Faltu Starlife update Thursday 23 November 2023

Faltu 23 November 2023: The Episode starts with Faltu going for the registration. The girl recalls Kanika’s words. Coach Vishal comes there and asks her to prove that she is better than others. He asks her to take stance. She says sorry. He bowls. She misses the shot. He scolds her. He asks her to get lost. He says we will start with warm up, you have to run ten laps of this ground. Faltu runs with the group. Kanika asks what happened Tanu. Tanisha says I want to remove Faltu from our lives.

Kanika says Ayaan and you should go on honeymoon, he is fine now. Tanisha thanks her and says you are the best. Kanika says anything for you, Ayaan should be away from here, I will set Faltu well here. Tanisha says this is the best gift. Kanika says I will come home and talk to your family, call Ayaan and have lunch together. Tanisha calls Ayaan and asks can you come and pick me from the academy, mom has an imp meeting, she is leaving. He says sorry, you carry on. He ends call and says sorry Tanu.

Faltu says I took training from Ayaan Mittal. Vishal looks on. She says there is no better coach than Ayaan. He says I will give you another chance, tell me what did you learn from your coach. Faltu thinks to give her best. She hits the sixer. Vishal looks on. Kanika is also amazed to see Faltu’s talent.

She says omg, I didn’t know that she plays cricket so well. Tanisha says she has controlled Ayaan by her cricket. Everyone claps for Faltu. Vishal says not bad, you play well, Ayaan didn’t train you bad, but now I m your coach, remember what I tell you, you will get selected in the Indian team, welcome to the camp. She thanks him. He goes to Kanika. He says thanks for this opportunity. She says you have earned it, focus on Faltu well, she is a special player. He says don’t worry, I will take care of her, her spirit and game are strong, it will be fun to train her.

Faltu informs Charan about the first day at academy. She says I will find a place in academy hostel, I don’t want to go back to Ayaan’s house. He says you do what you find good, if you need money, call me. She says don’t worry, Tanisha has done all the arrangements. He asks why is she helping you. Faltu says I trust Tanisha, she won’t let wrong happen with you, take medicines on time, I will arrange money for your treatment. Tanisha comes and says well done, Faltu, keep working hard.

Ayaan comes there and sees them. Faltu goes. Tanisha asks how did you come. Ayaan says I thought to surprise you, come. She says I will make you meet Faltu’s new coach. She calls Vishal. Vishal says hello Ayaan, how are you, long time, I just got to know you have become Kanika’s son in law, not bad, you left playing cricket, I have become a coach here, lets see who gets selected here, I met your Faltu, you trained her well, but you weren’t going to touch the bat, how did you teach her, is she your special student. Ayaan asks him to stay in limits. Vishal says I was just joking. Ayaan asks Tanisha to come. They leave.

Faltu comes to the hostel room. She introduces herself. The girls act sweet and ask her to get freshen up. Faltu goes. They check Faltu’s bag. They get to see the sindoor box. They put the things back in the bag. She says focus on the plan, else Kanika will throw us out of here. Ayaan says I want all the details of this number. Tanisha says it was a prank. Ayaan says I want to know who played the prank on me.

Tanisha says I don’t want Ayaan to find that caller. Sid worries. She asks him to help her. He thinks what to do.

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