Destined by fate starlife update Sunday 24 December 2023

Destined by fate  24 December 2023: Kanha enquires about old lady and her granddaughter/Faiba and Mithu in the locality and learns that they vacated house 2 days ago. Yash calls him and he informs Yash that old lady vacated home 2 days ago, maybe Vikrant found out about their visit and then shifted them from here. Yash says Vikrant may try to harm them if he knows about their visit. Kanha says that is why Sayuri gave him a signal to be careful.

Destined by fate 23 December 2023

Yash says at least its clear now that she is Sayuri after showed her concern for Kanha, they should find out where vikrant shifted old lady and her granddaughter.Faiba calls Vikrant and asks him to take back Mithu as she can’t handle her at this age. Vikrant sees Sayuri feeding food to Kuku and says Sayuri is accepting Kuku as her daughter and already accepted him as her husband, he will take baby with him once his and Sayuri’s wedding completes. He says he will pay her more if she manages baby till then. Faiba agres. Vikrant then walks to Sayuri.

Sayuri asks him not to bother about Kanha anymore as they are marrying anyways and teaching Kanha a nice lesson, she will send their family pic to Kanha. Vikrant says he will give Kanha a jolt for sure as Kanha and his friend reached Mihtu. Sayuri asks if Kanha reached their baby, she means her and Vikrant’s baby. He says yes. Sayuri feels happy.

Kanha returns home. Santosh scolds her for leaving the function midway and disappointing Nakul. She says Nakul is trying to set things right, but he is not cooperating. Kanha says he will meet Nakul and apologize him. He walks to Nakul’s room and asks Rashmi if Nakul is in. Rashmi manipulates him and sends him away, thinks she will not let Kanha reconcile will Nakul and will continue to control Nakul.

Sayuri gets emotional imagining Kanha meeting Mithu. Vikrant asks why is she crying. Kanha thinks how is the baby related to Sayuri and vikrant. He finally comes to a conclusion that the baby belongs to him and Sayuri. He informs same to Yash and gives explanation. Rashmi overhears his conversation and panics thinking that Sachi is really Sayuri.

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