Imlie starlife update Saturday 5 August 2023

Imlie 5 August 2023: Imlie makes preparations for her tomorrow’s field trip before going to bed. Atharva walks in and says if she not getting sleep, she should let Seeta maiya sleep at least. Imlie asks if he didn’t sleep yet. Atharva says he made so many mistakes that he can’t sleep while repenting. Imlie says he should repent after 6:35 a.m. Atharva says his dad used to sing a lullaby for him whenever he used to not get a sleep and requests Imlie to sing a lullaby or recite a poem for him. Imlie switches off light and says Imlie who had light in her heart used to recite poem, now there is only darkness over here. Atharva says he can switch on light and requests her to recite one poem at least. Imlie recites a poem. Atharva claps and asks why did she hide that she is shayara. Imlie says when he can hide so much, why can’t she hide a simple thing. Atharva apologizes and says he didn’t mean that. He asks if she is nervous for tomorrow and encourages her. He falls asleep on chair.

Next morning, Imlie gets ready for the field trip and nervously seeks blessings from her parents. She walks down and learns about a shanti pooja at some. Keya asks Imlie if she doesn’t want to prepare prasad and recalls brainwashing Shivani and convincing her for shanti pooja at home tomorrow. Shivani asks Imlie if she doesn’t want to prepare prasad and asks her to prepare it before Rudra and Devika return from temple. She yells at Imlie that she doesn’t want to do household work. Imlie rushes to kitchen. Keya thinks Imlie can’t handle both house and field work together.

Rathores check Chini’s wedding cards. Anu walks in and asks what are they doing. Arpita and Rupali taunt her that they are busy in wedding arrangement, she must be irritated that they didn’t involve in wedding arrangements. Anu leaves from there fuming. Chini gets angry on Abhishek when she learns that he gave all his savings to orphanage. Abhishek says he doesn’t need money when she is with him. She disconnects call and fumes that he is wasting money on somewhere else instead of her. Anu walks in and tries to brainwash her that she took a wrong decision by leaving Atharva and thinking of marrying Abhsihek. Chini says Atharva is her past and Abhishek is her present.

Atharva smiles remembering Imlie and thinks she must be busy in her field work. he calls her and when she doesn’t pick call messages her to continue her fighting attitude. He walks down and learns about shanti pooja at home. Shivani asks servant to check if Imlie prepared prasad. Atharva thinks Imlie missed her field trip for this pooja. He walks to Imlie and insists her to attend her first field trip and not bother about pooja. Imlie’s boss calls and asks when will she reach. Imlie says she has some work at work. Boss says its her first assignment and he overestimated Imlie and Arav’s daughter and asks her to reach the field soon. Atharva tries to convince Imlie to stop worrying about pooja and go for her field trip.

Abhishek visits Rathore house. Chini scolds her for donating his earnings to orphanage. Rupali says its a good deed. Chini says poor people will get used to easy life,. Ruplai taunts that Chini knows about it more. Abhishek asks Rupali not to insult Chini in front of him and takes Chini out. Arpita, Sundar, and Rupali hope Chini changes over time. Imlie finishes preparing prasad and offers it to panditji. Shivani asks her to grind some sandwoold. Atharva says Imlie needs to visit her field trip. Shivani argues and says let the elders decide. Rudra walks in and says he has decided to let Imlie go on work. Keya says he opposed when she wanted to work. Rudra says she wanted to become MD without qualification, but Imlie is working as a intern for experience.

He asks Atharva to drop Imlie to her destination. Shivani refuses to let Imlie go. Imlie agrees to finish pooja first.Rudra asks Atharva to drop Imlie to her field trip as her office team must have already left. Shivani asks who will sing bhajan during pooja if family bahu is absent. Imlie says she will sing bhajan. Atharva asks what about her field trip. Imle sings bhajan from car on a video call while family enjoys pooja and bhajan happily. Atharva thinks Imlie is a fighter and doesn’t give up easily. They reach field trip venue. Boss scolds Imlie for being late and asks her to either be one among them or be their boss, she is not as enthusiastic as sr Imlie. Imlie assures to never be late. Atharva assures he will never let Imlie be late. Boss asks who is he. Imlie says he dropped her here. Atharva says he is Imlie’s husband. Imlie apologizes boss and staff again and start field work.

Imlie and her team teach hygiene to villagers in a singing and dancing style. Villagers get confused and fail to understand it. They try to leave. Atharva plays music from his mouth and entertains them. Abhishek takes Chini on a date to the same village. Sarpanch greets Abhishek as chote mali/junior boss and Imlie as choti malkinn and thanks Abhishek for his philanthropic work. Other villagers also greet and felicitate Abhsihek. Chini fumes that Abhishek came to do charity even here. Abhishek boasts that his money is being used in someone’s education. Sarpanch says they came at the right time as a few people from Bhaskar Times have come to teach how education is important. Chini asks who have come. Sarpanch says he will take them there.

Boss asks Imlie to give her research notes to her colleague and asks her to give speech on it. Colleague feels ill and exhausted. Boss asks Imlie to give speech on on their company’s behalf. Imlie feels nervous. Atharva encourages her describing how she lonely fought with goons and solved many problems. Whole team clap for Imlie. Imlie gives speech in village style describing that she is one among them as she grew up in Pagdandia for 10 years. She lectures on an importance of education. Chini walks in clapping and humiliates Imlie saying one who is lecturing about education was kicked out of school, Imlie’s family had got her admission in one of Delhi’s biggest school but was kicked out of school when she couldn’t learn anything, she doesn’t even know if English starts with I or E and is an educated illiterate.

Atharva asks who is illiterate. Chini says one who gone to school. Atharva says Imlie is a Hindi graduate, she writes hindi poems in Bhaskar Times and knows better Hindi than them, she forgives people and can read people’s pain, she is innocent like kids and is also called a fighter Imlie as she fights with goons for justice; she is a doctor, lawyer, engineer, educationist, etc., and if this is called being uneducated, then everyone should be uneducated. He prays god to make everyone uneducated like Imlie. Chini says if she is so educated, why don’t she speak for herself. Atharva says sensible people don’t justify themselves and reply with their actions. Children say they want to become like Imlie and clap for her. Sarpanch says Imlie became everyone role model. Imlie says she wants everyone to be well educated literally and and not an expert in only 1 language. Everyone clap for her again and sarpanch says Imlie is sr Imlie’s shadow.

Atharva tells Imlie that she is really sr Imlie’s shadow. Boss also praises Imlie. Imlie says its also Atharva’s effort. Boss says they are returning back to Delhi, will she come with them or Atharva. Atharva says its okay as he will search a route himself. Imlie says she will help him with route and asks boss to leave. Atharva smiles at her.

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