I do update Sunday 8 May 2022

I do 8 May 2022: When haya wakes up the next morning, she finds that Sanam is nowhere to be seen. she gets tensed. Outside, Dilshad is sitting remembering the tragic deaths of her family, when haya comes in dishevelled and distraught, and finds a aletter in her hqand, saying that sanam went to bhopal. haya is shocked. Dilshad thinks that sanam didnt do right, as the city where she went to fulfill her dreams, that city robbed her of everything and that she shouldnt have gone there as that place isnt for them.Sanam gives a detailed interview, about her dhaba and her experience with it. she also talks of the pudina chutney.

the manager informs her that she has been called for the waitress job and not the cook. He gives her a set of uniform and tells her about customer satisfaction, and asks her to go through the menu. She has difficulty getting through the menu. She finds that her uniform is modern and wonders how to wear this, without a salwar. Sanam asks another waitress about the salwar and is smirked at.Sanam starts her first day, in her modern dress of a waitress, in which she is highly uncomfortable. she starts messing up orders too.

she is tensed, wehn customers start complaining. The manager tells her that she wont spoil his customer base and treatb it as her third class dhaba, and that she is fired immediately. sanam is distraught and emotional.Ahil reaches home with rehaan, drunken and dazed. He wakes up still inebriated. They enter the same haveli, which once belonged to Rashid Ahmad Khan, but has been redone. When the servants do not respond to his screams, he is tensed as he finds a maid running through the corridor. Ahil gets furious when he finds a girl, who he refers to as Nazia, having an asthamtic attack, and starts to give her the inhaler, and is angry at the maid.

nazia finally calms down. meanwhile, her mother too calms down finding her daughter better. Ahil is angry for carelessly keeping the inhaler. Ahil reprimands the mother maid, and tells that he needs an inhaler in every drawer, so that his sister isnt at any discomfort. Latif, the maid informs that Azhar has gone out with a lady, and when asked about shazia, ahil is told that shazia is nowhere to be seen. he gets angry and begins to search for her, while nazia asks him to calm down. Finally enters shazia, a young and hip girl, busy listening to music on her earphones. Ahil jerks the headphones off her ears and tells her about nazia’s asthamatic attack, while shazia asks him to calm down, blaming it on nazia’s irresponsible behaviour, and that she isnt her babysitter.

Nazia takes the blame too. Ajhil is angry but shazia talks back at him. He gets all the more angry, saying that he gives her everything and just wants her to take care of nazia. she retorts back and leaves, while ahil is furious at her brash behaviour.meanwhile, at the breakfast table, a couple is shown to be gorging on food, who are shocked hearing ahil’s voice. He asks them what happened. They start fumbling, irritating ahil to the core, while they keep on with the bantering. Ahil asks what happened where they had gone. She says that she went for Azhar’s marriage prospect, but they denied, as they couldnt get to meet azhar. Ahil asks why. Her husband says that they went to Azhar to meet at the hospital, but couldnt, as the sonography machine was spoilt.

Ahil signs a check for an machine, which pleases the couple to the core, that ahil fell for their trap. After ahil leaves, rehaan says that they dont need the check, as he would purchase the machine. but they happily eye the check, that their plan succeeded.Sanam and ahil’s paths cross again, but they dont notice each other. ahil sits on the table, where sanam just served a girl. The girl begins to get intimate with ahil, kissing him, while a person sitting on the next seat, stealthily and inconspicuously clicks a picture of them together. Noticing a smiley on the burger, and serving of salt instead of sugar, ahil gets angry and reprimands the manager for the same. The manager apologises for the new waitress. ahil asks him to fire her. Sanam tries to prove the innocence.

The manager tells her that she wont spoil his customer base and treat it as her third class dhaba, and that she is fired immediately. sanam is distraught and emotional. She returns her uniform, and is disturbed when she gets just half day’s pay. Sanam remembers her dreams of this place. She is walking wityh a heavy heart, when another waitress comes in. Sanam is told by another waitress, that the person who complained against her, he is a very influential man in bhopal, and hence he got her fired. She shows sanam, ahil, who’s facing his back towards her. sanam eyes him tensedly. the screen freezes on his face.

Sanam walks towards Ahil. Another girl is talking with Ahil. She looks at Sanam and Sanam stops walking. The girl tells Ahil she’s the one who got fired. Ahil turns back to look at Sanam, but now Sanam has turned her face away. Both walk in opposite direction.Dilshad is getting worried for Sanam. Depressed Sanam is walking on the road. She says she thought she would earn money and make new dhaba, but now she doesn’t even have enough money to go back. Even if she goes back, what she will say to her badi ammi? She hears prayer and does the namaz. other hand, dilshad and haya also do the namaz. Dilshad says that city took away everything from her, but allah is there with her Sanam and he will show the right path to her. Other hand, Zoya asks allah to show her the right path.

