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I do 27 April 2022: Mamu thanks zoya in his mind, for having made him himself once again, by meeting her. Mamu calls the servant and gives away his belongings to him. razia is surprised to see this. the servant leaves with the valuables. Razia enters and they eye each other tensedly.

He tells her that its in vain to stop him now. razia doesnt respond and starts packing up her stuff instead. He asks whats she doing. she says thatv she too wants to do something similar and asks him not to misunderstand that she may have done wrong but she isnt wrong. she says that she got scared, but itv was just because she didnt want to leave this house, him and humaira but she cant escape it any longer.

she says that she has understood that its enough, and she doesnt want to fight anymore. Sheb asks him not to be surprised, and says that they have to finish many works before confessing, and that first of them is to tell zoya agbout their relation and apologises for making him stay away from his daughter so long. she sends him away, after saying that syhe knows he may feel that this too is a game but it isnt so, and she was thinking if this would be the right time, as she is very tensed for rashid right now. Mamu gets tensed and asks what should he do then.

She says that zoya has always had one dream that to meet her father, and for her this would be a big deal, and telling her like this doesnt seem right. She says that she would tell him how and when to tell her this. Mamu hears her intently, and finally complies. He says that he cant believe that she’s saying all this. She says that she knows that she has hurt him, but she swears on humaira’s name that she actually wants to confess her crimes and wants her to go to the dargah, as he may find his destination there.

he says that he trusts her completely but whatever he has done is thought of and the lord would definitely forgive them. she says that whats most important fopr her is that she has him beside her. She asks him to go and wait for his destination. As he leaves, razia is filled with venomous rage saying that his destination is actually death and that shouldnt be kept waiting, and this she would always regret that he wont be able to hug zoya as a daughter before dying. Tanveer comes in saying that her trap fell completely in place. Razia asks whats the next step. Tanveer asks her to followe her plan and get rid of all problems as its the night of her celebration today. Tanveer is also happy that her plan is finally falling in place.

As mamu goes out, he finds zoya tensed in her room, and gets emotional. He thinks that she would find the answers to all the questions as he is equally eager to meet her as she wants to meet him. he says that he was always scared that his crimes would be exposed, but today he himself is confessing and he isnt scared nomore. He casts a wishful glance at zoya and leaves.

Scene 2:
Location: Ayan’s residence and the dargah
Mamu prays to the lord at the dargah, that he is ready to commit his crimes, and asks him to keep his daughters happy. razia eyes him from a distance. he says that he has suffered a lot to tell and hug his daughter and if the Lord wishes, today he would tell her everything. He gets up and leaves the mazaar. razia eyes him and leaves after him.

She wonders where tanveer is and that she should have come by now. Razia frustratedly calls up and asks tanveer where is she, as mamu has reached at the dargah a long time back. tanveer tells her to wait patiently and wait for her next planned move, and tells her just to keep an eye on mamu. After she cancels the phone, she thinks that even razia doesnt know what she has thought of as the next move, while eyeing the fifth unrevealed picture, that she keeps staring at, saying that its time for tbhis person to be finished. She takes the pic off the billboard, saying that the right time has come.

Later, asad is asked by zoya to attend the work pending at the office while she takes care of rashid. Asad is tensed and unconvinced. But zoya assures that she would take care of rashid nicely in the meanwhile. Asad kisses rashid’s forehead and then gets up. Asad is concerned for rashid, and expresses it to zoya, when they are alone with rashid in the room. Zoya asks him not to bother, and continue with his work, promising that she wont leave his sight at all.

Scene 3:
Location: Haseena’s residence
Farhan, infront of sameera and haseena, tells the lawyer that nikhat has gone abroad and since she named the property after him, he wants to take care of it nicely, and has all the formal details. the lawyer asks about nikhat, but farhan distracts him. He asks hasenna to go and get the papers. Haseena goes over to the safe and gets the papers. farhan hands them to the lawyer. The lawyer takes one look at it, and throws them on the floor. They find that the papers are blotched with red patches.

Sameera starts screaming that its blood. Farhan says that its red ink. The lawyer leaves in disgust. Farhn is tensed and asks how did this happen. sameera again goes on her rant of nikhat returning for revenge. haseena is tensed too. He shuts them both. Haseena begins to lament that they couldnty land theior hands on the money. he asks how did this happen, and who must have done this. Haseena is convinced by sameera’s rant about nikhat. He gets frustrated, and asks her to remember who did he give the key. He raises his doubt at badi bi, but haseena says that she couldnt have known. They are tensed.

