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I do 10 May 2022: Just as she is about to step out, she hears someone say Sanam. She wonders why does this house feels like her own, as she bears no relation to it, and what has this house given her, being the house of that evil, Ahil. She thinks that dilshad was right in saying that Bhopal wasnt right for her, and that she hates it now. She says that she thought that she would get love from this city, but only got hatred and that she lost everything, money and respect too. She reminds her parents that she is leaving.

Meanwhil, ahil is his room, is furious at what to do to get his revenge on sanam. He storms out and finds that she is gone and slams the door shut. Meanwhile, his aunt and uncle are gaga over their son, Azhar getting ready to meet asma.

They teach him everything, as to how to go about the date, and even remind that he has to wear his pants on before going. later, rehaan asks ahil to let go of this incident and that sanam is off the hook as she left the house. But ahil is unwilling to move on and says that the story shall start now, reiterating what she had said. Ahil says that she is a ill mannered girl, who disrespected his mother, which he wouldnt tolerate at all, and instructs rehaan that he would do what he is told to. Rehaan is tensed, while ahil is venomous with rage.

Scene 2:
location: Bus Stand
sanam reaches the bus stand and enquires about the same. Somone tells rehaan about sanam waiting at the bus stand, and rehaan gives him instructions to do what he has been told to do. rehaan is sad but helpless. The man approaches sanam stealthily. Meanwhile, rehaan tries to get ahil to stop this madness and let the girl go to her home. Rehaan tries to plea but ahil doesnt budge, saying that he would make that girl helplkess, and teach her a lesson.

rehaan asks what good would that do, and why does he want to increase his enemy. Ahil says that she isnt one, and that she would just be punished. rehaan tries to talk sense that she could be used against him, by his enemies, but ahil is too confident about others’ cowardice in front of him. rehaan is tensed to see his reaction.

Sanam finds her bus approaching and begins to get in line for the same. The same person gets sanam to buy water from him and she complies. Meanwhile, dilshad begins to try sanam’s number, but doesnt get through and searches around for a PCO.While Sanam is in the line to get onto the bus to amritsar, she dooesnt notice that dilshad is getting out of the same bus. Whilst getting in, the same man pushes her and she falls on the floor. The bus starts moving due to the bus having been full, and despite her proteste, the bust leaves her and moves on. Sanam stands dejected as she watches the bus go. The man who pushed sanam, tells rehaan that she couldnt take the bus and he has his eyes on her. Meanwhile, sanam spots dilshjad and is shocked.

She overwhelmingly goes to hug her, whiule dilshad is shocked. The man relates all of this to rehaan. They enquire about each other. Dilshad asks why is sanam tensed. sanam asks how does she know. Dilshad says that a mother always knows.

Sanam accepts her mistake at having come to bhopal. While she rants, dilshad starts with her fit again. Dilshad gets dizzy and falls on the floor. Sanam is shocked to find dilshad on the floor, and asks around for help. Rehaan is tensed and askls ahil to help sanam and her old relative, but ahil is defiant.

Later, as ahil enters his room, he is shocked as someone puts a gun on his head and is shocked when the pistol shoots. It is later revealed that it is his uncle and aunt’s son who infringe money from him, as usual from some pretext or the other. They leave, while ahil is super happy to play with his kid brother, Imran.

Scene 3:
Location: In the restaurant
asma and azhar meet for a date, where he gloats about his philanthropy as a doctor. Asma asks him to order. Azhar orders a ginormic order, while asma along with the waiter is surprised. After their date, when azhar begins to get the food packed, the waietr rushes in asking if there’s a doctor, for a patient, referring to dilshad. Azhar ducks beneath but not to much success. Asma offers to pay the bill while he tends to the patient. Finding no other option, he leaves and is shocked to find sanam, their servant along with some old lady, Dilshad whom he doesnt recognise. While he watches, they drive off urgently in the auto. Azhar goes back to the restaurant.

While, asma is tensed, Azhar comes back gloating and identifies sanam infront of him. Asma offers to help, but azhar tells that he has already helped her, and that she doesnt even work in their house anymore. asma resignedly gives in.

Scene 4:
Location: In the hospital
Sanam distraughtedly takes dilshad to the hospital, and while she is taken inside the ward, sanam is asked to wait inside. she incoherently breaks into tears. The doctor tells sanam, after attending to dilshad, that she had a heart attck and has to be operated immediately. She is told to arrange 2lacs, and sanam is shocked and helpless as to how to do it.

Later, she tries people to get money for her, but in vain and wonders how to arrange for the operation scheduled in the evening, and thinks that there definitely must be someway, as if the Lord closes one door, he opens another. She finds a necklace in her bag and identifies it as the one that anwar’s mother had gifted her, and decides to sell it as thats the only option.

Scene 5:
Location: In the jewellery
The jeweller takes it and after inspecting tells her, that all of it is just brass, and there’s just gold polish on it. Sanam is distraught and shocked to hear this.

