Imlie Starlife update Friday 10 May 2024

Imlie 10 May 2024: Amrit misbehaves with Imlie while she serves food to Agastya and Imlie drops food on Agastya. She apologize and cleans it. Jugnu watches that and thinks something is wrong. Dolly asks if he is alright. He says something is wrong outside.

He walks to Agastya and tries to informs him about, but Agastya ignores him and drives his car away. He reaches his burnt shop and feels upset recalling Annapurna and other’s family members’ condition. He thinks he fought with Sonali and had a fake marriage for his family business which was a result of his father and brother’s hard work, he will not spare a person who burnt his shop.

Police comes to arrest Agastya on worker’s family’s complaint. Annapurna panics again and worries for Agastya. Inspector thinks Agastya is trying to hide and starts a search operation. Sonali calls Agastya, but he doesn’t pick call. Agastya stops his car and sadly sits under a tree. Rain starts. Imlie reaches him, sings Tip Tip Barsa Paani song, and dances in front of him to cheer him up. Goons attack Agastya from behind. Agastya recalls them attacking Imlie before. He falls down bleeding and asks Imlie to pick his car keys and go from there. Imlie runs towards car. Goons run behind him. She gets into car and locks herself in. Goons threatens her to get out or else they will break Agastya’s bones till she comes out.

Goons beat Agastya again. Agastya overpowers them at first, but then goons overpower him. Imlie seeing that gets out of car and runs to him while Agastya asks her to drive his car away. Goons continue to beat Agastya. A man named Vishwa Jyoti Singh comes to Agastya’s rescue and asks Agastya if he can fight. Agastya says always, and they both beat goons. Police reaches there and arrests goons. Sonali reaches there searching for Agastya and gets concerned seeing him bleeding. Agastya says he is fine. Sonali says they need to find an employee whose family complained against him to avoid his arrest. Agastya says without warrant, police can’t arrest him.

Constable tells Agastya that the need to talk. Agastya stops Vishwa and extends a friendship hand. Vishwa says he makes friends and enemies after a much thought. Agastya a person who saves others without thinking once can never have an enemy. He offers to drop Vishwa to hospital seeing his injury. Vishwa ways he is fine. Constable takes Agastya aside.

Vishwa recalls Imlie risking her life for Agastya and says he saw how she risked her life for her love, Agastya is a luckiest person of the world.

Agastya asks Imlie to go home with Sonali and leaves with police. Vishwa recalls his lady love running away when goons attack him and thinks only a blessed ones get their love. Agastya returns home. Family gets happy seeing him back. Imlie hears him and walks towards him when Amrit pins her to a wall and threatens her to agree to perform at a bar or else Agastya will go to jail. Imlie realizes he is behind fire accident and refuses to perform.

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