Timeless love update Thursday 23 november 2023

Timeless love 23 November 2023: The Episode starts with Dev and Vidhi coming to the local hotel room. Dev says thank god, AC is here. He tells Vidhi that Manager thought them daughter and father and gave them separate beds. He says he will call Divya and asks about office. Vidhi stops him and asks him to give solution for the problem. He joins the bed. Vidhi says they shall go out to have golgappa. Dev says you are just one piece. Priya comes to her room, and the glass pierces in her foot. She looks at Abhi and her pic and wipes her tears.

Hariprasad tells kalumal about his problem. Kalumal suggests him to take money from money lender. Hariprasad says he will think. Vidhi and Dev come outside. Vidhi takes golas for them. They sit on the bench. Vidhi says if I was working then I would have money, and then I would have helped you. She asks him to talk to Mummy ji and says only you can convince her. Dev says if you have problem then tell me, but don’t makes me feel guilty. Vidhi says I don’t want to make you feel guilty, and says you have motivated me to do the job. She asks if I am wrong. Dev says you are right and tells that every wife expects that her husband will support her. He says my Maa is a very good person, but she is stubborn on this and her decision is my final decision. Vidhi says ok I understand. Dev says he has some flaws and asks if she still loves him. she says yes and says she wants to help her parents. Dev asks her to complete her MBA and empower her parents. She promises to complete her MBA. She says lets have gola and hear song. He says if it is romantic. Vidhi says I got courage after marriage. She gives him earpods. They listen to the song.

Vidhi comes out after bath. Dev gives her flower. Vidhi smiles. She finds him not having the pillow. She gives him, but he says he is fine. Vidhi gives him towel and rests on his shoulder. Dev tells her that he has solved her problem well and asks what will happen if you leave me. Vidhi says I am not leaving you. Dev says I am scared that you might leave me, if my mistake or emotional weakness is not liked by you, and if you leave me then what will happen. Vidhi says I love you lot and says every person has his own flaws and weakness, and says I can’t imagine my life without you. He asks her to promise that she will never leave him. Vidhi promises him. He asks her to promise that she will love him, more than loving their children. Vidhi thinks of Amba’s words. She gets up. Dev asks what happened, if you want kids? Vidhi asks can I share my biggest fear with you? He says yes. Vidhi asks him to be honest with her, never to lie with her, and says my courage, strength and everything is you. She says I can’t bear any lie. Dev says my life is an open book and you will know it slowly. He says I love you always, we love each other, our eyes speak. She says I can see clearly, your truthfulness and immense love for me. She says you are my belief.

Abhi comes to the room drunk. Priya asks if he is drinking in daytime. She is leaving. Abhi asks her to go to her lover and don’t return. Priya says I am taking Simmy to play date at her friend’s hose. She asks didn’t you think about her. Abhi asks did you think about her, about me and our marriage. She says when I think about us, I see your photos with the trainer. He says you have finished everything. Priya blames him for her move and asks him to keep his tone low. Abhi says let everyone hear and says such things don’t hide. He asks her to go from there. Priya says you will throw me out from here. Abhi says you will say that this is your house. He asks her to call the trainer here and enjoy with him. Priya gets angry. Simmy comes there and asks them not to fight. Priya pushes her. Abhi shouts Simmy.

Dev opens his wallet and keeps it back, as he might not have any money. Vidhi opens the bag and shows the snacks which she has brought. Dev thanks her and says I will never argue with you. Priya kisses Simmy’s hand. Simmy is sleeping and has bandage on her head. Abhi asks priya to go away from their lives.

Dev tells Vidhi that he came to know that she will be with him in every situation and will become his strength. He says he has made list of the things, about the places to visit. Vidhi says honeymoon is going bhannat/awesome. Simmy wakes up and calls Vidhi. She says Mummy and Papa had fought, Mummy pushed me and made me fell down. She says she is hurt and asks her to come fast. Vidhi says she will come fast.

Satyavati calls Abhi and asks him to come out. Abhi asks what happened? Satyavati asks where is priya? Abhi says where she shall be? Priya asks what happened, I was doing meditation and got disturbed. Satyavati scolds them for fighting infront of Simmy. Priya says it was a small argument and says you are making issue. Abhi says there is no end of this argument. Satyavati asks what you are saying? Abhi says I don’t know why I am with her, I am done with this marriage and needs divorce. Simmy hears them and calls Vidhi. Dev and Vidhi are in the car. Vidhi picks the call. Simmy tells them that Mummy and Papa are taking divorce. Dev and Vidhi get shocked.

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