Lost in love update Friday 21 July 2023

Lost in love 21 July 2023: Pakhi gets Vinu ready to school and asks where are most Hindi movies made. Vinu says Mumbai. Pakhi asks where does SRK stay. Vinu says obviously Mumbai. Pakhi says would he like to stay in Mumbai. Vinu says will SRK let them stay in his house. Pakhi says not there and describes howmany amusement parks Mumbai has. Vinu excitedly says he will stay in Mumbai as he knows baba got promotion and transfer to Mumbai; their whole family, doctor aunty, and Savi will enjoy a lot. Pakhi says only him, Virat and her will be going. Vinu says doctor aunty told there is no enjoyment without family. Virat walks in and says he is right, there is no happiness without family. Pakhi sends him Vinu out and asks Virat why is he discouraging Vinu from shifting to Mumbai, why don’t he want to shift to Mumbai. Virat says his family can’t be happy without Vinu, Vinu can’t be happy without Savi, even he can’t be happy without Savi.

Pakhi says what about Vinu, she can’t stay in constant fear that Sai will snatch Vinu away, a person shifts anywhere for the safety of family and job, he should also thinks bout his career, she will shift to USA if he can’t shift to Mumbai. Virat’s inner voice says Pakhi is right that he should think about his career, doesn’t he want to move to Mumbai as he doesn’t want to go away from someone?

Sai visits school principal and accepts a replacement teacher’s job. Principal thanks her for joining and says she can take children’s extra class as a replacement. Sai says she will go and pick up Savi and Vinu. Principal informs that Pakhi gave a written request to let only Vinu’s parents receive him from school and no one else. Sai gets upset hearing that. Principal says now a days parents restrict their children so much, anyways she has to follow the rules and accept Pakhi’s request. At Chavan nivas, Bhavani unpacks Vinu’s suitcase and says she will not let Vinu go away from her. Sonali taunts that even Pakhhi is so terrified of Sai that she drops Vinu and waits outside till the school ends.

Ashwini and Ninad tell Bhavani that they should accept Virat’s transfer to Mumbai for the sake of his career. Bhavani yells at them. Ashwini reminds that Ninad was an army officer and used to stay away from his family for the sake of duty. Bhavani yells that they don’t love Vinu much, she will not let her grandson go away from him. Ashwini says they love Vinu since he came to this house, its Bhavani whose behavior changed since a few days after learning truth. Bhavani says they should help their DIL get rid off Sai’s fear, she troubled them since the day she entered their house, is sure Sai must be conspiring against them even now.

Pakhi panics when Vinu doesn’t come out of school after let off. She runs in and bumps with principal. Principal informs that Vinu and other children who missed school for a few days have special classes. Pakhi decides to wait outside. Virat calls Pakhi and asks about Vinu. Pakhi says Vinu has special class. He asks about Savi. Pakhi says she doesn’t know about Savi as Sai is not here. Virat says he will pick them up and drop Savi home on the way. Pakhi shouts that she will take only her son and not let Savi or Sai near him, Virat can drop his daughter. Sai enters Vinu and Savi’s class as a special replacement teacher. Savi feels excited and says she will call her teacher aayi/mother.Vinu says even he will call her teacher aayi. Sai gets emotional hearing that. She questions about mother’s day. Vinu says its celebrated on 2nd Sunday of the May month. Sai praises his knowledge. Vinu says he gives gift to his mamma every year.

Savi says she will gift her aayi this year. Vinu says they will give a special gift to doctor aunty on mother’s day. Sai continues to question about animal mother and baby bonding and each student give her one knowledgeable reply. Vinu says he likes studying human anatomy. Sai thinks he has gone on her, soon she will inform him that she is his aayi. She ends class and asks Vinu to stay back as she has some work with him.

After special class, Sai asks Vinu to stay back as she has some work with him and asks Savi to wait outside. Savi asks why she has work only with Vinu dada. Sai says its a surprise. Savi walks out. Vinu asks what surprise she has for Savi. Sai says she wants to inform him something important and truth. Pakhi notices Savi sitting outside on a bench and asks about Vinu. Savi asks if she is taking Vinu to Mumbai, can she and aayi also accompany them. Pakhi says lets see later and asks where is Vinu. Savi informs that Vinu is with Sai in classroom. Pakhi asks what is Sai doing in school. Savi says Sai is taking extra classes in teacher’s absence. Pakhi runs in panicked. Virat reaches and asks Savi why did Pakhi run in. Savi reveals same to him. He also runs in. Pakhi reaches Vinu’s class and finds him missing. Virat entes. Pakhi says Sai will not stop conspiring and is trying to manipulate Vinu when she stopped her from meeting him. Virat calms her down and says they must be somewhere in school itself.

Sai takes Vinu to terrace and shows him her and baby Vinu’s pic. Vinu asks if the baby is Savi. Sai says its her and Savi’s elder brother’s pic. Vinu asks if Savi has another elder brother. Sai thinks he is the one and soon will know the truth. She asks why he came to Kankauli for a camp instead of going somewhere else and why she could treat him while there are many competent doctors present in Nagpur. Vinu says its god’s plan. Savi asks why he considers Savi as his younger sister and her as his mother. Vinu asks if this is also god’s plan. She nods yes. Virat and Pakhi search for them in whole school and run towards terrace. Sai tells Vinu that god made all this plan so that she could meet her little baby. Vinu says he can’t understand anything. Sai says he is her..

Pakhi runs to Vinu and pulls him up. She shouts at Sai to stay from Vinu and pushes her away. She asks Vinu if Sai informed him that she’s not his doctor aunty but his mamma. Vinu stands in shock. Heavy wind blows and things around start falling down. Ashwini gets worried for Vinu. Sonali says Vinu must have gone to his real mother. Bhavani yells at her to stop calling Sai as Vinu’s mother as Pakhi is his mother. She asks Ashwini to call Pakhi. Pakhi continues to shout at Sai asking if she informed Vinu that she is his real mother. Sai says she didn’t yet. Virat tries to calm Pakhi down. Pakhi pushes him away and asks Vinu if he will leave her and stay with Sai, she loves him immensely and he shouldn’t leave her. Virat asks her to leave Vinu as its hurting him. Pakhi continues to emotionally manipulate Vinu to stay back with him.

Vinu leaves her hand and walks towards Sai. Pakhi breaks down more. Vinu asks Sai if mamma is telling truth that she is his real mother. Sai emotionally hugs him and says she is his real mother. Lukka Chuppi… song plays in the background. Sai says he is her little baby in that photo. Vinu asks Virat if doctor aunty is telling truth. Virat says yes, his doctor aunty is telling truth. Pakhi again emotionally manitpulates Vinu not to leave her. Vinu shivers in fear. Virat says Vinu is fearing and tries to calm down Vinu. Sai extends her hands and asks Vinu to come to his aayi. Pakhi also calls him and breaks down more when Vinu wlaks to Sai. Vinu pushes Sai away shouting at her to go away from him.

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