Anupama starlife update Friday 7 July 2023

Anupama 7 July 2023: Anuj and Anupama enjoy a romantic bike ride. Anuj says this moment is perfect. Anupama says it would have been better if Little Anu also had accompanied them. Anuj says she is right, he can’t live without their daughter. Dheeraj flirts with Devika. She also jokes back and then acknowledges that if he had not been with her, she wouldn’t have cleared Anuj and Anumpama alone. He says he would have felt alone else. At Shah house, Vanraj scolds Toshu for frauding his client and asks him to return client’s money. Toshu says he spent half money in office setup and half in preparing papers. Samar asks papers or fake papers.

Anupama 6 July 2023

Toshu arrogantly says whatever and warns him not to interfere as one who earns 500 rs per student doesn’t know about business. Dimpy says Toshu doesn’t thug anyone like him. Leela yells at her not to interfere in their family issues. Their argument starts. Vanraj shouts at them to stop and tells Toshu that he already had warned him not to do any shady deal. Leela scolds Toshu next and says he was better as Kinju baby’s assistant. Toshu says at least she should support him. Leela asks if she should support his fraud and getting trashed by clients.

Anuj and Anupma reach tea tapri/stall first and rejoice. They discuss it would be good if Dheeraj and Devika’s love story starts as their earlier love story was incomplete. She asks if we should help them. He says they themselves will manage. Devika and Dheeraj reach. Anuj taunts them that they are loser and jokes what is going on between them. Dheeraj jokes back. Devika plans shopping. Anupama feels excited. Anuj and Dheeraj pull their legs saying ladies wouldn’t leave shopping and makeup even during their bidayi.

Devika and Anupama ride scooter away, they both run behind them. Ude Asmaan Ke Parinde.. song plays in the background.Vanraj checks Kavya’s cupboard for money and finds locker locked. Kavya is busy in a photoshoot when Vanraj calls her. Mohit gets angry on her and says he already had told her no phone calls as it spoils work mood. Vanraj calls again. Kavya requests and picks call. Vanraj asks where is locker key. Kavya says its in her purse. Vanraj asks her to give it to him right now as Toshu needs it. Kavya says she can’t leave shooting in the middle and says its their saving and she will not give it to Toshu.

Mohit corrects Kavya’s hair and asks her to get back to shooting. Kavya introduces Mohit to Vanraj. Mohit tells Vanraj its not good to disturb between shooting. Vanraj in his usual arrogant style shouts at Mohit to dare not touch his wife and humiilates Mohit. Kavya apologizes Mohit and disconnects call. Kavya feels embarrassed. Jayanti Bhai returns after 3 hours to take his money. Vanraj requests him to give him till the evening as his locker key is with his wife.

Jayanti Bhai refuses to wait and calls police. Shahs plead him not ot involve police, but Jayanti Bhai walks away.Anuj, Anupama, and Devika enjoy a cool breeze and nature’s voice. Dheeraj starts his jokes and says he is feeling hungry and wants to have noodles. Anuj jokes back. Devika and Anuj say even they are feeling hungry. Dheeraj says he will prepare noodles. They ask where will he get noodles from. He gets noodles from his scooter and asks Anuj and Anupama to enjoy the nature while he and Devika prepare noodles..

Kavya continues her photoshoot and during break thinks there must be some serious issue at home, Vanraj must be angry now, she will go home and directly speak. Anuj takes Dheeraj aside. Dheeraj says he loves Priyanka a lot, but she before dying asked him to move on if he can. Anuj says he and Anupama were thinking about same, he and Devika are too good people and would make a good pair. Dheeraj agrees and walks back to Devika to flirt with her again.

Leela notices Dimple still at home and asks if she didn’t go yet. Dimple says she was about to go. Leela warns her that she knows her and Samar’s intentions and warns them to dare not think of marriage. Once she leaves, Hasmukh asks for tea. Dimple says she will prepare it. Hasmukh says if she goes into kitchen, Leela will start tandav/dancing again. Vanraj does exercise recalling the recent events and thinks he can’t let his family shatter and should take charge himself.

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