Location: Ahil’s haveli
Uncle, aunty and latif are happily goring on the food that azhar pakced for them and lustily eyeing the jewellery, that asma’s mother sent for them. Zulfi is happily playing with ahil, gory video games, as he finds his own parents talk and banter boring. rehaan comes and talks how its useless to have victory over a dead person, and that this isnt humane and right. Ahil shuts the game and tells zulfi that rehaan is right and they should respect human life. He asks rehaan to prepare a drink for him.

Later, uncle and aunty are preparing dinner setting for asma’s parents, thinking that they have called for coming over for dinner, and have asked the entire family to be together. they think that they neednt take ahil for dinner, as he always gets

up late. Meanwhile, Zulfi plays a prank on latis as he mixes one component of her face pack, and replaces it with chilli, and also mixes lots of black pepper powder. when his parents come, he hides and they are shocked to find latif with a face pack, and vice versa, and latif is unmable to comtrol herself and falls on the floor. zulfi is enjoying it.

Scene 2:
location: Hospital
Sanam is distraught as all doors shut for her, and she doesnt have anyoption, while remembering what the doctor said. As she passes by one ward, she finds that the nurse is covering up the face of a lady, and is distraught thinking about dilshad and her past memories of her with her badi Ammi. She collapses on the floor, distraught and in tears. She enters the ward refusing to belive that dilshad is dead. She is about to uncovber the face, when the nurse stops her. The nurse comes and shows her that her badi ammi is lying on the next bed. Sanam is shocked and relieved.

The nurse is profusely thanked by sanam. Sanam is relieved and thanks the receptionist nurse profusely for having conducted the operation on dilshad without money. the nurse says that money had been arranged. sanam is confused and asks who paid. The nurse shows on the tv, and shows that ahil paid for the money. sanam says that she cant believe that the evil did such a generous deed. Meanwhile, Ahil gets a call from the doctor that the surgery has been done and that had he not given the money on time, dilshad’s life would have been in danger. Ahil complies and listens. then she finds rehaan’s pic too, and thinks that he must have given the money.

As sanam comes in dilshads’s ward, she thinks that those who have everything dont have a heart and those who have a heart are left to bear the miseries of the world. she has pity for rehaan who is so selfless and yet has to be under the evil ahil. she thinks that rehaan came in time or else she would have lost dilshad maybe. A teardreop falls on her hand, and sanam turns around tear eyed, to go out, as she finds dilshad sleeping. Dilshad calls out to sanam

Dilshad asks where is she. sanam tells her everything. Dilshad is concerned about the payment of hospital bills. she tells her about that too, and asks her to relax and not be botherted for this stuff. Dilshad asks sanam how did she manage the money, as she mustnt have earned this much. Sanam says that she was helped by an angel, and that in testing times, the Lord didnt leave her, and sent an angelic face, and she never believed in it, but now she does. she says that people always help their near ones, but those who help others are actually angels, oblivious that she is talking about ahil actually. dilshad prays for that person and says that when she would be okay, she would personally go and thank that person. sanam says that she is going for that only, and asks her to take care of herself. dilshad doses off. Tucking her nicely, she leaves, giving her one last cursory glance.

Scene 3:
Location: Ahil’s haveli and on the road
Later, while latif is lamenting on her face gone wrong, uncle and aunty are discussing how asma’s parents are getting gifts for everyone. latif gets excioted too, but is reminded of the enormous work remaining. as latif talks about her nice skin, azhar breaks into laughter. She leaves in a huff. Azhar’s parents are concerned that ahil hasnt come. they call him up, while he is driving his car along with rehaan, and tell him about the dinner arranged for the evening, and ask his presence and for some money too, so that they too can gift asma’s parents something.

Ahil asks him to buy whatever he wants, but keep him out of the family functions. They are overjoyed. Asma’s parents come and are greeted by azhar’s parents happily, as they eye the bag that they have got. Asma’s parents talk about ahil, and they make an excuse of him being busy in an urgent work. Azhar gets a phone call and gets uncomfortable, and excuses himself. In solitude, he picks up tyhe phone, and is surprised that the called is standing outside the house. He asks that person not to come in, as he would come out. He is tensed and moves out of the house. His parents are concerned. They try to patch up things, while the father keeps them busy, the mother takes after her son.

Rehaan tells ahil that jasmine has called. ahil has a hard time remembering who the girl is and whgen he met her. Rehaan asks if he wants to talk to her. ahil doesnt want to, and asks him insistently to disconnect the call. rehaan tries to cover and clarify things with jasmine while ahil cancels the phone, and is shocked that she thinks that her heart is broken after just one meet. rehaan says that her would understand when he falls in love at first sight. ahil comments on how humourous he sounds today. Rehaan says that love never knocks. Ahil says that wont happen to him, as he doesnt have a heart, but just brains.

Rehaan says that he has a heart, but it doesnt know how to beat. He says that somewhere the lord has made a person who would teach his heart to beat too. Ahil says that the lord joins heart to heart and not to stone, and his body only has a stone inside,not a heart and hence the lord hasnt made anyone for him, oblivious that he has already met her, i.e. sanam, who’s praying in the dargah. The screen freezes on both their faces.

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