Destined by fate update Thursday 23 November 2023

Destined by fate 23 November 2023: Kanha thinks Sachi is surely his Sayuri and he surely will revive her memory, he will also find out how Vikrant is forcing her to lead Sachi’s life. He calls his private detective Sandeep and asks him to find out Sachi and Vikrant’s details. Vikrant also calls his private detective and insists him to find out Kanha’s details soon. Sachi prepares food for Kuku and cheers her up. Vikrant walks in and lustfully looks at Sachi, then gets angry recalling Kanha touching her dupatta. He in lieu of helping her prepare rotis touches her and then burns her dupatta silently.

Kuku gets afraid seeing Vikrant’s drama. Sachi also panics seeing her dupatta catching fire. Vikrant sets off fire with his bare hands and asks her not to get out of the house and stay away from stranger males.

Kanha gathers family and says he wants to talk to them something important. Rashmi asks if he saw Sayuri again. Kanha says he will never talk about that topic again. All the elders suggest him to accept that Sayuri is no more and move on in life. Kanha nods okay. Rashmi feels happy that she finally convinced Kanha to stop talking about Sayuri.

Sachi tries to make Kuku sleep making her feel relaxed. Sachi signals her that she needs to meet Kanha. Sachi says they can’t. Kuku signals that Kanha dropped his wallet during his and Vikrant’s fight, hence she wants to return his wallet. Sachi agrees to meet Kanha tomorrow. Yash walks to Kanha and asks him to reveal what is going in his mind as he knows Kanha wouldn’t give up so easily. Kanha refuses. Yash promises to never reveal it to even Kusum and says they are friends before relatives. Kanha reveals about Sachi. Yash gets happy hearing Sayur is alive and says lets us go and bring her home. Kanha reveals how Vikrant is controlling Sachi and Kuku and he wants to find out the whole truth first and then bring Sayuri home.

Next morning, Kanha gets ready and misses Sayuri. Sachi also gets ready to meet Kanha. Vikrant asks where is she going. She says to find a school for Kuku. He insists to accompany her. She nervously asks him to attend his patients. He removes all her jewelry and makeup and warns her not to look so beautiful when she goes out. She tries to leave again when her bag falls down. She hurriedly picks her stuff and puts them back in her bag.

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