Destined by fate update Saturday 22 July 2023

Destined by fate 22 July 2023: Kanha offers a frienship band to Sayuri and falls asleep on a couch. Sayuri feels happy and sits besides him completing his unfinished embroidery work. Dil Me Ho Tum Ankhon Me Tum.. song plays in the background. Kusum walks to Anjali and says she fears her.Anjali removes her face mask. Kusm requests her to stop ruining her brother’s life and go away from there. Anjali twists her hand and asks if she didn’t learn how to behave with her bhabhi. She warns her to be on her sid and asks her to ask Kanha to marry Anjali as a rakhi gift. Kusum thinks its a mess she herself made and prays god to her and her family out of it.

Sayuri applies medicine to Kanha’s hand injury and drapes blanket over him. He sleeps holding her dupatta. She frees it and smiles. Next day, Kusum prepares rakhis for Chiru, Kanha, Nakul, and Sayuri recalling Indu reminding her how she used to love Sayuri as her younger sister and tie rakhi to her. Sayuri also gets ready for the festival. She hears Kanha writhing in pain and rushes to him. He says he got neck sprain sleeping on the couch. She applies pain spray on his neck and falls in his arms. He smiles at her while she feels nervous. He then thanks her for helping him make a gift for Kusum and asks her to accompany him. She stands silent. He leaves.

Kusum eagerly waits for her brothers and gets sad. Kanha and Nakul enter on bicycles. Ay Dil Tu Laaya Hai Bahaar… song plays in the background. Family joins and sings with them. Sayuri performs pooja with her family. Kusum keeps rakhi first for god and Chiru and then ties rakhi to Kanha and Nakul. They give her gifts. Sayuri waits for Kusum with a gift near the compound wall. Kusum prays for her brothers’ happy lives. Anjali walks to them. Anjali ties Sayuri’s Rakhi to god. Kanha says nobody will touch it. He clicks selfie with family and asks Saroj if she prepared his favorite masala idlis. She says they are ready.

Once they all leave, Anjali picks sweet bowl and thinks she has 2 options, 1 to forgive them and enjoy festival with them or insult them and ruin their festival. She chooses 1st option and enjoys sweets. Sayuri notices rakhi in a woman’s wrist and feels sad. Kanha and Nakul feel full after having extra food. Nakul asks Kanha to take some idlis for Rashmi as he usually finishes his food and offers his food to Rashmi. Kanha sensing his love for Rashmi and asks if he loves Rashmi. Nakul hesitantly agrees and describes his feelings for her. Kanha feels happy that his brother loves Rashmi. Anjali hears their conversation.

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