Destined by fate update Monday 10 July 2023

Destined by fate 10 July 2023: Kanha wipes Sayuri’s tears and says she should accept her love for him. He shows Radha Krishna’s idol and says they were in true love but couldn’t unite, they have given us a chance to unite and got them together even before their marriage, then why she is hiding her feelings. Sayuri asks him to leave her alone and let her go. He stops her. Paas Aaye…Duriyan Phir Bhi Kam Na Huyi.. song plays in the background.

Destined by fate 9 July 2023

He asks her to inform him the reason and then go as he has right to know.Kusum tells Saroj that she is concerned about Anjali’s change in behavior and her conspiracy. Saroj says her acts are valid to get Kanha back in her life and reminds that even she used same emotional blackmail strategy and brutally troubled Sayuri to force her to get out of Kanha’s life. Kusum says Kanha well go away from Anjali more if she continues emotional blackmail. Saroj continues to justify Anjali’s act feeling proud that Anjali is following her footsteps.

Kusum fears Anjali will do something harmful.Kanha insists Sayuri to tell the reason. Sayuri says Dhruv died because of her and she cannot see Kanha dying because of her. Kanha says she is thinking wrong. Sayuri says she came between Kanha and Anjali and doesn’t want to be a reason for Anjali’s pain, so Kanha should return to Anjali and marry her.

Saroj prepares prasad laddus. Nakul eats them. Saroj says he spoilt Krishnaji’s prasad. Nakul says her prayers won’t be listed by both Radhaji and Krishnaji as they both don’t support the enemy of love and one who separates two loving hearts, they won’t accept her bribe and will not help her, etc. Saroj gets angry and asks him to go from there. Nakul says he will go from here and even the house if she wants, but soon she will realize there mistake and then there won’t be anyone around her. He goes to temple and prays god to protect Kanha and Sayuri from all evil forces.

Kanha tells Sayuri that he doesn’t want to listen to her justifications and just knows that he loves her. Anjali peeps at Sayuri’s house from balcony and thinks she needs to show them their place as it be easy for her to Kanha back in her life. Kanha continues his explanation and asks Sayuri to forget everything except his love and hug him. She walks to him and returns his wedding ring and runs from there. Hamari Adhuri Kahani.. song plays in the background.

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