My heart knows update Sunday 8 May 2022

My heart knows 8 May 2022: The Episode starts with Kalyani coming to Mastani Bai’s place and asks who are you? She says I was found unconscious that day by you and asks if someone else was with them. Mastani Bai tells that he is also searching the person who has hidden the dead body in the cupboard which we sold. He tells that they shall get together and search that person. He tells that he got something of that person and asks if she will come with him. Kalyani says yes. Malhar comes to Mastani Bai’s room and finds the box burning. He touches the box and burns his fingers a bit, to get the watch.

Kalyani says your hands will be burnt. Mastani Bai tells that proofs need to be saved. He thinks he has burnt his fingers deliberately and gives watch to Kalyani. Kalyani thinks whose watch is this and asks Mastani Bai to come to her house, as it is dangerous to stay here for her. She thinks if Malhar read the letter or not or if he wants her to say that to him. They sit in auto and leave. Malhar sees Kalyani going in auto, but he doesn’t see Atharv. The letter falls down from his pocket. He picks it and keeps it back. Kalyani takes him to the outhouse and says sorry for taking him to the window. Mastani Bai says he knows how people see them.

He blesses Kalyani’s baby keeping hand on her tummy. Kalyani asks him to bless her first baby who needs blessings at the time. Malhar comes home in the jeep. Kalyani brings Moksh to Mastani bai/ Atharv and asks him to bless him. She tells him that they will bring ointment for his burnt fingers. Mastani Bai asks her to keep Moksh with him. Kalyani leaves moksh with him. Mastani Bai sings song and looks at Moksh.Kalyani comes to the room and searches ointment. She opens the cupboard and it is about to fall on her. Malhar comes there and holds the cupboard.

She tells him that she jerked and tells that her baby might not be fine. Malhar says Nurse is at home, they will get the check up done. He tells her that her life is in danger because of baby and if anything happens to her then he will not live. Kalyani goes from there. Nurse comes and checks her. She says your baby is fine. Kalyani thinks Malhar ji haven’t read the letter, I shall tell truth to him. He asks what is Mastani Bai doing here? Kalyani says Aai had told me that their blessings are very effective, so I brought him to make Moksh blessed by him. She tells that Mastani Bai’s fingers are burnt. Malhar thinks if she did this deliberately. He comes to the outhouse and finds Swara sitting with Moksh. Swara tells him that Moksh was alone here.

Malhar asks her not to give Moksh to Kalyani and tell Baba that he will convince her for abortion. He thinks where Mastani Bai could go.Mastani Bai comes to Aao Saheb and shows the slipper in the backyard of the house. He asks if she is shocked as she tried to throw almira on Kalyani. Aao Saheb asks who are you and what you knows about us. Mastani Bai says I saw you outside the outhouse and whatever happened in your Ahilya Nivas. He says I have understood that Aao Saheb’s intentions are not good. A fb is shown, Aao Saheb runs away from Kalyani’s cupboard and her slipper is left there. fb ends. Mastani bai says Almira fell on Kalyani and you dropped your slipper.

Aao Saheb pick a stick and tells that she is respected here. The muddy water falls on Mastani Bai’s face from the stick. He gets angry and washes his face with water. Aao Saheb is shocked to see Atharv as Mastani Bai. Atharv removes his wig and earrings. Aao Saheb says Atharv….Atharv nods his head. Kalyani brings watch to the outhouse and thinks Malhar ji is not here. She thinks to check him in the workshop and calls his name, but he is not there in the workshop also. Kalyani says I don’t want to hide from him that this baby is his.

Malhar coming to the lal gali and asks Rao and others to search in all lanes. Kalyani asks Swara if she is sure that Moksh was alone in the room. Swara says yes. Kalyani asks Swara to take care of Moksh and goes. Atharv hangs the wig on the tree and tells poetry. Kalyani searches Malhar in the factory area and thinks she don’t want to hide this fact from Malhar ji that this baby is his. Atharv tells Aao Saheb that this world is very bad and I have to become a big Dog to rule on this world. He says I have to become Mastani to fulfill my needs and do illegal work. He says then I used to go home and act as Aai and baba. He says I got my memory back when I came back to mental asylum. He says you want you tell everyone that I got my memory back.

He says if you do this then I will tell Malhar that you have attacked his wife. Aao Saheb says why I will kill Kalyani, says she is my grand daughter, but wants to kill that baby. She says I came to know that the baby is of Malhar, it is good that I came to know about the truth and not Sampada, that time I have decided to take revenge on Malhar. Kalyani comes on the road and thinks if Malhar came to lal gali searching Mastani Bai. Aao Saheb says I will not let Malhar’s baby comes in this world and then Kalyani will blame Malhar and they will get separated for forever. She says Moksh can be saved by other surrogate mother.

Atharv says I will not let this happen and will not let this baby aborted. Aao Saheb says Kalyani will tell him when she crosses 28 weeks of pregnancy.Kalyani is at the backyard of the house. Sampada comes there and sees watch in her hand. She snatches it and runs from there. Kalyani thinks Sampada is blackmailing her in Rachit’s voice. Aao Saheb tells that once Malhar and Kalyani get separated, she will take her from here and will get her educated and then will get her married. She curses Malhar and blames him for Rao Saheb’s death and also Anupriya’s condition. Atharv says ok, I am with you.

Aao Saheb asks Atharv to be careful and tells that Kalyani is searching Rachit’s murder. Atharv says Kalyani will never find about me and tells that he will get ready and come.Kalyani searches for Sampada and comes to lal gali. Malhar is also there. Some ladies call Atharv and tells that they are behind Kalyani. Atharv asks them if they understood what to do with Kalyani. He comes there playing dhol and eyes Malhar. Malhar looks at Mastani Bai. The ladies ties Kalyani with a cloth. Kalyani says I have baby in my tummy and asks what are they doing? The ladies tie her hands and mouth. Kalyani is taken from behind Malhar, she sees him, but couldn’t shout.

Malhar shouts asking them to stop playing dhol and says I have understood when I saw you for the first time, that there is something wrong. Mastani Bai’s goon comes to Malhar and wishes him happy holi. He beats them and finds Mastani Bai missing. The ladies and the man playing dhol bring Kalyani to a place and blames her for having illegitimate child and tells that three girls are missing because of her.. They call her by bad names. Kalyani cries and asks them who are they to raise finger on their character. She asks them to go and take help from Police. The ladies tell that devi is upset with them and everything will not be fine until she is punsiehd.

They throw muddy soil on her. Anupriya comes there and sees Kalyani drenched in mud. She tries to stop them, but they push Anupriya and takes Kalyani.Malhar takes the men to the room and asks them to tell about Mastani bai. The guy tells that Mastani Bai came 6 months back and bought all the brothels. Malhar says just 6 months back and asks if she gives you much money that you are scared of her. Rao tells Malhar that Mastani Bai’s finger prints matches with the cupboard. Malhar asks Rao to get issue warrant against Mastani Bai.

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