Ladies: tips on how to care for your fertility before marriage

As a single lady, there isn’t any pressure about giving birth just yet until when the right man comes along and your dream wedding is actualized. After the wedding comes the quest to raise a family; this is a period where you need your fertility and ability to conceive intact.

As simple as this process may sound, you may be amazed that a large number of married couples are trying hard to conceive.  A process that affects the couple physically, emotionally, psychologically and financially. It is something you shouldn’t have to look forward to when you take the right precautions to stay healthy and detect fertility issues on time.

Ovulation in female is the process leading to reproduction. It is the essence of our fertility, a synchronization of all female reproductive organs (Internal: uterus, fallopian tubes and ovaries; External: vulva, labia, clitoris and vaginal opening) towards creating a new life and as a woman, you wouldn’t want anything to tamper with this natural process.

Now even though they are other genetic or natural causes of infertility, it is better to do your own part and maintain optimal fertile health through engaging in the following:

How to care for your fertilty

  1. Chart and take note of disorders in your menstrual cycle and report quickly to a specialized doctor for treatments.

When your menstrual cycle is above 36 days or fewer than 8 cycles in a year then your fertility alarm should be ringing. Similarly you should be worried when your menstrual flow is longer than the usual 4-6days or it is heavier or lighter than usual. These are not signs of a normal ovulation process and an indication that you may have any of the disorders such as Oligoovulation, anovulation, Oligomenorrhea and Amenorrhea. It is advisable to see a gynecologist fast.

  1. Maintain a healthy nutrition that supports hormonal health.

Do you know that your ovaries are responsible for the production of hormones such as Estrogen and progesterone the important hormones for reproduction? And that excess consumption of foods that are processed, have additives or preservatives are generally not good for your health and ovaries?  Too much intake of caffeinated food and drinks, alcohol and sugar too cause unhealthy conditions to our ovaries; the best practice is therefore to take fresh, unprocessed and fiber rich foods like organic vegetables, fish rich in omega 3 acid and fruits.

  1. Avoid contraceptives that don’t react well with your body system or contain system altering hormone

As a sexually active single female, it is essential to be on a contraceptive to avoid unintended pregnancy. An example is with the use of hormonal contraception which can be in form of pills, injections, patches, vaginal rings and intrauterine devices. Like their name, this form of birth control methods uses hormone such as estrogen and/or progestin to either suppress ovulation occurrence or thicken the cervical mucus thereby reducing the chances of the egg and sperm to meet or making implantation difficult.

There are benefits to this method as they are side effects: bordering from the minor (headaches, anxiety, weight gain, irregular periods, nausea, mood changes etc.) to the major (heart attack, stroke, ovarian cancer, blood cots etc.). The rule of thumb is to consult a family planning specialist to examine and determine the best method for your body system. But please take note that no birth control method is 100% effective other than abstinence.

Note also: extensive use of birth control pills for long period of years (i.e. over eight years) is not advised because the continuous altering of your hormone and cycle may cause hormonal imbalance in your general body system.

  1. Carefully manage your weight; Don’t be underweight or over weight.

Fat stored in our body especially tummy fat, also produce estrogen and may lead to an imbalance of this hormone in the body. Its attending fertility issues like fibroids, endometriosis, PMS Etc could occur if not cheCCoed. So if you’ve been procrastinating on your weight loss routine or tummy fat reduction exercises, now is the right time to stop unless you want to cause fertility issues for yourself.

Similarly, being underweight is not any better because it has a negative consequence to how your brain send signal to other hormone producing organs of your body. For example, hormone production needed for ovulation may be abandoned in preference to other body functions. Functions that would help the body retain the much needed fat and energy.

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  1. Quit smoking and the intake of excessive Alcohol

Smoking is not only unladylike but also brings about fertility issues. Eggs of smokers are prone to abnormalities more than non-smokers. Also, the risk of having a miscarriage during pregnancy is higher for smokers than non-smokers. And according to Yourfertility “smoking affects each stage of the reproductive process, including egg and sperm maturation, hormone reproduction, embryo transport, and the environment in the uterus.”

Do you also know that smoking causes you to reach menopause earlier than usual? And that it affects the development of the fetus in the womb, lead to pregnancy complications, birth defects and low birth weight? The best and only solution is to quit.

  1. Consider the dangers of having an abortion to your fertility

Sometimes, these things happen that no matter how much careful we are,  unwanted pregnancy occur. Added to the fact that contraceptives are not 100% reliable.

Now you may be thinking of having an abortion, but before you carry out the procedure; consider the risk it may have on your future fertility, especially if it is not done appropriately. Or if post-abortion treatments (Antibiotics) are not administered or you allow the pregnancy stay longer before getting it done. Such risks according to NHS include:

  • Womb infections; damage to the uterus and/or cervix (entrance to the womb)
  • Severe pain in your abdomen that defiles pain killers
  • Excessive bleeding days after the procedure
  • Getting some of the pregnancy remains in the womb
  • Infection spread to your fallopian tubes and ovaries causing Pelvic Inflammatory disease, ectopic pregnancies or infertility.
  • Smelly vaginal discharge
  • High temperature fever
  • Experiencing a continuing pregnancy symptoms

Note also that having series of abortions is very dangerous to your health and can impede your ability to conceive again in the future or give birth to normal healthy babies.

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  1. Avoid multiple sexual partners

As this could increase your chances of contacting Sexually Transmitted Diseases that may lead to infertility or pelvic inflammation if not well treated. Also, ensure that your sexual partner clean their sexual organs before intercourse so that underlying germs do not find their way to your vaginal.

  1. Pay attention to your vaginal discharge.

These discharges are able to indicate when there are changes or problems in your reproductive organs. Giving them the much needed attention ensures that you tackle any problem arising quickly, one abnormal vaginal discharge at a time –  from excessive, watery, cottage cheese-like yellowy, smelly to stretchy discharges.

  1. Don’t sit at one place for too long

Sitting at a spot for far too long inhibits healthy blood and energy circulation in the pelvic area thereby placing unnecessary pressure on it. And according to loganwellbeing It causes the thickening of the uterine wall and the development of endometriosis. It is better to stand and exercise your body every now and then and avoid such pressure.

  1. Do not expose your uterus to cold. In order to do this, avoid the intake of raw and cold foods and drinks especially during menstruation; instead ensure that you are adequately covered up and warm till it dries out.

And always remember, your fertility health should be important to you, it needs to be looked after in preparation towards pregnancy.


  1. In this modern era women are less aware of Fertility Related things and precautions and care to be taken to get out of the danger(in-fertility).This Article gives you complete information about different things lke,tips to be fertile for women,effects due to smoking and alcohol consumption,excessive use of birth control pills..etc.

  2. These tips will be helpful to everyone. Some people don’t know about infertility issues and didn’t take care of their health.

  3. I’ve gone through your article. Nowadays, our lifestyle has been changing day by day and its end result is infertility. This content is very helpful for future mammas who are suffering from infertility and also those who are unaware of fertility matters.


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