Imlie starlife update Thursday 11 January 2024

Imlie 11 January 2024: Atharva asks Imlie if she is returning home. He thanks god and tells Imlie that he knew she wouldn’t mind narrow-minded people’s words. Imlie says she is not coming as he is also like those people as he is also a girl’s father now. She says he linked her with Dhairya and insulted their friendship, he always doubted her loneliness forgetting that a woman can be alone unwillingly; he wants Kairi to understand her value and doesn’t want Kairi to see her parents fighting.

Atharva says he can understand her point, but she should return home for Kairi’s sake. Imlie says he is still acting narrow minded and is making her realize that she is alone. Their argument ensues.

Imlie gets adamant and says she and Kairi will not return to him and will make sure he feels the pain she felt for 5 years. Kairi walks to her. Imlie says let’s go now. Kairi calls Atharva. Imlie says only they both are going now and walks away.

Atharva stands teary eyed seeing them going and then drives his car away. A sad song plays in the background. Imlie walks on street. Monty informs her that he found a rented house for her. Imlie thanks him.

Monty says he is her younger brother and it’s his duty to serve her. Imlie congratulates Kairi and says they won chuk chuk gaadi game’s first round. They reach a closed home and find it very dusty untidy. Kairi asks if they came to a wrong house as it doesn’t look new. Imlie makes her sit, takes Monty aside, and says she can’t pay 30000 rs for this dilapidated house and needs lots of money to repair it which she doesn’t have, so he should find some other house. Monty says she knows nobody wants to rent a house to a single mother. Imlie says she will make this house livable for Kairi. She asks Kairi to just wait and watch how she makes old house as new one.

Imlie cleans house dancing on Aaj Main Upar Asmaan Niche.. song. Kairi says its pretty now. Imlie makes Kairi to perform griha pravesh and establish god’s idol. Kairi shows her a drawing with her with Imlie and monkey paa and asks her to fix it right now. Imlie says she will later. Kairi says their family is incomplete without monkey paa and she can fix the drawing until he comes. Imlie emotionally fixes it on a fridge door. Kairi jumps saying saying her family is complete now. Imlie recalls Atharva’s words to let him meet Kairi at least. She thinks she will not be cruel like him and will let him meet Kairi. Atharva prays god that he now realized Imlie’s condition without him and Kairi and prays to let Imlie forgive him. Devika says he should apologize Imlie whose culprit he is. Rudra says he should give time to Imlie to forgive him.

Typical neighbor aunties visit Imlie and start joking on her. They ask about her husband. Shivani tells Atharva that he didn’t trust Imlie and made her cry a lot, now he should wait for her forgiveness. Neighbors say Monty told society that Imlie’s husband stays in a different city and visits her often. They leave to pick up their children from school. Kairi asks Imlie why aunties were telling that when monkey paa stays in same city. Imlie asks her to forget it and get ready as she looks dirty.

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