Faltu Starlife update Wednesday 10 April 2024

Faltu 10 April 2024: The Episode starts with the goons stopping at a dhaba. They think to ask Faltu to have food. Faltu looks around. She acts sleeping. She hears the goons talking. She gets a blade. She cuts the ropes. Tanu trashes Ayaan and Faltu’s pic. Ayaan comes.

She says I will clean the room. He says you go, I will ask Amar to clean it. She says get ready and come, everyone will go office like before, you will hurt yourself less if you stay busy, work is like therapy for you. He says I know we have become friends, don’t forget you are Sid’s wife now, don’t come in my room like that, I don’t want to make Sid feel insecure, I can’t afford to lose Sid.

She says I understand, I value relations and especially Sid, he worries a lot for me, don’t worry, you and Sid won’t have a problem because of me. She goes. He sees Faltu’s pic in the bin and says maybe it’s the right place, I hope you are happy, and living in peace. Faltu frees herself from the ropes. She sees the goons coming. She lies down. They check her. She wakes up. They ask her to have food. She says let me go home, why are you doing this, I beg you, let me go. They feed her the food. Amar says Tanu has made the breakfast. Tanu says I didn’t sleep all night and used the time, I hope you all like the food.

Everyone comes to dine and see the food. Ayaan says I m going to office, I m not hungry. Tanu says you sit and have breakfast, you are upset, you can’t make everyone upset for one person. Savita says yes, come and have breakfast. Sumitra asks when are you going to meet your mom. Tanu says after sometime, will Janardhan have any problem. He signs no. She thinks I will hurt you all a lot. Dadi asks about Faltu. Janardhan signs don’t know. Faltu scolds the goons. They laugh. She says let me go to the washroom. She kicks him and runs away.

Tanu says Faltu left by her own wish, she might send the divorce papers, Ayaan should be mentally prepared. Ayaan says let her send the papers, I will sign it, I will send her the divorce papers myself. Janardhan says calm down, don’t decide like that. Savita says there is nothing left in this relation. Ayaan goes. Kumkum says I can’t believe this. Tanu thinks to meet Ruhaan and get Ayaan and Faltu divorced soon. The goons run after Faltu. She prays and hides. Janardhan says we will start a new journey today. Ayaan says Sid will handle all the company operations. Sid is surprised. Faltu hears the temple bells and says I think Shiv devotees jhanki is going. Ayaan says you deserve it, we all took this decision together, we are with you to guide you. Sid smiles. Ayaan says I trust you.

Sid takes the elders’ blessings. He hugs Ayaan and thanks him. He says I will take the company to big heights. Govind says Ayaan will be your role model. Ayaan says no, nobody should walk on my path. Faltu runs to take help. Ayaan says I want break for some days, I want to go away from this crowd, I have planned a solo trip. Janardhan says we are with you, we will take a holiday. Ayaan says no, this solo trip is imp for me, I promise me, I will handle the responsibility. Janardhan asks him to take care. Faltu gets hurt and cries. Ayaan says don’t come in front of me, Faltu. Peon says I kept the pic on the table. Ayaan says fine, go. He throws the pic. Faltu runs to join the procession. She sees the goons coming. She prays.

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