I do update Monday 9 May 2022

I do 9 May 2022: The next morning, Sanam is happily working in the kitchen, when ahil’s aunt and uncle, rant about how asma is coming to meet anwar and they have prepared a special menu. Sanam is shocked at the long list. She starts venting out her frustration, after they are gone, which is aggravated by latif coming in telling hr about ahil’s long list of breakfast as well. While latif goes to laze around, sanam gets to working efficiently. Latif comes back after a while, and takes the breakfast, but not after she added her special pudina chutney to everything. Ahil gets super furious at this, and latif blames it on sanam, and ahil is all the more aggaravted and demands that he wants to see her rightaway.

Latif goes to the kitchen, to call sanam, but she says that she wont go. She refuses to budge, while latif is tensed when the angry ahil comes in herself. Sanam turns around. ahil comes to talk to her, but she doesnt respond. sanam, in her bid to avoid being seen by ahil, turns around, and covers her face with a dupatta. ahil gets angry at this, and reprimands her that noone turns their back on him while he’s talking and asks her to turn around. whn she doesnt respond, ahil takes it on himself, to turn her. but before he can do that, sanam takes off her dupatta and dips her face in the bowl that has besan in it, and smears it ll on her face. When ahil asks her to turn around, she complies, frightening ahil, while she smiles innocently, saying that its the latest face pack for her skin.

Ahil is super frustrated and leaves in frustration. Sanam leaves with an excuse to wash it off. Latif too begins to try it herself.In his room, ahil talks to tanveer on the hone, saying tha he wont finalise the deal as she has once denied, and that if his enemies try anything wwrong, he kknows how to give a befitting reply. He starts playing video games, and opens the door, to let rehaan in, when he knocks on the door,and again gets to playing games. After finishing, ahil talks about his remote controlled door, and then asks if all the arrangements have been done, for his LA clients, and that they shouldt have any problems. rehaan says that they should cancel tonight’s plans.

rehaan tells ahil that last night some suspicious characterswere found lurking around the campus, and they are tensed, along with the security guards, and they dont want to take unnecessary risks. ahil asks what does he think, if anyone’s trying to kill him. when rehaan confirms this, ahil asks him not to bother unnecessarily like his mother, as he is so alone that even death deserts him. The screen freezes on ahil’s tensed face.Azhar reciting a Sher to Asma and repeats it thrice as he keeps forgetting itso Asma completes it for him and then Azhar says how it’s his first time trying to impress someone.

Asma says thankyou to him as his family is letting her complete her studies after marriage.Sanam brings tea just then and while giving her tea Azhar spills it on Asma. Asma mentions a medication to him which he doesn’t understand and then Sanam dips her burnt hand in cold water and applies haldi and Asma and Sanam officially meet.All this while Khala and Khalu are hearing.The next scene shows Shazia talking to someone on the phone about fantasies, while Lateef asks Sanam to clean up everything although reluctant at first Sanam has to agree to it when she overhears Khala and Khalu talking about bringing over an ATM to their house which is a metaphor for Asma.

Sanam comments on how miser these people are then calls the job agency however she doesn’t have balance so picks up the house phone over which Shazia is talking to someone saying how she’d take his shirt off. Sanam hangs up the phone and Shazia finds out and threatens to fire her. Then she takes him to aahil’s room where he isn’t available. Nazia and Latif take Sanam’s side as she explains what had happened but Shazia doesn’t relent and threatens her again.Sanam slams into a painting while walking with Lateef and says she thought there was a door here but Lateef claims there has never been a door there and then Lateef tells her to wait for Aahil when he comes home.

Sanam is almost dozing off when she hears Aahil calling out to Lateef. She takes the drink to Aahil’s room and finds him asleep and reluctantly walks in and as she’s about to walk back the doors close due to the wind and Aahil wakes and and mistakes Sanam to be one of his girlfriends and then demonstrates how the remote in his hand can only open the door now.He then makes comment on the kind of clothes Sanam is wearing and drops off her dupatta from her shoulders and opens the dori of her back very slowly and nears her, all this while Sanam has tears in her eyes, just then Aahil’s IPad rings and it’s Rehan calling him as Aahil has an important conference call.