After she finishes her prayer, she sees Anwar. She tries to stop him, but he leaves in an auto. Sanam takes another auto and follows him. Following him, she enters Ahil’s mansion. She gets some memories from her childhood. Zoya’s voice, Dilshad’s voice. She hears someone’s noise and hides. After they leave, she tries to leave the mansion, but she’s stopped by Latif. Latif misunderstands Sanam as their new cook and asks her to prepare some snacks for the guests who have come for nikah. Sanam thinks Anwar came to rob them and decides she won’t let him succeed and expose him.

Sanam comes to the kitchen. Latif follows her and asks how she knew where kitchen is, she came to this house for the first time. Sanam gets into thoughts. Latif asks her to start working and he will check other preparations. Sanam wonders how she knew kitchen is here. She again remembers about Anwar and starts working. She says things are so messed up, how people can work in such dirty environment.Azhar’s family has come to see shazia. His mother doesn’t seem to remember certain words, her husband completes her half sentences.

The families have a talk. Azhar’s parents go crazy hearing about properties. They say they like shazia a lot. Mother asks for the sweets .Latif comes to the kitchen and asks Sanam if she only cleaned kitchen or cooked something as well. Sanam shows him a tray. Latif picks it up, but Sanam stops him and says she is there to do that work. Latif reminds her that he’s the boss, so don’t try to overtake his position. He comes in the hall with Latif. Latif stops her and takes the tray with him. Sanam tries to look at the guests thinking anwar is one of them. Shazia’s dad says, from their side, anwar bhai will look after all preparations. Sanam goes all around the hall to see anwar, and in end, she says it’s some other anwar. She wonders where other anwar went.

Outside, someone tells anwar, his work will be done. Anwar requests him to do it quick, he will be grateful to him.In mansion, Sanam tries to leave. In hurry, she destroys some property. Latif goes to her and takes her back to kitchen. Sanam says where she got stuck because of anwar. She again tries to leave, but this time, she’s stopped by Azhar’s parents. Azhar’s mum asks her what about the loss that they suffered because of her. She tells her she is lucky because her son’s rishta got final today. Azhar’s dad asks her if she made the sn acks. Sanam says yes.

He then tells Azhar’s mum to keep her in this house, there can’t be a better punishment than making her cook for them. He puts snacks in her mouth and she agrees, she asks Latif to explain everything to Sanam. They leave. Latif tells Sanam, she will get 10,000 every month, out of which 10% will go to Azhar’s parents, and 10% will be his. Sanam gets shocked and asks him, they will take commission from her in their own house. Latif tells her, it’s not allowed to question here. He asks if she will work or no. Sanam thinks she will still get 8000. She recalls manager’s harsh words. Latif asks her, qubool hai or no. Sanam says, “Qubool Hai”. Screen freezes on her face.

Ahil comes back in a drunken state, asking for the servant. He starts beeping, calling for latif. She amusingly asks sanam to go over to ahil and take it to him, as she is her assistant. sanam complies. She takes it out and goes, oblivious to who’s she going to serve. She finds ahil, changing his clothes, and once she identifies him, she is furious as its the same person who burned down her Dhaba. The icebucket falls from her hands, and she turns around, lest he ses her. He asks her who’s she and she is about to run when her leg slips on the ice, and she has a sprain. He comes to the door and asks her who is she. As he begins to turn her around, latif comes in saying, that shazia and nazia are fighting again.

latif comes in saying that shazia is angry and is fighting with nazia. ahil leaves sanam and goes to them, leaving sanam relieved. Ahil finds them both fighting, with shazia getting angry at nazia for what she did, and shows that nazia had converted her favourite blouse into a wiping material. while nazia begins to give her explanation, shazia is angry. Ahil reprimands shazioa for being so rude and wearing such skimpy clothes. Shazia tells ahil that he has double standards as if his sister wears it, then its bad, but if his girlfriends wear it, its hot. ahil says that he would get her another one. Shazia blurts out saying that this top cant be given by anyone else, as it was gifted by him. All are shocked hearing this.

