Anupama starlife update Saturday 22 July 2023

Anupama 22 July 2023: Barkha asks Anupama how does she know that Maaya is not lying. Anupama says a mother understands another mother’s pain, Maaya wouldn’t have challenged Anuj Kapadia if she didn’t have any solid proof. Ankush says they should crosscheck at least once. Anupama says they should 1000 times, but they are afraid now as Maaya is telling truth and they have to face it. Maaya fixes a bracelet in Little Anu’s wrist and pampers her. She looks at Little Anu’s family pic and flips it. Anuj asks where was Maaya till now, how will he believe if someone comes suddenly and snatches his daughter from him. Anupama asks him to calm down. Anuj breaks down and says he can’t live without Little Anu and will die.

Anupama tries to comfort him. Maaya tells Little Anu that she is only her daughter and came her to take her back. She keeps her and baby Anu’s pic beside Anu.Leela notices Vanraj oiling a squeaking gate and tells him that he is frustrated with Kavya’s behavior and asks him to be alert and make sure Maaya doesn’t trouble them via Kavya. Vanraj says he told Kavya not to got to London. He stops seeing Hasmukh coming. Hasmukh asks what were they discussing about. Leela says nothing important and asks why he is late from temple. He says there was huge traffic and he got hungry by the time he reached home. Toshu excitedly hugs and kisses Hasmukh and says his idea is great. He explains that he will sell food to the people stuck in traffic. Vanraj tries to discourage his lame idea, but he continues his jokergiri and asks Leela to prepare food so that he can sell it to people stuck in traffic and earn huge profits. Leela hesitantly agrees.

Toshu says he will pitch in his great idea to Maaya who will never reject it. Vanraj asks Hasmukh to put some sense in Toshu. Hasmukh asks him to take tension, its okay if Toshu learns from his mistakes or else its his fate. Vanraj says he feels sorry for Kinjal. Hasmukh says what can they do.Anuj tells Anupama that she 3 children of her own, but doesn’t have a child except Little Anu. He describes how he suffered as a orphan in childhood and breaks down saying he can’t live without Little Anu. Tujhse Naraz Nahi Zindagi Hairan Hoon Main.. song plays in the background. Anu tries to comfort him. Maaya returns and says if she had not met with an accident that day, her daughter would have been with her.

She says she met with an accident when she was coming to take her daughter on the same day Anuj and Anupama took Little Anu away; she was in hospital for days and when she recovered and called orphanage, she learnt that they had taken her daughter away; fate snatched her daughter twice from her. Anuj says she herself left her daughter and shouldn’t blame fate. Maaya says she will take her daughter this time at any cost and requests him to make it simple for all of them. Anuj sits crying again with a song playing in the background.

Toshu tells Leela that he will sell methi theplas. His manager nikamma order Leela to prepare methi thepla. Leela scolds him and orders to clean the mess before leaving. Anuj recites a poem in his mind that he can’t live without his daughter. Little Anu comes running calling Maaya and asks if Maaya left. Anuj wipes his tears and says yes. Little shows Maaya’s bracelet in her hand and a photo. Anuj checks it. Little Anu says he loves them but Maaya is also her mother, if she will stay with them or Maaya, can’t she stay with all 3 of them. Anupama and Anuj hug her and cry. Little Anu insists to talk to Maaya right now and gets out of control. Anuj fails to control her. Ankush says she can’t stay with Maaya. Little Anu shouts she wants to stay with Maaya. Anupama declares that she will ask Maaya to come and stay with them. Anuj gets more upset hearing that.

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