Rehan through the help of the video chat sees Sanam at the back trying to steal the remote as she motions Rehaan to be quiet who easily agrees.Sanam is back in her room and says now she’s understands how Bhopal is so unknown and strange to her and how she doesn’t feel homely here. She also claims she feels like something really bad is going to happen.The next day Shazia is complaining to Aahil about Sanam who gets irritated with her constant chattering and says that he’ll take care of it.Khala and Khalu overhear this and start complimenting Sanam as they love the food she cooks. Latif also agrees with them.

Shazia complains that everyone likes her ever Aahil as she was in his room last night, suddenly the realization dawns on Aahil.

 Sanam is talking on phone and writing down an address..! She assures she will reach that place on time! Sanam contemplates her decision and need to leave the house before Ahil notices her! Latif says ur lucky u have a generous boss like me! Sanam thanks him! She self though i was going to quit even if that person had not kicked me out!Azhars mom talks of how she wants Asma to come in their house soon! The girls father says we want same thing …and says can this wedding happen after 6 months? She asks why? The girls mother says Asma has her final exams after 5 months ..! Azhars parents go aside and crib about how they culd be exposed in 6 months!

They say … after 6 months this wedding cant happen ..! The girls father is shocked! Azhars mom says ..this wedding will take place in 1 month! They say she can prepare here as well .. ! Azhar assures he will help Asma prepare! Azhars parents say they will get marriage done soon! Latif comes and tells Sanam they have to serve sweets to all ..!Nazia teases Asma ..! Sanam is serving sweets to all ..! Asma offers Sanam a gift! She hesitates but accepts! Ahil comes in the hall too! Sanam is in panic! Azhar hugs Ahil and he congratulates him ..! Ahil asks for sweet and Azhar calls Sanam ..! Sanam hides behind sofa! She realizes she has left the address of the location of her new job at the table and Ahil ends up taking it along under his file ..!

Azhars parents are happy and discuss how .. THAT came to them.. their own ATM machine! Azhars parents say now they dont need card to draw money from ATM ..! Sanam wonders what they are talking? She discusses how she should leave or she will be accused of theft..! She notices her moby ringing and receives it..! She assures to reach location on time ..! Sanam fumes that the address is with Ahil .. have to get it from him ..! She rues as to why he isnt leaving.. she will get delayed..! Ahil leaves the room and Sanam sneaks in!

Sanam starts searching for that slip with the address ..! She finds it..! Suddenly she hears Ahils voice… ! He asks what are u doing here? Sanam has her back to him ..! Ahil says .. ur the new cook of the house ..right who was in my room the previous nite? Sanam keeps mum! Ahil steps towards her..! He puts his hand on her shoulder and the lights go off! Sanam turns to run ..! Ahil calls out..! She runs away .. but Ahil holds her arm ..and stops her! She tries to wrest free but he has a firm grip on her! Ahil turn his lighter on! He turns Sanam around and is shocked to see her! Flashbacks of past scenes! Sahil eyelocks ..! BG – Junoon tere ishq ka ..! He asks u .. in my house? What are u doing there? Sanam tries to explain! Ahil says.. u think u will come in my house and take revenge from me? Ur working at my house.

without my permission and sneaking in my room ..what do u want? Sanam says nothing .. u did what u had to .. i dun even wanna see ur face! The lights come on! Sanam says i came here to work . if i had known this was ur house.. i wuldnt have come here..! I need to work . i need money .. coz u burnt my dhaba..snatched my happiness… ! Ahil says glad u accepted that ur here coz i burnt ur dhaba? Sanam says i came here to earn .. to restart my dhaba..! Its a coincidence that i came to ur house .. to earn money ! Ahil says u came here to break my pride? Sanam says no .. why do u think .. the world revolves around u? I am not interested in u..! Ahil says.. gud.. dun even get interested .. coz those who know Ahil .. want to stay away from him aka me..! Ahil fumes on Latif for keeping Sanam at job .. without telling him ..! Latif says.. will throw her out next day in the morning !

