Destined by fate update Friday 21 July 2023

Destined by fate 21 July 2023: Kanha goes to stay at Sayuri’s house. Bhanu asks what happened suddenly. Kanha says he tried his best to convince Sayuri, but she is not ready to listen to him. Bhanu and Indu say its Sayuri’s way of expressing her love and concern for him as she is protecting him from Anjali’s wrath. Sayuri thinks why she is troubling Kanha so much.

Sayuri learns about Kanha going to stay at Sayuri’s house for a few days. She panics and asks how can Chaudhry family boy stay at wife’s house and become wife’s slave. Nakul warns her not to use such words and insult Kanha. Dhanraj and Tej say they are proud of Kanha who is trying his best to bring back his wife home and they know that Kanha will return home once his mission is complete.

Kanha helps Sayuri in household chores. Tere Dar Par Sanam Chale Aaye Hain.. song plays in the background. Kusum tries to explain Saroj that they separated Kanha from them because of their deeds, Sayuri is the right choice for Kanha and she realized it after seeing Anjali’s evilness. She asks her to accept Sayuri for Kanha and let Kanha be in peace.

Nakul offers Mathura prasad to Sharmas. Saroj heads towards Sharma house. Dhanraj warns her to stop right there and take aarti thali instead to welcome Kanha and Sayuri back home. Saroj says she will not do that. He says she is ruining their lives with her adamancy. She refuses to agree. Kanha walks to her and offers her prasad. Saroj asks if he gave prasad first to his wife and then her. He shows Sayuri’s prasad in another hand and says she is important to him than anyone else. She feeds him prasad and asks if he returned home. He says not yet and requests her to accept Sayuri as bahu. She stands silent. Sayuri watches them from a distance.

Kanha then offers prasad to her. She shares prasad with him. He asks if all women are same that they care for others before themselves. Sayuri leaves. Kusum apologizes Dhanraj for not listening to him and says she is close to Saroj since her childhood. Dhanraj says even Saroj loves her like her own daughter. Kusum says tomorrow is rakhi festival and reminds they celebrate it in a grand way. She thinks she will set everything right tomorrow. Indu tries to explain Sayuri how responsible Kanha is.

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