Anupama starlife update Friday 10 May 2024

Romil asking Choti if she will apply tika to him in Shah house. Choti says yes. Romil says then you will get gift in Shah house. Choti asks whose gift is this? Romil opens the box and finds a letter. Anuj and Anupama come there and clap.

Anuj congrats him. Romil says Boston University. Anupama congrats and says your Papa did this. Ankush comes there and tells that it was your dream. Romil thanks and hugs him. He says I am sorry Papa, I always thought you wrong and saw you from Mummy’s point of view. He says when I came here, I have seen withb my eyes, you are really a good brother and good Papa too. Ankush gets emotional and teary eyes, and thanks him, saying it means a lot. Romil tells that initially he don’t want to stay in this house and with the family, but they seem to be his family.

He says he don’t want to go leaving this family and prays to Kanha ji to fulfill his another wish and says nobody shall break this house. He says they have to go to Shah house. Anuj says Anupama and I will leave first as we have to buy something on the way. Barkha and Malti Devi are upset.

Baa blames Dimpy for romancing Tapish, and says not even two months passed that Samar left, and you are romancing. Dimpy says what did I do? Baa says you both are on the door closer. Dimpy tells that you get attacks on even days and you are normal on odd days. She that the door is jammed and that’s why he was opening it. Baa says she didn’t want to send her outside, but she went to Anupama’s house as nobody shall stop you. She says you didn’t stay at home, else how this romance will happen. Babu ji tells that Dimpy is doing job to help us. Kavya says Dimpy is trying to stand on her feet so that she can take care of her baby. Toshu and Kinjal tell that Tapish work there, and says there is nothing like that.

Baa tells that I doubt him, but Anupama had trust on her bahu and blames Dimpy for searching another guy for her, within 2 months. Dimpy cries. Anupama and Anuj come there. Dimpy hugs Anupama and says she didn’t do anything and had opened the door only. Anupama tells Baa that she is misunderstanding Dimpy. Baa says Dimpy will be at home now, and will not go anywhere. Dimpy says I didn’t do anything, and asks her to stop it. Baa asks if I was closer to Tapish in the academy. Dimpy says I had opened the door and nothing else. Baa asks if such things suit a widow. Anupama asks Baa not to use that widow and says the door gets stuck many times, and I have called security guard to open the door, and asks if you will connect my name with him. She says she trusts her fully.

She says you misunderstood her. Kavya says it is people’s work to taunt and not yours. Babu ji says we shall not break her courage. Baa tells that if anything happens then? Anupama says it is Dimpy’s decision to move on. Baa says such things don’t happen here. Anupama says I got married twice, and Vanraj also got twice. Baa tells that Dimpy will not go out. Dimpy tells that if Baa continues this then she will leave the house, and tells that everyone knows that Baa gets regressive, but nobody could stop her. Kavya asks her to calm down. Baa asks Dimpy to give Samar’s baby and leave from there.

Dimpy says how can you talk about separating mother from the child. She asks if there is a limit of your cheapness. Baa says why did you think to leave? Dimpy says everyone is leaving because of you and says you will be all alone. Baa asks everyone to go. Dimpy says yes, everyone will go and you will be alone. She asks until when I shall adjust. Anuj asks Dimpy to stop it. Baa says yes, I am bad, faints and falls down. Anupama holds her.

Romil informs everyone that Anuj uncle called and said that Baa fainted. Choti says if anything will happen to her? Ankush says no. Barkha tells Malti Devi that it seems Anupama will go and handle their house now. Malti Devi says she shall not take my son and Choti.

Doctor checks Baa. They ask what has happened? Doctor tells that her BP is shot up. He asks them to monitor their BP and goes. Babu ji cries worrying for Baa. Dimpy regrets to answer her. Anupama asks him to rest. babu ji tells that he will not leave her, else she will leave him. Anupama says Baa loves everyone and will not go anywhere leaving the family. Babu ji which family and says Samar left followed by others. He says just Kavya will be with us. Kinjal brings pari and keeps on Baa’s hand. Kavya says she will take care of them. Anupama takes her out. Anuj tells Anupama that he will be with them.

Anupama asks him to go and handle their house. Anuj says ok, and says I will come in the evening, and asks her to call him if she needs anything. He tells babu ji that nothing will happen to Baa and asks him to take care. He says you are not alone and goes. Anupama feels strange pain. Kinjal opens the tags tied by Baa and tells Toshu that they shall cancel their plan to leave. Toshu says you have convinced me and now you are backing off. Kinjal says everyone needs us, if Samar would have been here then we could have gone, but if we go then something will happen to Baa. Toshu says if anything is destined to happen then it will happen even if we are here.

Dimpy hears them and says Bhabhi cares for the family and don’t want to go and you want to go. Toshu blames her for Baa’s condition. Dimpy says it is not my mistake. They argue. Anupama comes there and says she will take care of her Baa and babu ji and asks them to go. Anupama makes tea and coffee and brings the tray. She gives tea to babu ji, checks Baa’s BP and says it is fine. Anupama gives tea to Kinjal and Toshu. Kavya talks to Vanraj and says everyone is fine here. She asks if he is fine, and ends the call. Anupama gives tea to her. Dimpy hugs Samar’s photo frame and cries. Anupama comes there and pacifies her. Anuj takes care of Choti and spend time with her. They talk to Anupama on video call.

Ankush asks Barkha what is her problem and says you don’t want him to stay here and now you are having problem too. She says so much money will be spent. Ankush tells that even the same amount spent on Sara. Barkha says she is our daughter. Ankush says Romil is his son. Barkha says illegitimate. Ankush says but he is mine. He says he has talked to Sara, and she has no problem. He asks her to end the matter, as his son will be leaving the house.

Anupama thinks of the happenings and is about to fall down. Anuj comes there and holds her hand. Anupama says you should have rested at home. Anuj says who will take care of you. Anupama hugs him.

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