My desire update Friday 10 May 2024

My desire 10 May 2024: The Commissioner orders Police to arrest her. Arjun says she is an honest officer and will not take bribe. Police Commissioner asks Inspector to take her. Kashvi cries while she is about to be taken with them.

Arjun asks them not to take Kashvi and tells that he knows that Kashvi can’t do this. Bijli makes the money bundles falls down on the ground. Dadi identifies the bundles seeing the tilak on it and asks Commissioner to stop. She tells him that the money is hers. Mahima asks why you are lying to safe Kashvi. Dadi says she is saying right and says she got this money to give to Mohit’s mother.

She says she has sold the ancestral jewellery to a jeweller. Kashvi asks how can you do this? Dadi says we will talk later about this, right now this needs to be cleared. Commissioner says I feel that you are trying to safe Kashvi. Dadi says she is not lying and gives the jeweller’s number. He asks how she can be so sure? Dadi says it has tilak on all the notes.

Inspector calls Jeweller and gives it to Commissioner. Commissioner asks if you know Toshi ji. Jeweller says yes, he knows her, she gets her jewellery from his jewellery shop. Commissioner asks if she had come to your shop.

The jeweller says she has come today to sell her ancestral jewellery and I gave her money. Commissioner shows the notes to him on video call and asks if it is yours money. Jeweller says yes, and shows the notes which he had and say they always put tika on notes. He says he will send him CCTV footage. Commissioner asks him to send some notes also. Jeweller says ok and ends the call. Kashvi tells Commissioner that she didn’t do anything and tells that Mirchi was trapping her with fake accusation. Arjun says you didn’t trust Kashvi, but trusted this criminal who was trapping her. Commissioner says we work on the information, what we get. He says Kashvi is innocent. Mirchi tells that he has given her money, and she must have kept it somewhere. Kashvi says he again lying and asks Commissioner if he will believe her or him. Nitya says she might get trapped and slaps Mirchi, asking him how dare he to accuse Kashvi. He is about to say that he did what he asked her, but she continues her act and tells that Kashvi is her daughter. She tells Commissioner that he shall investigate the matter. Arjun asks what about Kashvi’s job, now she is proved innocent. Commissioner says he will talk the Committee and her suspension will be cancelled. They take Mirchi from there.

Dadi says everything is fine. Romila asks why did you sell the jewellery, we have right on it too. Dadi says no, it was my jewellery, and some jewellery was of Nayan also which she got made for her daughters, and you don’t have any right on it. Romila says but you should have told us, and we could stop it. Kashvi says it is illegal and asks why you want to give dowry. Dadi thinks she can’t tell her that she is doing this for her, and wants Mahima to get married and go away from Arjun-Kashvi’s life. Mahima asks Dadi why did you agree to give dowry, if you wanted to give jewellery then would have given to me directly, and asks Mohit’s mother, how she can ask dowry. Mohit’s mother says she is against the marriage and knows that Mahima can change at any time. She says you can break marriage at anytime, and can leave from the mandap at anytime, and that’s why I want to get dowry, so that when you escape fooling my son, it can compensate for your act. Arjun says you have really done wonder and made arrangement for what has not happen. Kashvi asks if you was selling your son. Mohit’s mother says we have brought him up and made him educated. Kashvi says so he was your investment. She says if we know your thinking, then we wouldn’t have agreed to get this alliance fixed. Mohit tells his mother that he don’t want any dowry. His Mother says she wants it for herself and tells that she has she has brought him up and made him educated. Mohit says I thought you love me, but money matters to you. He says we will not take dowry and asks her not to attend his marriage if she wants money.

Mohit’s father tells that he will make everything fine and he was not aware of her demand. He apologizes to Dadi and others and says don’t know why she demanded this, though she is good at heart. He asks her to say that she will get this marriage done nicely. Mohit’s mother goes from there, and also his father and Mohit.

Kashvi tells Arjun that everything is sorted. Nitya comes there and apologizes to Kashvi for doubting on her. Arjun says I need to talk to you, and asks her, why did she go to terrorist when her informer gave her info. He says you have done drama and brought Police here.

He says I feel that you are angry with Kashvi for your suspension. Nitya thinks this is happening due to Kashvi and is about to scold her, when Kashvi takes a stand for Nitya and tells Arjun that she is their mother and can never think wrong about them. She says Maa’s suspension happened due to me, and what she did, she got the terrorist arrested and cleared the matter. She asks Arjun to apologize to her. Arjun apologizes to Nitya. Nitya says my kids are understanding me and goes.

She meets Verma and tells that Arjun is doubting and accusing her due to Kashvi. Verma says you shall get your strength and power back. Nitya says I know how to get it back.

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