My desire update Friday 12 January 2024

My desire 12 January 2024: Samrat tells Nayantara that he feels helpless to see his daughter in pain and unable to do anything for her. He requests her to get Nayan to do something and get their daughter out of pain. He says if he had not done that years ago and had he informed her how much he loves her 20 years ago, they would have been together and their daughter wouldn’t have to face so much difficulties.

Nayan hugs and comforts him. Romila’s children ask her to serve them pickles and she goes to terrace to bring pickle bottle. She is shocked to see Sam and Nayan romantically embracing each other. Kashvi realizes she forgot her notes on terrace and walks towards it to get her notes. Pradyuman comes to pick up Mahima. Mahima gives him a large bag with all her make up stuff via a window and it gets stuck. She panics that she can’t get out of now. Someone knocks the door.

Romila clicks Nayan and Sam’s intimate pic and plans to circulate it and defame Nayan in front of everyone. She thinks she was wrongly behind a daughter while mother herself is so colorful.

Kashvi walks on terrace and bumps on Romila. Romila’s phone falls down. Romila scolds her and warns her to dare not touch her mobile. Kashvi says let her help. Romila says this phone has a bomb for Nayan and nobody should touch it. Sam continues to kiss Nayan and show his emotional side. Nayan gets alert and says its wrong, she shouldn’t have carried away and kissed him. Sam says its okay as they are still husband and wife.

Nayan says a lot has changed. Kashvi walks in. They both get tensed seeing her. Kashvi thanks Sam for supporting her mother and becoming her friend. Nayan says they are not. Kashvi says he mother alone suffered a lot and at last got a good friend now. She further reveals how Romila was acting weird and telling that her phone has a bomb against Nayan, etc. Nayan realizes that Romila saw them kissing and rushes down.

Arjun’s family tries to leave after the ritual. Romila stops them and says they should watch Nayan’s true face and go. Whole family gathers. Romila accuses that Nayan is characterless. Sam warns her to mind her tongue. Romila humiliates him and says Nayan is having an affair with Sam and was kissing him. Daadi warns her to mind her tongue. Romila shows a pic as a proof and continues to accuse Nayan. Mahima hears someone knocking the door and sends Pradyuman from there. She opens door and relaxes seeing a guest who wants to use her room’s washroom. She further hears family drama and fears if she was caught, then relaxes hearing Romila accusing Nayan instead.

Kashvi warns Romila to mind her tongue as her mother and Sam are mature enough and know their responsibility. She checks Romila’s clicked pic and finds it blur. She shows pic to everyone and ask what can they see in it. Sam tongue lashes Romila for sprading fake news. Romila asks what were they doing on terrace then. Sam says he made lighting arrangements and went on terrace to check, Nayan accidentally came here. Romila asks Nitya and Daadi what would they have done if they were in her position. Kashvi continues to warn her and shuts her mouth.

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