Destined by fate update Thursday 7 december 2023

Destined by fate 7 December 2023: Kanha notices Sayuri tensed and asks reason. Sayuri says Kuku is missing. Kanha asks Yash to search for Kuku one side while he and Sayuri/Sachi search for her the other side. Sayuri slips. He holds her. They get lost in each other’s eyes. A romantic song plays in the background. Vikrant fuming that his plan failed because of Kuku walks towards Kanha and Sayuri. Yash stops him and takes him other side. Sayuri gets conscious ad searches for Kuku again. She finds Kuku standing at a kite shop. Kanha walks to her. Sayuri insults him and says she is Sachi and not Sayuri and is happy with her husband and daughter, she doesn’t need his unnecessary concern. Kanha stands disheartened.

Vikrant walks to Sayuri and Kuku and asks Kuku where she had been. He notices Kanha and asks him to attend his and Sachi/Sayuri’s wedding. Kanha refuses. Vikrant says he will send him wedding sweets in the evening which he can enjoy and takes Sayuri and Kuku along. Kanha stands more disheartened. Sayuri sits in front of havan with Vikrant and prays god to stop this wedding somehow. Nakul and Rashmi walk into temple.

Kanha notices them and there would be a problem if they notice Sayuri. He stops them and acts as getting angry on him. Vikrant asks Sayuri if sh doesn’t want to marry him. Sayuri emotionally blackmails him that she wants a proper wedding with family, guests, and proper rituals or else she will feel as if she is doing some sin.

Kanha tries to distract Nakul and Rashmi’s attention. Nakul accuses him in return and humiliates Kanha and leaves from there. Kanha feels guilty and thinks he had to do this to stop Nakul from seeing Sayuri. He tries to leave. Yash asks Kanha if he will not stop Sayuri and Vikrant’s wedding. Kanha says he has lost his hope and walks away. Yash thinks if Sayuri marries Vikrant today, he will also think that Sayuri has moved on and will help Kanha forget her. Vikrant asks Panditji if rituals are necessary in a wedding. Panditji says as per hindu dharma, each ritual has a deep reason behind it. Vikrant accepts Sayuri’s requests and postpones wedding for a week.

Yash hears them and thinks Kanha is right that she is Sayuri itself who postoned wedding somehow. Rashmi continues to provoke Nakul against Kanha and walks into temple. Sayuri goes to get a kite for Kuku, thinking she has only 1 week to return to Kanha. Rashmi clashes with Sayuri and panics seeing her.

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