Destined by fate update Saturday 8 July 2023

Destined by fate 8 July 2023: Kanha gathers passerby ladies and requests them to convince Sayuri to drop her to college. Ladies insists Sayuri to accept her loving husband’s request. Sayuri agrees and sits behind Kanha. Kanha says all Agra women are in his support, so she cannot do anything. e keeps her hand on his check and asks her to hold him tightly as he will drive fast. Sayuri feels nervous. Anjali requests Saroj to get her married to Kanha soon. Saroj agrees.

Destined by fate 7 July 2023

Nakul hears their conversation and thinks he will not let Anjali interfere between Kanha and Sayuri.Anjali insists Saroj to let her cook for Kanha from today and cuts vegetables. Saroj gets tensed seeing her cutting vegetables wrongly. Anjali says she need not worry as she knows what Kanha likes. Sayuri reaches her college’s staffroom. Kanha walks behind her. Sayuri gets nervous and asks how did he come here.

Kanha says its also his college and whole staff knows him, so she should chill. Class bell rings. Kanha asks her to attend her class, he will pick her after the classes and drop her home. Anjali prepares food adding wrong spices. Saroj thinks if she did wrong by calling Anali home.Anjali prepares lots of junk food. Saroj asks why did she prepare so many dishes. Anjali says she knows what Kanha eats. Sayuri feels Kanha is holding her sari pallu and asks him to leave it. Kanha asks if she don’t like it. Sayuri turns and notices her pallu stuck in table. Kanha frees it and says even table doesn’t want them to separate.

She asks him not to irritate her. Kanha says I love you. She leaves room feeling angry. Kanha receives Kusum’s message to return home soon. Kanha leaves home.Kusum tells Saroj that Kanha must have gone behind Sayuri. Saroj says Anjali looks changed. Kusum says its obvious after Saroj gave Sayuri’s place to Anajali and says only she can keep Sayuri away from their house. Saroj says she is ready to gulp bitter medicine to get rid off Sayuri. Nakul asks Anjali if she didn’t go home yet and tries to pick snacks.

Anjali stops him and warns him to dare not touch them as they’re for Kanha. Nakul taunts her and walks away.Sayuri imagines Kanha still in staff room and thinks she cannot separate Kanha from his mother and hence will not return to his house. Kanha returns home. Anjali forcefully makes him sit, calls whole family, and asks Kanha to have his favorite food. Kanha says things have changed now and she shouldn’t put efforts as she just a guest here. Anjali asks if he would have liked if Sayuri had prepared food.

Kanha says Sayuri is his wife and can do anything, she should understand the difference. She holds him and say she still loves him immensely. Kanha asks her to leave his hands. She gets adamant and refuses to leaving. She says they both can be happy if he leaves Sayuri and marry him as she loves him immensely and cannot live without him. Kanha pushes her away, then apologizes, says he had to do that to keep her away from him and make her realize her place.Saroj tries to calm down Anjali. Anjali says she had to do that to make Kanha realize her love for him. Kanha tries to calm himself.

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