Destined by fate update Wednesday 22 November 2023

Destined by fate 22 November 2023:Vikrant asks Sachi what if he doesn’t let her go. Sachi says nobody in the world can stop her from meeting her Kanha/god. Vikrant opens car door. Sachi with Kuku walks towards temple. Kanha smiles noticing Sachi and follows her. Rashmi thinks why Kanha is getting into temple and follows him thinking if he has gone mad or fooling them. She slips and falls. People help her. Kanha prays god standing beside Sachi and thanks god. Flowers fall on them. A devotional song plays in the background. Sachi’s dupatta flies and gets stuck in Kanha’s handcuff. Kanha recalls similar incident earlier. He walks behind Sachi. Ek Duje Ke Waastey.. song plays in the background.

Rashmi searches for Kanha. Kanha continues to walk behind Sachi. Vikrant gets out of car and walks towards temple. Rashmi notices Kanha walking behind a dupatta girl and is about to get in front of them when temple devotees overcrowd. She then sees Kanha talking to Kuku, sees another woman with same dupatta and thanks god that she is not Sayuri.

She thinks she will find out for sure why Kanha is behind that girl. She searches for Kanha and imagines Sayuri patting her back and smiling at her. She panics and runs around, but finds Sayuri everywhere. She then notices Sachi and thinks its her imagination and runs away from there.

Sachi fixe a coin on a wall with Kuku and tells Kukuthat if she fixes a coin properly, god will fulfill their wish. She then goes to meet panditji. Kuku’s coin slips and falls in front of Kanha. Kanha picks coin and says until Krishna is there, how can Sachi and Sayuri’s wish is not fulfilled. He fixes coin and prays god to fulfill Sayuri’s wish.

He tells Kuku that god will never disregard his prayers as he is also Kanha. Sachi returns and asks what is he doing here, the are meeting since 3 days. She offers him prasad. Kanha asks if she had prasad. She says no. He shares prasad with her and asks why she is living with a changed identity and not identifying him, they both are made for each other, then why is she avoiding him; if Vikrant is blackmailing him. Sachi asks what happened to him, he is mistaken, she is Sachi and not Sayuri.

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