Imlie starlife update Friday 12 January 2024

Imlie 12 January 2024: Imlie calls Monty and confronts him for lying to housing society office that her husband works in a different city and visits her often. Monty asks what would he have done then, Dhairya considered her as his family and he can’t see Dhairya’s family in a bad state, he knows she doesn’t like a lie and sorry for that. Imlie says she will reveal truth to society office and return keys. Monty asks her to think about Kairi at least as she will not easily get a house again.

Imlie disconnects call. After some time, Kairi jumps on bed while Imlie folds dried clothes. Imlie asks if she is a monkey that she is jumping. Kairi says even best friend Chini used to say same. Imlie says she should go to sleep now as they will play a new game tomorrow. Electric bulb fuses. Kairi hugs Imlie in fear.

Imlie says nothing happened, even Seeta maiya wished good night, and she should sleep now. Kairi sleeps saying her good night. Imlie tries to change electri bulb but fails. She thinks tomorrow she needs to change bulb and go on a job hunt.

Atharva watches from window hiding and thinks Imlie is in great difficulty, he will help her silently like a shadow without coming in front of her. He silently enters house, keeps groceries in a fridge, and tries to change bulb when he notices Imlie waking up and hides.

Imlie smiling sits and extends her hand. He walks to her, holds her hand, and sleeps on the other side of bed romantically kissing her hand. Thodi Jagah Dede Mujhe.. song plays in the background. He gets out of his imagination, fixes light bulb, and walks out via window. He thinks he gave her lots of pain, will try to make her life easy from hereon. Imlie wakes up and notices window open. She thinks Atharva’s misunderstandings took him far away from her or else they all 3 would have been happily together.

Next morning, Imlie wakes up and is surprised to see bulb glowing. She wakes up Kairi. After sometime, she calls some office and requests for a job interview. Door bell rings. Imlie asks Kairi to check. Kairi opens door and sees neighbor aunties Hema and Geeta. Imlieis surprised to see groceries in fridge and thinks if Hema or Geeta kept them, when did they come in. She gets back a call with interview location. Geeta and Hema walk in. Imlie asks if they kept grocies in kitchen. They say no. Kairi giggles. Imlie asks if she knows who kept groceries in fridge. Kairi says monkey paa entered via window when she was asleep and kept groceries in fridge. Geeta and Hema ask Imlie if her husband doesn’t stay out of town. Kairi says her monkey paa stays in Delhi with his whole family.

They complain against Imlie in society office and demand her eviction from society as they don’t rent a house to divorced women, single mothers, and single girls as they are a bad example for their society. Imlie confronts them with counter questions. They get adamant to get her evicted. Society’s secretary enters and says Imlie will stay here itself and shuts their mouth with his justification. Imlie thanks him and says she would be happy to help him whenever he needs her help. He holds her hand with wrong intentions and says they both are neighbors and can help each other day and night. Imlie withdraws her hand sensing his intention and leaves from there. After returning home, Imlie confronts Atharva for entering her house via window like a street lover and after long argument warns him to stay away from her and Kairi.

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