Twist of fate update Wednesday 20 December 2023

Twist of fate 20 December 2023: The Episode starts with Meera asking all the kids to come to their orphanage for the surprise party. Khushi says I can’t come with you. Meera says Parvati said that she is making something special along with Shiv for you. Khushi thinks they are together, and thinks if I stay here, then their concentration will be on me. Pallavi asks Meera what happened, why is she taking the kids from there. Meera says Prachi is missing, and something is wrong here. She asks them to take care and leaves with the children. Pallavi and Dadi get worried for Prachi. Balbira hears the guards switches on the water supply in the tank as water comes for 30 mins.

They say that they will close the tap in 30 mins else the tank water will overflow. Balbira breaks the tap as he wants Prachi to drown in the water and die. The guard tells the other guard that they shall not tell anyone about that magician or the cartoon. He fears of losing the job. Ranbir, Dadi, Pallavi, Dida and Shahana come out of the house and asks the guards if they saw anyone coming here, and tells that Prachi is missing. Prachi gains consciousness as water falls on her. She shouts calling everyone. Ranbir senses as he heard her.

Prachi shouts for help. Dadi asks the guards to say. The guards say no, we didn’t see anyone. Balbira thinks to hide himself in the kitchen. Pallavi asks the guards to call the guards and asks them. The guard says I will ask and goes. Dadi says we shall go and search inside again. Pallavi says where she could go? The guard tells Ranbir that a magician had come here. Balbira says magician…and says he is still inside the house. They run inside. Prachi hits her head with the tank and tries to stop the water flow. She shouts for help and calls everyone. Ranbir and Shahana go to the kitchen. Ranbir tells Shahana that someone is hiding here, I can feel that person here. He takes the pan. Shahana says if you hit him with the pan, then he will die. Balbira hears them and runs. Ranbir is about to hit him, but Shahana stops him saying it is magician’s assistant.

Ranbir says he is not assistant and tells that he wants to harm Prachi. Prachi tells that she wants to live for her daughter, want to hear Maa from her. She calls Ranbir and Shahana as water is filling fast. Ranbir and Shahana come to the room and sees him running away. Ranbir catches Balbira and asks who are you? He tells Shahana that he is not magician, but someone else. He pulls his fake beard and gets shocked seeing him. He shouts balbira and asks if he is the same guy who had kidnapped Shahana. He beats him and asks where is Prachi? Prachi is shocked as water fills up fast, and she drowns. Ranbir asks Balbira where is Prachi? Balbira says I will tell you, where she will be after 30 mins. They ask where? Balbira recalls hearing the guards and says she will be found in god’s house. Ranbir asks how dare you and beats him. The family members come there. Shahana tells everyone that he is Balbira who had kidnapped Khushi. Pallavi says he is Balbira.

Dadi asks Ranbir to kill him. Dida says beat him and not leave him. Pallavi, Dida and Dadi slap him. Balbira laughs and says only I know where is your Prachi? He asks them to plead and beg infront of him, so that his heart can melt and he tells them where is Prachi? He asks Ranbir to plead and beg infront of him and says may be I might tell you, where is Prachi? Ranbir asks do you think that I will not find her, and will beg infront of you. Balbira says Prachi is going away from you and asks him not to show his arrogance, and tells that he was good with Laali, but Prachi changed his life and now she will die. Ranbir thinks he has to apologize to him to find Prachi, and asks for forgiveness from him. Balbira says he got peaceful, but the fire in his heart lighted by Prachi is not setting off, so he will not tell. He pushes him and runs out. All the family members run out. Ranbir finds the water tap broken and thinks if he…He realizes Prachi is in the tank.

Ranbir thinking if he locked Prachi (in the tank). He goes there and others also come there. Balbira is there already and says nobody shall come there. He says your Prachi is locked inside the tank. He says the water is coming out of tank and that means Prachi is drowning. Everyone shouts calling Prachi. Ranbir tries to go there, but Balbira attacks Ranbir and his hand gets injured. Balbira says nobody shall come near him. Shahana throws bucket on Balbira’s hand and makes his knife falls down. Ranbir goes to Balbira and starts fighting with him. Balbira faints and falls down. Ranbir climbs on the tank and says I will not let anything happen to Prachi. He gets inside the tank and takes Prachi out. Rhea comes there and sees everything. Pallavi asks Prachi to open her eyes. Shahana says she is not breathing.

Dida asks Ranbir to save her. Dadi cries. Ranbir says I will not let you go, your breath can’t go. He gives her CPR. Rhea gets shocked and turns her face. Prachi gains consciousness and spits the water. Everyone is worried for her. Ranbir asks Prachi if something had happened to her, then what he would have done. Prachi says I am fine. He hugs her. Prachi then hugs Shahana. Rhea is running out from there, when she collides with Aaliya. Rhea repeats Ranbir’s words. Aaliya says you are scaring me? Rhea shows the way. Aaliya looks around and then asks Rhea to say what has happened? Rhea hugs her and says you was rught. Aaliya smiles and asks what do you want to say, what Prachi has done. Rhea says Prachi and runs out. Aaliya smiles as Rhea has fallen in her trap again. Ranbir asks Prachi if she is fine? Prachi says yes, I am fine. Ranbir hugs Prachi and says I was very scared. Prachi says I am fine and asks Shahana not to cry.

Ranbir asks Shahana to call Police and get Balbira arrested. Shahana says she is not having her phone. Ranbir ties Balbira’s hands. He comes to Prachi. Prachi tries to walk, but stumbles. Ranbir is about to lift her, but Prachi says she can walk. He lifts her and starts walking. Rhea runs on the road and falls down. Aaliya comes to her and asks why you are crying? Rhea says I am not fine, I am not ok. She says I have lost Ranbir, he left.

