Strings of love Starlife update Tuesday 9 April 2024

Strings of love 9 April 2024:Seerat says she made a mistake by running away from the wedding and can’t carry the burden of her mistake for her whole life. Sahiba asks why she realized her love for Angad now.

Seerat says it’s a question of heart, love happens whenever it has to, and heart wants whatever it wants and nobody can do anything. Sahiba says she should be ashamed to love her sister’s husband. Seerat says Sahiba sat in her place and married a man whom she had to. Sahiba says she is hurting her.

Seerat says she should be hurt as she forcefully had to marry Angad and forceful relationships won’t last long forever and will break at any cost. She says she is not telling this just like that, she proposed Angad in farm house and he was silent and that means even he loves her; Sahiba should stop believing Japjyoth and others that she and Angad are made for each other and leave Angad soon. Sahiba asks her to go away as she doesn’t want to see her face. Seerat leaves.

Angad calls Sahiba standing near pool and finds her number unreachable. Sahiba thinks why did Angad show her dreams with fairy tale theme and acted as trying to propose her repeatedly when he doesn’t love her. Angad thinks he did all that as he loves her and will apologize and propose her before the party starts. He finds her number not reachable again. Sahiba looks at the gifts and letters Angad gave her and breaks down. Mujhe Rula Diya.. song plays in the background. Sahiba thinks she really doesn’t know if she values to Angad or not, if he did all that by heart or was just acting. Angad thinks he should personally visit Sahiba and propose her. Maid informs Sahiba that party will start soon, does she need anything. Sahiba says nothing. Power goes off.

Japjyoth asks maid to start generator as power off at this time is a bad sign. Angad walks to her and asks since when she started believing in all this. Japjyoth says seeing the events since a few days, she fears any more inauspicious event may happen. She asks why didn’t he pick up Sahiba from college today. Angad notices Sahiba passing by and tells Japjyoth that lights are off as family’s DIL’s mood is off. Japjyoth asks him to go and correct her mood. Angad walks to terrace and seeing Seerat standing confuses her with Sahiba. He says he shouldn’t have being rude to her. Seerat thinks if Angad is repenting for his behavior. Sahiba notices them and stands behind.

Angad continues to express his feelings for Sahiba and says she is his whole world and he realized that he wants to spend his whole life with her and can’t live without her even for a second. Sahiba shatters hearing that. Seerat thinks she was never wrong, Angad loves her and kept silent as she married Garry. Angad says he thought she is his responsibility, but now realized that she is his love. Sahiba thinks Angad cleared that he loves Seerat. Seerat thiks Angad loves her. Angad says he was rude to her, but now realized he was wrong. He asks her to turn to him and express her feelings for him. Seerat still stands silent.

Angad says he will turn back, she can come to him and silently express her feelings. Seerat says hmm. Sahiba walks away before he turns back. Angad asks Seerat to speak and counts. Seerat walks to her while Sahiba runs away crying. He says stop and says he didn’t apologize Sahiba yet. Seerat realizes that Angad was proposing Sahiba and not her. Angad apologizes her for hiding things from her and promises to never hide things from her again, they shall prove their family that they are an ideal couple made by god.

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