Scene 4:
Location: At the dargah and ayan’s residence
Razia finds that mamu is calling someone and is tensed that he is calling zoya to meet him at the dargah. She is determined that she wont ever want or let mamu reveal his relation with zoya. Zoya gets mamu’s call, who asks her to come to the Dargah, as she wanted to meet her father always and today that day has come, as her father is waiting at the dargah for her. she gets emotional, and says that she would come rightaway and asks him not to let him go, as she would just come. She is about to step out when she remembers her promise to asad to take care of rashid. She remembers mamu’s call.

But later, she is in a dilemma and wonders what to do now, as she cant leave rashid alone, and that she would meet her father after ab long time.

Scene 1:
Location: Ayan’s residence
Zoya is in a dilemma, and is furthermore tensed when she doesnt get through asad’s phone. she is informed by the doctor that he wont wake up for a long time. Fin ally she decides to leave to meet her father remembering Mamu’s words. Zoya leaves in a rush, leaving rashid in the care of the servant. Tanveer sarcastically says that zoya may meet her father today, but shedding someone else’s blood for that, by leaving asad’s father alone isnt nice. Tanveer says that someone would have to pay.

Scene 2:
Location: Dargah
Razia is tensed thinking that tanveer should have come by now and finished his job. As she turns around, she is shocked as she finds zoya who has come ast the dargah. she thinks that she cant let zoya meet her father and that mamu would have to die right now. As mamu turnsd around, he finds zoya standing there, looking around and after a while she spots him too. She is tensed. She identifies him to be the same man from the picture that she has of her father, with the face smeared.

she understands everything, and starts walking towards him, remembering all the past incidents about her father that led her till here. She gets emnotional and teary eyed, as mamu too with teary eyes, extends his hands to meet her. She questioningly refers as father. Zoya finally meets her father at the dargah, and there’s a touchy and emotional father-daughter reunion. Zoya says that she was searching so many places and he was right in front of her. He says that he was helpless. she asks why. he says that this doesnt have an answer, but there is the same torture that he went through, not being able to meet her. zoya is in tears. Razia is shocked and thinks that. She thinks that even if tanveer isnt here, she would kill her own husband.

Scene 3:
Location: Haseena’s residence
Sameera shows badi bi and nikhat their pic together, and badi bi says that she was just having some candid moment with her. sameeras says that this proves that they have the key to haseena’s safe and henceb they want to search the room. Badi bi is hurt that haseenma is checking on them after listening to the servant. Khushboo too asks farhan seductively if she feels that they can do it. farhan gets tensed. She asks them to go ahead and search. As they do so frantically, nikhat and badi bi are amused. They are unable to find anything. Badi bi taunts at tyhem if they are relieved now. farhan apologises but nikhat says that with that, the thief wont be caught. They conclude that someone from this house has the keys.

They look questioningly at sameera and say that her room should also be searched. She gets furious and is about to spill out the truth, when farhan says that she’s very old here and its illogical to doubt her. Badi bi asks why were their house searched then. sameera asks them to get it over with then and agrees for search.

Scene 4:
Location: At the dargah
mamu says that he has waited for this moment too. Zoya asks him to comer along home, as she has lots to talk to him. He doesnt budge. She asks what happened. He says that he would tell her somethings that she mightnt be able to forgive him for. Zoya asks what happened. He says that he would tell her everything about her past, and relive it all with her. Zoya asks if he would never leave her now, as she had always wanted this.

He says that only time will tell. She asks why is he saying so. Mamu says that he has done some wrongs in his life, which if she hears of, she wont be able to forgive him. She gets tensed. zoya says that every one has done things wrong, and that no relation can ever make a strain on their relation. Mamu remembers razia killing zoya’s mother. Ge says that he wishes it was true and that he has lived his entire life in guilt, and that he should be punished. she says that mkaybe he had been helpless, and that he would be forgiven. she says that she cant imagine that her wait is finally over. mamu tells her that they should go home for her walima. Razia pulls the trigger on mamu, claiming it to be her last crime.

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