Discuss: What makes life purposeful for you?

One of the questions that should bug any sane individual is how to make their life count while on earth. In some way, we envy those who seem to have found a purpose, who are doing what seem to originate naturally for them right from birth, and who are finding fulfillment in that pursuit.

Suffice to mention that the concentration on this topic here is not to recall commercialized oratory on how doing these or that is the hallmark of having a purposeful life. And dare I say, it is neither to tow the religious line about how believing in a form of Divinity is the start and end of having purpose in life; although, in some unguarded times, it maybe fine to accept that fact.

But right now, I seek practicality. I seek a sensual feeling, a gratification that comes from applying time, effort and self to a course that eventually yields a feeling equating to purposeful living.

Can that be achieved through marriage, childbirth, career, adventures, wealth, in another person….

Let’s discuss, how can that be achieved?


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