She says my Ranbir…and says I didn’t know how did I betray again. She says I thought that Ranbir started liking me and our marriage was fixed, but I refused to marry him. She says really I genuinely didn’t want to marry him, as l felt that Ranbir wanted to marry me, as Akshay proposed Prachi. She says why Prachi is behind my Ranbir when Akshay loves her and wants to marry her. She says why she wants to snatch my Ranbir being my sister. Aaliya says she is not your sister, but a liar, betrayal etc. She says she has always betrayed you, and don’t regard you as her sister and just acts to love you. She says real sisters can give life for each other, but she didn’t and asks if she sacrificed her love for you, no. She says nobody knew where was she, then why did she return? Rhea says you are right, why she returned. Aaliya says Prachi has returned, but when my courageous Rhea will be back who knows to snatch her rights. Rhea says I have changed, don’t know where that old Rhea has returned, and says she will not be found again and says she don’t want to repeat the same thing. Aaliya asks why did you change and tells that the people around you, don’t love you, but just use you. Rhea shouts no and says I don’t want to listen. She says I am going home. Aaliya asks her to listen. Rhea says no, I am going to my house. Aaliya says why she is not listening, she has to change. She says I have to bring my Rhea back and she will change.

Ranbir takes Prachi to room and makes her rest on the bed. Dadi asks Prachi to listen to them. Shahana gets a call and says Police came, I will get Balbira arrested. Dadi says Doctor came. Rhea comes home and takes off Prachi’s photo, she acts crazy and laughs…She then searches for the match stick and burns Prachi’s photo angrily and laughs. She then stamps her feet on the burning bed. She touches the bed and gets crazy for Ranbir looking at his photo. She cries.

Ranbir telling everything to Doctor about giving CPR to Prachi. Doctor says thanks to you for using your presence of mind else situation would be difficult. He asks Prachi how is she? Prachi says I am fine.Doctor says then I am not needed here. Prachi and Dadi ask him to check Prachi. Ranbir asks how is she? Doctor says she needs to take rest so that she wakes up fresh. Ranbir closes the windows and tells that Prachi can’t sleep as she is scared of thunderstorm sound. Doctor writes medicine for her and asks him to give it to Prachi. Shahana tells that Police has arrested Balbira. Doctor asks what? Ranbir says Balbira is a criminal and tells Doctor that he will drop him. He says he will drop Pallavi and Dida and will bring medicine while coming back. Prachi says she will get medicine from someone. Ranbir says I am not asking you, and telling you and tells that he will stay here tonight else you will not take care of yourself. Pallavi says Prachi will not take care of herself, Ranbir will stay here. Dida asks Prachi to take care of herself. Pallavi thanks her for calling them here. They leave. Shahana tells Prachi that Ranbir still cares for her the same. Prachi wonders what is happening in her life.

Rhea is tormented with Ranbir and Prachi’s hug/union thoughts. She asks God if she is so bad that he don’t want to give her any happiness of the world. She says you want me to stay away from my love, I have done so much to get Ranbir and for him and his family. She says I have done wrong in past, but now I have changed. She says I genuinely loves Ranbir and even then Prachi roams around him, and asks if this is justice. She says I loved him from my heart very much, and says it is enough, not anymore. She says I will not let Prachi snatch my Ranbir like last time, and says I have done tapasya to get him, and says I spend every day thinking I will be with him. She says he will be mine and says Ranbir and Rhea will be together. She tells that all the family members will force him to marry her, she will create such a situation that Ranbir himself will ask him to marry her. Door bell rings. Rhea opens the door and pretends to be unaware of the happenings.

She asks where is my cake? Dida says cake cutting didn’t happen. Pallavi tells her that Balbira attempted to kill Prachi and had kept her in the water tanker. Dida says Ranbir stayed there so that he can help her. Rhea says it is good that Ranbir is staying with prachi. She acts worried for Prachi and asks if I can go and meet her. Pallavi says Prachi is fine and tells her that she don’t need their permission and can meet Prachi whenever she wants.

Ranbir makes Prachi have the medicine. Prachi asks why you are doing this, asks if he wants to prove that he cares for her. Ranbir says I care for you as I …and then says that he is a nice guy. Prachi asks him to go and says I will manage. Ranbir says just as you say. He searches for the blanket in the cupboard and finds it there. Prachi asks how do you know that it is there. Ranbir says as you haven’t changed, your habits are also not changed. He covers her with blanket and asks her to sleep. She says I am habitual to sleep in dark. Ranbir switches off the light and asks her to sleep. Prachi tells that he shall go home. Ranbir says I will not go until Balbira goes to jail. He asks why you are not sleeping. Prachi says she is feeling peaceful as if everything is safe and good. Ranbir hears her and asks her to sleep. Shahana thinks Ranbir and Prachi love each other a lot and thinks they might unite again.

Aaliya comes to meet Rhea. Rhea is meeting her outside, and says she wants to meet her, who loves her genuinely. She says here, nobody loves me, though I love everyone. Aaliya smiles. Rhea says I was a fool to accept everyone as my family. Aaliya asks why you are sad and depressed. She says don’t tell me that they left him there. Dida says yes, and says this means that they want Prachi and Ranbir to stay together. She asks her to say. Aaliya shouts at her for not listening to her and asks her to change for herself. Rhea says I…Aaliya says how much you will tortured yourself. Rhea says I need time to think what to do, and says I want to destroy them at one time and think why I am doing this at the other time. Aaliya says ok, take your time and tells that she has come for few days and will leave the city. Rhea says Ranbir is with Prachi. Aaliya says they are together again and says once they unite, Rhea will be out, you will be thrown out. Rhea asks how can you be so sure? