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If you were not there 7 august 2023: Abhimanyu and Niyati are in the car when he gets out of it, he is standing there and exclaims Maa gave the address of this shop but it is closed, Niyati also says the shop is closed, Abhimanyu decides to call the shop owner when the person reveals that he got late in opening the shop, and is coming in five minutes, Niyati questions what is he saying since he should have been present here and he is going to come within five minutes, Niyati starts panicking when he requests her to calm down since they are going to the hospital.

Mr Panday reveals that today is the sixth day and the doctor said they can take the child home today, he asks Karan to go back with the family in order to prepare for the event, Amma jee advises how she feels they can even give her the name during that function, Amma jee stands to leave when Karan informs Mr Panday they have to fill some formalities and also need to fill the form, Mr Panday assures he will complete all the formalities, karan leaves with the family and Mr Panday walks to fill them, the Ward boy comes to the room advising the nurse that she needs to prepare the room since the doctor said they have to shift the child, he taking the opportunity leaves with the child.

Abhimanyu is standing with Niyati when she exclaims, they have been waiting for over ten minutes and still the person has not come, they both are still waiting when he finally arrives and gives them a a pendant, Niyati starts shouting at Abhimanyu who assures that they are going to reach the hospital very soon.

Mr Panday is filling the form at the hospital reception, he turning gives the ward boy some money to buy sweets for everyone at the hospital and even pray for her granddaughter when the person replies he seems to be really happy, Mr Panday replies that he would know this love when he himself becomes a Grandfather, Mr Panday is serving everyone the sweets on the birth of his Granddaughter, the kidnappers also see him, but they manage to hid the child, Mr Panday asks if it is a boy or girl but they take the sweets, before rushing away. Mr Panday enters the maternity room where the doctor is qeustion9ing how was the child kidnapped, she instructs them to set off the emergency alarm, Mr Panday reaches the room, he starts shouting at them instructing that if his Grand daughter is not found then he would ruin their hospital. The entire staff starts searching for the child.

The robbers hurry and sit in the car as the doors are closing, Abhimanyu and Niyati also step out of the car, when she feels as if she heard her daughter crying, Abhimanyu questions what happened when she informs him, he says their child is inside so how can she hear her cries outside, they both head inside, Angad is exercising when he receives the text that the child has been kidnapped, he exclaims finally the good days of Abhimanyu and Niyati have ended.
Mr Panday questions why did they turn off the alarm the doctor responds that they have searched the entire hospital but are not able to find the child, and no one has seen her which is why they opened the hospital since the other patients were getting troubled, Mr Panday reveals he has called the police and now the problem which the hospital is going to face cannot be understood.

Abhimanyu reaches to ask Mr Panday what is going on, Niyati reveals he said she is fine, Abhimanyu insists when Mr Panday reveals that they are not able to find Guria and the staff is saying that someone stole her, Abhimanyu is not able to believe his ears, Niyati rushes to the nurse questioning where is her child, She is a nurse, and it is her duty to take care of the child, the nurse reveals that she went to prepare the room for the child and only left for five minutes, Niyati replies the child should not be left for even a single minute, Niyati is crying when Abhimanyu consoles her, she realizes that she heard her child crying outside, she informs Abhimanyu that it was their child.
The doctor says this means the child is not in the hospital, Mr Panday reveals this is their hospital as no one noticed that their child is missing, Abhimanyu exclaims there would be footage of the CCTV camera, the doctor replies she ahs already asked the security head to find out the entire footage, Abhimanyu is standing when the security head comes revealing someone turned off the security system, and there is no footage from today. Abhimanyu pushes the person against the wall questioning why their no footage is, MR Panday pulls him away.

Niyati rushes into the room and she along with Abhimanyu start searching for some clue, Mr Panday questions what she is doing, she reveals the kidnapper might have left behind some clue, however they are not able to find anything, Niyati starts crying holding the pillows from the bed, Niyati is crying when Mr Panday assures, they will find their Guria since he has hired the best police inspectors of Lucknow.

In the Panday Mansion, Niyati is crying when Angad walks down the stairs, he questions where is niece, Niyati gets mad seeing his face, she goes to him in anger and slaps him, Manaroma gets tensed questioning what is she doing, Abhimanyu also asks her when Niyati reveals that she knows he is the one behind the kidnapping since he did not like her daughter, she reveals that he was the only one sitting in the hall when she fell and there was even water beside the stairs, Niyati is constantly blaming Angad for kidnapping their daughter, Abhimanyu gets angry questioning if he did it but Angad assures he is innocent and was foolish to consider them as his own family, Niyati exclaims he never thought them as his family, Abhimanyu in anger starts beating Angad when Manaroma stops him, assuring Angad has not done anything like this, they are mistaken but Niyati is sure he is behind it all.

The entire family is standing when the phone rings, Niyati answers it, she can only hear the cries of her daughter, Niyati yells when Abhimanyu quickly puts the phone on loudspeaker, the kidnapper demand 50 million rupees from them within twenty-four hours, threatening to kill their daughter if they do not deliver, Abhimanyu throws the phone in anger. Angad thinks this is his master stroke as now he is going to snatch everything from them both with just a single stoke.

Manaroma questions what is he doing, she helps Angad stand up, assuring that her son has not done anything of the sort and he doesnot have any need to kidnap her child, she tries to convince Niyati who blames that the person who can have her try to kill Abhimanyu can do anything. Mr Panday exclaims that he would not talk like this and only reveal the truth when police interrogate him. Angad picks the pendant informing he bought this for the daughter of his step brother but who thought that he would not be accepted in this family, he vows them all to not put the blame of all this on him.

The phone rings, seeing which Abhimanyu gets tesned, Niyati rushes to answer it when she hears the cries of her daughter, Niyati is glad to hear her voice, the kidnapper reveals that he wants fifty million

in the next twenty-four hours, they need to arrange the money in exchange for the child. And wait for his call, he threatens if he doesnot get the money or they involve the police then he will give them the clothes stained with his blood, Abhimanyu loses his temper, he throws the phone in anger.
Niyati is not able to bear it so she rests her head against the table, Angad questions why they all are standing quiet since if he had kidnapped her then would not be standing in front of them, he leaves exclaiming he doesnot want to live in such a house, Angad thinks this is his master stroke so now he would see that their relation is ruined.

Angad is walking when Manaroma rushes to stop him explaining they both are in anger and tensed, Angad exclaims even then he did not slap anyone but only blamed him because he doesnot consider him to be his own family, he thought of his daughter as his own and even brought a gift but in return got the attitude of being a stepson, he doesnot want to live with them and her.

Manaroma pleads with him to not leave her since she is his mother, he replies she is only the mother of Abhimanyu, Manaroma tries to explain she is their mother and he cannot leave her like this, Angad pushes her away in anger explaining she is not his mother.Mr Panday asks Niyati to stand up as everything would be fine, Niyati hugs Abhimanyu informing they need to arrange the money otherwise the kidnapper would harm their Guria, Abhimanyu is sure that nothing will happen since Maa will arrange the money and nothing wrong will happen.

Angad explains they both have humiliated him a lot of times and not respected him, if she wants him to stay in this house then Abhimanyu would have to apologize to him in person otherwise, he will leave, she can stay with her stepson.

Niyati explains they should arrange the money as soon as possible because she doesnot know the conditions in which they would have kept their daughter, Mr Panday also advises Abhimanyu revealing they have to hurry, he replies he is going to talk with Maa. Manaroma steps in the house followed by Angad when Abhimanyu asks her for fifty million when she replies she can give everything to save him, but Angad desires that Abhimanyu should first apologize, Niyati says to Manaroma that her daughter was kidnapped and they are demanding money but she wants him to apologize to Angad, they did it all because Angad is not worthy and yet she is still asking them, Manaroma replies she knows her demands are not true but she understands that Niyati si also a mother now and knows what it feels like to go away from their children, Mr Panday blames that Manaroma and her son both only care about this world, he orders Angad to get out from this house when he replies who is Mr Panday to say this to him, Abhimanyu goes to apologize when Angad asks if he is doing a formality but instead should apologize correctly, Abhimanyu holds his hands together seeking the apology, Manaroma goes to him revealing she is going to call the bank manager advising him to arrange the money.

Manaroma prepares the cheque of fifty million and even calls the bank manager asking him get the amount ready in cash, he agrees but then Angad takes the cheque, Manaroma asks if he has anything to do with it but Angad after smiling exclaims that if the rest of them blame him then he can understand it all but she is also blaming him even when she is his real mother, Manaroma explains she thought about it because Niyati blamed him, she apologizes when he exclaims they all blame him every time and even have humiliated him a lot, Angad exclaims they both should arrange the money if they want to save their child but she will not give them even a single penny, Manaroma reveals that the transfer papers have not been prepared and everything is still on her name, they cannot arrange even a single amount. Angad replies that if she gives them the amount then would lose her real son since this money is his right, but he cannot allow them to ruin it.

Niyati is walking in her room when Abhimanyu request her to calm down and drink water since she has come out of surgery, Niyati sees the doll on the bed and hugs her, Abhimanyu is not able to bear it, she calls her as the Guria exclaiming she should have been on the laps of her mother or with her father, Abhimanyu tries to take the Guria but Niyati says that she could not see her child because of him, she doesnot know her face even when she is the mother. Abhimanyu hugs her when he reveals even, he did not see her face, and only did what the doctors asked him to do since he wanted to protect them both, Niyati replies but they were not able to protect her and have lost him, Abhimanyu assures they will bring back their child, she will make her sleep in this same pram.

Mr Panday reveals the inspector has arrived, Niyati questions why he has come when the kidnappers asked them to not involve the police, Abhimanyu asks her to wait and walk out, Niyati asks papa why he called the police when the kidnappers barred them, inspector reveals that he feels they should not give the money because the kidnappers usually do not spare the life of the child, Manaroma comes out when Angad says he was also telling the truth, Mr Panday and Karan reveal they should not take a risk and give the money, but the inspector once again says that giving the ransom doesnot assure the safety of their daughter. Niyati rushes to Manaroma thinking she would have arranged the money but Manaroma is standing there quietly, Angad exclaims he will see how they are able to bring back their daughter without any money, he is smiling.

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