Timeless Love starlife update 10 January 2024

Timeless Love 10  January 2024: The Episode starts with Abhi getting a call and tells Dev that Amba has snatched all their farmhouses. Dev says she wanted us to come on road. Abhi says I will figure out something, and says we have some good friends to take help. Vidhi says they shall not wait for anyone to open the door, but shall open the door themselves. Satyavati is about to faint, when Abhi makes her drink water. Bimla tells Hariprasad that she has made Dev ji’s favorite thing.

Timeless Love 9 January 2024

Hariprasad says he will like it. He tells that they will not wait for much time, and will leave from there. Abhi blames himself for their problems. Vidhi says you are standing with us, that is more important to us. Satyavati says today is my son’s birthday and we didn’t cut even the cake. Vidhi says Dev ji’s birthday is still there and says we are still together, Amba has snatched our house, and she can’t snatch our togetherness. She says we shall sit and think what to do? They go to the restaurant. Satyavati says she will gave cheese toast. Vidhi says we will share.

Dev tells that it is the cheap option, just two pieces come in this. He checks his wallet. Waiter brings the snacks and cake. Dev says we didn’t order it. A guy comes there and tells Dev that he has order this. He says may be you have forgotten me, but I didn’t forget you and tells that he used to stay in Balghar and got such a good education there. He says you used to give me treat on my birthday, today I got the chance to do this gratitude gesture. He is thankful to him and asks him to enjoy.

Vidhi tells Dev that Amba can’t snatch his goodness and truthfulness. They wish him happy birthday. Dev cuts the cake and makes his family and the guy have the cake. She asks where we shall go. Vidhi says we shall go to Balghar.Hariprasad and Bimla come to Dev’s house. The Servant tells that he doesn’t stay here. Hariprasad asks her to call Vidhi. Servant tells that they don’t stay here. Dev and his family come to Balghar and tell the warden that they have come to stay there for few days. She says it is their house. Hariprasad calls Vidhi and says they have come to their house. He asks did we do any mistake.

Vidhi says Amba has taken their house. She asks them to come here. Bimla says we shall go there.Dev and Abhi set the room. Vidhi asks the kids to set other room. She then asks Satyavati to come and says your room is ready. Satyavati sees Dev’s mother photo there and recalls his words. Dev asks Satyavati if she is comfortable. Satyavati says very comfortable and thanks them for doing all this for her. She hugs Dev.

Hariprasad and Bimla come there. Hariprasad says it is tough time when the trouble comes on the family, and says I trust your capabilities and you will get everything back. Bimla asks Vidhi to support Dev ji. Vidhi says I will stand with Dev ji and will get their respect back. Dev hears them and smiles.Later Dev feels hot in the room and switches on the table fan. He says this fan is making so much voice. Vidhi says she has solution and brings hair oil. She says we have kept it for the fans in our house, but you didn’t know as there are no fans in Raichand mansion.

Dev says it is giving hot air. Vidhi opens the window. Dev says problems get solved. He goes to Abhi’s room. Abhi says he couldn’t sleep as it is hot. He tells that he will bear it as they are Raichand. Amba is sleeping in her room and recalls Vidhi’s words. She imagine Vidhi congratulating her and tells that her dream fulfilled to be in Dev’s room, but he is with her. Amba says I will ruin you.

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