Destined by fate update Sunday 9 July 2023

Destined by fate 9 July 2023: Kanha decides to pick back Sayuri from college. He thinks he promised Sayuri to teach her bike riding, but seeing a bad weather, he should go by car. Anjali thinks she will not let Kanha go away from her, she will get more closer to Kanha and will separate Sayuri from Kanha. She thinks Sayuri is her enemy and she will separate Sayuri from Kanha at any cost.

Destined by fate 8 July 2023

Kanha reaches Sayuri’s staff room and asks if she is thinking of getting stuck in staff room if rain starts. Sayuri silently accompanies him.Dhanraj asks Saroj if she is supporting Anjali in her wrongdoings. Saroj says Anjali is not a kid and can think by herself. Dhanraj says soon she will repent her mistake and realize that Sayuri is the best for Kanha, she will ruin her son’s happiness and only then she will get into her senses. Saroj walks away. Dhanraj thinks Saroj’s evil nature will ruin her son’s happiness.

Kanha while driving car flirts with Sayuri. Sayuri sits silently. Kanha drives past their home. Sauyuri asks where is he tak ing her. Kanha jokes that he kidnapped her. He takes her to temple. Sayuri asks why did he bring her here. Kanha says they both trust in god and cannot lie in front of him, so he wants Sayuri to accept truth. Sayuri asks if he has gone mad. Indu looks at Saroj’s photo holding baby Sayuri and tells Bhanu that she hopes Saroj accepts Sayuri soon. Sayuri tries to leave. Kanha holds her hand and keeping it on god’s feet asks her to accept that she loves him.

Anjali writes Anjali Krishna Chaudhry on mirror and thinks this is her new identity and nobody can change it. She plans to manipulate Saroj to help her marry Kanha. She walks to Saroj and holding her feet pleads to forgive her for hurting her. Saroj asks her to not send her out of house or inform her parents about her stay here. Saroj promises her. Anjali insists her to somehow get her married to Kanha. Saroj promises her.

Kanha insists Sayuri to accept that she loves him and reminds all the incidents where she showed his love for him. Sayuri sits crying recalling the incidents. Kanha asks if she can’t accept that she loves him, she can at least say that she hates him. Sayuri pleads him not to trouble her more and leaves.

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