Destined by fate starlife update Monday 25 December 2023

Destined by fate 25 December 2023: Rashmi is shocked to learn that Sayuri is alive and is having a baby. She thinks she can’t let Sayuri return home and rule over it again and should do something. She slips. Nakul holds her and asks if she is fine. Rashmi says she is still tensed thinking how can Kanha ignore Nakul during the function and slipped while walking. Nakul helps her walk. Sayuri plays with Kuku and says if everything goes well as she thinks, she, Mithu, Kuku, and papa will lead a happy family life. She thinks she means Kanhapapa and not Vikrant who never loved Kuku as a daughter.

Destined by fate 24 December 2023

She falls asleep with Kuku. Next morning, she opens eyes and panics seeing closely Vikrant staring at her. Vikrant asks why is she shocked seeing her would be husband and says he can’t believe he is getting such a beautiful wife, asks her to get ready for prewedding rituals. Sayuri thinks she will not marry him.Kanha walks to breakfast talking while chatting with Yash over phone. Nakul fumes seeing him and recalling yesterday’s event. Kanha fumes recaling Rashmi lying that Nakul raised hand on her.

Santosh asks Kanha if he wants to say something to Nakul. Nakul argues with Kanha for leaving a function midway yesterday and not supporting him and describes how Rashmi tries to calm him down. Nakul says since when he is worried for Rashmi while he.., stops seeing Rashmi’s face who signals him not to say anything. Dhanraj asks them to stop argument. Kanha tries to leave. Nakul continues to argue. Rashmi hopes her plan doesn’t fail. Kanha leaves. Rashmi shows her fake sympathy.

Each family member leaves without having breakfast seeing a rift between 2 brothers. Rashmi grins.Mausi Daadi confronts Rashmi for creating rift between 2 brothers and conspiring against family. Rashmi acts and says she can’t understand what Mausi Daadi is saying. Mausi Daadi says she has seen a world and knows people like Rashmi. She warns Rashmi to stop her conspiracies. Rashmi says she doesn’t care what she thinks as she can’t take more tension. Rashmi thinks if Kanha and Sayuri has a baby and Kanha knows about it, what is Kanha planning to bring Sayuri home.

Kanha meets Yash and tells that Vikrant must be blackmailing Sayuri by holding her baby and is trying to forcefully marry her. He reminds how he felt connected to his baby when he held her and asks him to find out old lady’s mobile location via his inspector friend. Yash says he can get only approximate but not accurate location. Kanha says they will manage somehow and first should send a message to Sayuri that he knows about their baby.

Sayuria sks Vikrant why kitchen is locked. Vikrant says he got pest control as 2 babies would be staying here after their marriage. Sayuri thinks kitchen was the only place where there was no camera, how will she manage now. Vikrant speaks to Faiba and asks her to bring Sayuri’s baby for the wedding. Faiba says Sayuri will escape with her baby. Vikrant says Sayuri will not. Faiba asks what if Kanha snatches baby. Vikrant says Kanha doesn’t know about baby. Sayuri walks to her crying and says her haldi ceremony dress is burnt and she needs a new one. She lures him by calling him Vicky and requests him.He agrees and asks her to bring Kuku along. Sayuri thanks god and thinks she needs to find out a chance to reveal truth to Kanha.

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