. Toshu says he is a bad person. Anupama asks not to say that. Leela prepares food for Toshu hurriedly. Hasmukh helps her and asks her to slow down. Leela complains that Kinjal and Kavya will go to work, so she has to doing everything alone. Hasmukh asks how will their house run if they don’t go to work, she never respected Anupama’s efforts and at least she should respect her Kavya and Kinjal’s efforts and stop criticizing them, they both will manage household chores. Leela says yes, she will prepare tiffin for even Kavya and Kinjal, and asks him to convince Vanraj to rest and not exert himself. Hasmukh says he will scold him and make him to sleep.

Anupama sings Dheere Se Aaja Re Nindiya Ankhiyan Me.. lullaby and makes Toshu asleep. She says he will be fine soon and tries to leave but finds Toshu holding her pallu in sleep. Vanraj frees it and asks Anupama not to worry and go home as he is here. He asks Anuj to take her home. Anuj holds her hand and takes her away. Anupama stops at home temple and pleads to get Toshu well soon as he is someone’s son, grandson, husband, father, etc. Leela wipes her tears and asks her to go home as they are here to take care of Toshu. Anupama leaves with Anuj. She returns home and notices Maaya taking over her kitchen and daughter. A poem recites in the background that a woman cannot share her house and family with another woman, etc.

Little Anu runs to her and says she loves her so much and missed her a lot. Anupama pampers her and says even she missed her a lot. Maaya feels jealous seeing that. Little Anu goes to meet Anuj. Maaya recalls Anupama’s 15-day challenge and says she can restart the challenge as she was away from home for a few days. Anupama thanks her for taking care of her house in her absence. Maaya says whatever she did was for her daughter. Barkha taunts that Maaya took good care of daughter’s papa along with the daughter. Maaya angrily looks at her. Anuj walks in carrying Little Anu. Maaya says she will prepare tea for them. Anuj says he wants to have Anupama’s prepared tea today and requests Anupama. Barkha grins at Maaya. Little Anu asks Anupama about Toshu and requests her to braid her hair. Ankush says its good she returned home. Dimle says they all missed her. Maaya feels more jealous seeing that.

Toshu calls Kinjal while she is asleep. She wakes up and asks if he wants to go to washroom and finds him peeing in his pant itself. Toshu cries. Kinjal says its okay. Pari starts crying. Kinjal tries to attend both crying Pari and Toshu. Rakhi walks in and stands crying seeing Kinjal’s situation. Kinjal asks Rakhi to take Pari out, closes door, and cleans Toshu. She comforts him not to feel guilty and shameful as its only her. She assures him that she will be with him forever, etc. Toshu feels ashamed recalling his infelity towards Kinjal and thanks her. Rakhi holding Pari thinks its a tough decision, but she has to do it.

Kavya gets ready for a shoot. Vanraj asks why is she going out just after Toshu came home. Kavya asks if he would have said same if would wear a suit and go to work. Vanraj says that is work. Kavya says even she is going to work and earn money as they an extend their hands in front of Anuj and Anupama forever; her and Toshu’s relationship is of a different level and she can just serve him food. Vanraj says he needs her most. Kavya says he ignored purposely, but she is ignoring him for a reason; she took leave from work to stay at hospital and need to get out of house to work, she is going out as she knows they are all there to take care of Toshu.

Maaya feels jealouss seeing Anuj and Anupama feeding Little Anu during dinner as a happy family and imagines replacing herself with Anupama. Maaya asks Little Anu if she packed her school bag. Little Anu says she will before sleeping. Maaya asks not to forget anything. Little Anu says don’t worry as mummy will take care of everything and asks Anupama to sleep with her tonight. Maaya tells Little Anu that she will make her sleep as Anupama is tired. Little Anu says she will sleep with mummy, leaving Maaya burning in jealousy. Barkha notices her expressions.

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