Latif tells Sanam to leave! She says .. i dun wanna stay here .. i came here to work ..! Feeling happy to let u know . .i found a new job ..i will leave tomorrow morning! Ahil says tell her to leave from here.. now! Sanam says talk with respect . am not ur servant! Ahil says leave! Sanam starts to walk .. she stops…! Ahil asks now what? Sanam says leaving .. dun shout! She turns and walks back towards Ahil and picks up her dupatta..! Sanam walks off..!Latif is reprimanded by Sanam for being so double faced and says that she would draw the salary of the days that she has worked.

Sanam says that she isnt scared of ahil at all. she goes to find him.In his room, while rehaan is tensed about sunshine corporations and their attack on ahil, ahil is least bothered. Rehaan gets their call and puts it on speaker, and he says that he is giving the last chance to reconsider their deal, and asks rehaan to tell ahil to save face in time. Ahil says that he wont be threatened. But he is rebuked, and told that they have lots of evidence against him. ahil asks him to get ahead and says that he would return the favour too.

Meanwhile, Sanam tries to find out ahil’s room, when she is told by latif that there’s press outside, and something wrong has happened. Sanam is surprised but thinks that she would take her money and walk out. Ahil is suprised when the reproters come with intimate pics of him with a girl, and is taunted by questions about how his father would feel by this. Ahil remembers his early days of beating, and gets furious at them and asks them to stop. Ahil lashes out at them, while rehaan tries to compose him. The reporters say that he cant do this and malign a girl’s repsect.

sanam comes out and watches him completely busy. Ahil says that he has never touched a girl against his wishes.The reproters ask him to identify the girl. Meanwhile, sanam comes to ahil asking for her money so that she can leave easily in time for the job. Ahil says that this is the girl who is with him in those intimate pictures. She is horrified by seeing the pics and is stunned into silence. Ahil turns this favour to his advantage and says thaat sanam threw herself at him, and hence he got emotionally blackmailed by this girl for favours.

Confronted by lots of stinging questions, sanam is completely distraught. Ahil clarifies that the situation is under control. rehaan resignedly gives up.In her room, sanam burts into tears remembering what just happened. She is about to walk out with her trolley, when she gets the call of her boss, who informs her that due to her being so late on her first day at work, she has been replaced by someone else. She is distraught and bursts into tears, when rehaan comes in to give her salary for her work here, and tells her that she may go anywhere with her car. She tells him about how she lost the job, and storms out of the room.

Ahil is surprised when he gets to know that tanveer knows about the media and press fiasco, and says that he isnt bothered. She says that she knows that ahil isnt the one who forgives his enemies. ahil doesnt want to, but she instigates him on the wrong path saying that he should curb down his enemies, in such a torturous manner, that they dont want to live. Ahil is affected and asks what does she want. She says that she wants those people to be punished so severely that they never malign the family’s reputation, saying that today he rised questions about his dad, tomorrow they may reach his mother, and asks ahil if he wants that. Ahil refuses and says that he would comply to his wishes.

Ahil tells rehaan that they have to completely destroy Sunshine Corporations. He storms out ignoring rehaan’s queries and concerns. he walks out to find Sanam standing in the hallway. He comes and asks now what. she says that she too wants to ask him this, as not everyone has money, but respect and today he spoilt everything she had, and that the lord would never forgive him for this. Ahil, apologises half heartedly and asks if she thought he would say this, but he wont. Sanam says that she is unfazed by him and his stature, and that today he stands too low in front of her. She says that unfortunately love and emotions reside in the heart and not in the stone.

Sanam tells ahil that the Lord has given him everything, but has given him a stone in place of a heart, and thats not his but his parents’ fault. She says that today in front of her, a spoilt brat doesnt stand, but a couple’s unsuccesful bringing up. Ahil is super furious at his. She tells him about the wealth of love, which he never got, and hence people are scared of him, but they dont love him, as he is unworthy of anyone’s love, and that he can only be hated. Sanam tells him that she can easily see by looking at him, that he has never had the love of either his mother or his father. She says thts the reason he is like this and that she would pray that by a miracle, he realises what love, emotions and humanity actually are.

she leaces walking away from him, rememebering her insult today at the press meet. Ahil remembers sanam’s stinging words, and decides to destroy and get his revenge on sanam, remembering tanveer’s ill advise. He too leaves hastily in anger unable to control his fury. the screen freezes on both their faces.

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