Imlie starlife update Sunday 6 August 2023

Imlie 6 August 2023: Imlie, Atharva, Abhishek, and Chini return to village when they learn that a bridge is broken on the way is broken. Sarpanch gives them huts to stay. Chini throws tantrums seeing a stinking cow dung filled room. Abhishek says she has to spend night here whether she likes it or not. Imlie spreads a grass on floor and prepares a bed for her and Atharva. Atharva says he thought she is from Rathore family and is not habituated to village life. Imlie says she spent 10 years in Pagdandiya and learnt to be happy with bare minimum. Atharva says even he will learn to prepare a grass bed for her. Chini frowningly says she will not prepare a bed. Abhishek notices Imlie and Atharva happily preparing bed for themselves and says she should learn to be happy from them. Chini says they would be separating soon. Abhishek says seeing them, it looks like they are made for each other and are finding happiness in each other.

Atharva and Imlie play around with a lively song in the background. Chini fumes and walks away kicking a pot. Abhishek stands stunned.Devika informs Rudra that Atharva and Imlie are staying in village tonight as a village bridge broke down. Rudra says its good. Keya comments that inauspiciousness doesn’t leave Imlie wherever she goes. Devika asks her to keep her mouth shut if she can’t speak good. Sundar calls Rudra and informs that Chini and her fiance are already at Pagdandiya. Keya says Chini will create a problem between Imlie and Atharva. Rudra hopes Chini stays away from them. Chini clashes with Atharva. Atharva shows his concern and asks if she is fine. Chini yells him to stop being too cheezy and follow her and walks away from there. Atharva stands heartbroken. Imlie notices that and thinks Atharva helped her a lot today, so she should cheer him up.

She prepares food with Atharva’s help joking with him to cheer him up. She then fils a plate for Abhishek and Chini and goes to give them.Chini in her usual arrogant tone orders Abhishek to order a salad for him. Abhishek says they ar in a jungle where they don’t even have proper mobile network and offers her chocolate. Chini says she doesn’t eat carbs and is maintining her figure with dieting. Imlie walks in with food. Abhishek thanks her. Chini yells that she must have mixed something and prepared food in a dirty way. Abhishek takes plate and asks Imlie not to bother about Chini’s words. Imlie says she doesn’t. Chini continues to insult Imlie. Imlie leaves. Abhishek gets angry on Chini for being too rude and says there is not even a day spent without them fighting, if she is sure she wants to marry him. Chini gets afraid and tries to change her tone. Abhishek says he wants to live alone for sometime and walks away from there.

Atharva and Imlie enjoy sitting in front of bonfire. Atharva thanks Imlie asks if she thinks she can forgive him and start afresh. Imlie sits silently. Next morning, Sundar calls Imlie and chats with her. Imlie describes what happened yesterday. Sundar suggests her to move on with Atharva if she wants to. Abhishek waits for Chini to leave from Pagdandiya. Chini hides. Abhishek hopes she is fine and leaves in search of her. Chini then walks to Atharva and starts her emotional drama. She says Abhishek left her and she has no other option than going in a bus. Atharva says she can come with them. She happily agrees and tries to sit in front seat. Atharva stops her and says this is not her place and asks her to sit in a backseat. Chini sits in a backseat sadly. Imlie recalls Atharva and Sundar’s words and thinks if she shoudl give a chance to Atharva again. She notices Chini sitting in Atharva’s car.

Imlie notices Chini sitting in Atharva’s car. Atharva tells her that Chini is accompanying them as Abhishek already left without Chini. Imlie nods okay and sits beside Atharva. Chini thinks she entered Atharva’s car and soon will enter his life again. She gets out of car and asks Chini to go and sit behind. Imlie says she did same till now, its time for her to take charge. She says Abhishek is waiting for her and hence she should go with him, there is no place for her here. Chini enters Abhishek’s car fuming and shows her frustration. Atharva apologizes Imlie for letting Chini in his car and says if she feels uncomfortable seeing Chini, he will try not to.. Imlie says he is misunderstanding, he helped her yesterday and today she saved him from Chini; its not in her control he meets Chini, so he himself has to try to move on forgetting about his past. She prays Seeta maiya for help.

Abhishek drops Chini to her home and apologizes her for yesterday’s event. Chini grins and leaves. Anu meets her, shows her fake concern that she had to spend time in Pagdandiya because of Abhishek, and brainwashes her to snatch back Atharva from Imlie and marry him instead. Chini agrees. Imlie with Atharva returns home and informs Rudra that Chini and Rathore family is coming to invite them for Chini’s wedding. Rudra reminds what Chini did. Imlie says they should let things loose and move on. Rudra praises Imie for her broader thinking and asks if a donation cheque he sent for her charity event reached her. Imlie says no. Rudra says he gave cheque to Keya.

Atharva says they didn’t receive any cheque. Akash and Keya return home after shopping. Rudra asks them if they sent charity cheque. They say no and they will send it to another charity event. Rudra gets angry on them and says he is including Imie in his company and she will look after company’s accounts from hereon. Imlie says she can’t do justice to her intern job and Rudra’s business, hence she wants him to involve Atharva in his business who will surely help Rudra in every step.Rathores walk in with Abhishek and Chini. Chini welcomes them. Rudra agrees and informs his manager that Atharva would be handling company accounts from hereon and not Akash. Chini hears that and thinks this motivates her even more to marry Atharva. Rudra welcomes guests next. Sundar offers him Chini’s wedding card. Imlie clothes to kitchen to prepare tea and snacks. Atharva walks in to help her. They both prepare it smiling at each other. Itti Si Kushi, Itti Si Hasi.. song plays in the background. Imlie then asks Atharva to go and serve tea and snacks to guests like the way he prepared it enthusiastically. Atharva walks out of kitchen. Chini stops him and asks if he is angry, he didn’t say anything even in car, shall she help him.

Atharva says thanks, Imlie prepared it everything, at least he can help her. Chini fumes noticing him ignoring her. She notices Imlie standing behind and anxiously says she came to take something here. Imlie says there is nothing left for her here, so she should leave. Chini thinks she will take Atharva from chini at any cost.

Atharva serves tea and snacks to guests. Sundar asks where is Imlie. Atharva says she is still inside kitchen. Akash comments that Imlie turned his brother into a housewife. Rudra says some do financial frauds and get punishment some serve others and get blessings, its up to Akash now what he wants. Akash nervously says obviously blessings. Imlie brings other snacks and says she will bring sweets. Atharva says he will bring them and walks to kitchen. Chini goes behind Atharva and tries to emotionally trap him again. She notices him melting out and feelings good from within. Atharva notices Keya purposefully dropping tea on Imlie, runs, and bears the a hot tea on his hand. Chini, Rudra, and Devika get concerned for him. Imlie applies cold water on his hand. Shivani tries to blame Imlie as usual, but Rudra shuts her mouth. Atharva asks Imlie if she is hurt. Imlie says no. Atharva asks Devika to ask Imlie if she is hurt. Chini holds Atharva’s hand and says Imlie is fine, he is hurt instead. Atharva draws his hand away.



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