Ahil enquires who’s she talking about. she leaves without saying anything.
After shazia leaves anrgily, nazia aplogises but ahil asks her to quiet down. latif asks ahil if he wants anything. he eyes her sternly.In the kitchen, sanam reprimands herself for landing and inviting problems on herself, by landing in Bhopal. She thinks that she doesnt have any other option too. She prays to the lord, that ahil doesnt see her, as he if comes to know, there would be a big problem.Ahil’s uncle talks to their son, anwar, who gloats about his first date with a girl, asma. When the aunt comes in and clarifies that he couldnt even talk to that girl, and anwar apologises profusely.

His parents gloat about how their maternal sister, tanveer had trapped a person, and now they have become the masters of the house.At the breakfast table, while all compliment the pudina chutney, sanam, is furious when latif hogs the credit. latif leaves and the aunt sends sanam off to get rotis. they then talk if ahil got to know about his failure with asma, and are happy when they get to know that ahil didnt get to know it. Sanam hears this from a distance and is tensed.

In the kitchen, latif and sanam are discussing how weird and strange the people are, who live in this house. Latif warns sanam about them. latif asks her to think about ahil only. sanam vents out her frustration at ahil, branding him as brash and arrogance, and a lowlife who’s just money minded. latif says that she would have to spend sometime to get to know him better. but sanam is unwilling. the beeper starts ringing, and latif sends her to attend to him. She resignedly gos and finds him naked til the torso and is upset and embarassed. He starts taking a bath in the swimming pool. She starts spewing venom against him and his character. Ahil takes a call, and talks romantically with a girl, while sanam is disgusted.

Sanam is disgusted with his playboy character. He starts hollering for latif, and sanam is tensed. she coverws her face with the dupatta and faces him. he is surprised to see him. She is scared that he might have recognised her. He identifies her as the new cook, and asks her to serve him food. she resignedly complies. He signals her to lay out the food for him. She begins to give him champagne, and walks towards him. While Sanam has her face covered, with just the eeys revealed, lest ahil sees her, she accidentally slips, and falls in ahil’s lap, who catches her just in time, from falling.

Finally she composes herself and stands away from him, while his eyes bore down on him. she leaves from there, casting a last glance at him. The screen freezes on their faces.

Sanam prays at night, while thinking that dilshad always says that lord tries the good people, and prays to the lord to help dilshad get through this phase with strength. meanwhile, haya in amritsar tucks dilshad to sleep. Sanam too lies down for sleep. midnight, dilshad has a couhging bout, while sanam too gets uncomfortable in her sleep, intuitively. Dilshad finally wakes up, with great pain in the chest, and cries out for sanam. Sanam’s sleep is broken too instinctively. she gets tensed, and decides to call and confirm if everything is okay. Dilshad is having a breathing attack, and asthamatic symptoms, when she tries hard to wake up Haya, but being tone deaf, she isnt able to wake from her sleep.

As sanam goes out, and casts a glance at this haveli from outside, she is taken back to her childhood memories of her having spent time here, but thinks that its impossible as she has never been in this hiuse, leave alone bhopal, but is confused why this place seems so familiar to her, as if she used to play here with Dilshad. She then discards off the idea thinking that its insane to think like that. meanwhile, Sanam calls up dilshad while she wonders why isnt dilshad picking up the phone, even though dilshad tries hard to pick up. Sanam is highly tensed, while oblivious to her, dilshad collapses on the floor. sanam is very tensed.

When she calls up again, haya wakes up and is shocked to find dilshad on the floor, and the cell phone ringing. haya tries to wake up dilshad by splashing water on her face, but she remains unconscious, while the phone continues ringing. finally dilshad wakes up dizzily. Haya picks up the phone, and tries to signal, and finally dilshad receives the phone. Sanam reprimands her for not picking up the phone and asks if everything is okay. dilshad says that she is okay and just had a dizzy spell. sanam begins to reprimand. she asks her what was haya trying to say. Sanam asks dilshad to take care of herself, while dilshad tries to cover up the severity of the situation. Dilshad asks about sanam, and is surprised to know that she is in bhopal.

When sanam tells about her job profile, dilshad wonders how their times have changed, that in the city where they had servants at their disposal, and now her daughter herself is orking like one. sanam tells that she has landed a very good job. Dilshad asks her if everything is alright, and asks her to say clearly. Sanam controls her emotions and welling ters, and asks her to take care of herself and haya, rather than worry about her. Dilshad asks her to take care, and then gives the phone to haya on sanam’s demand. Haya gives her signals and then cancels the call. sanam gets emotional talking with them, and thinks that dilshad is hiding something from her, and prays to the lord to keep her family safe. dilshad too thinks the same, about sanam

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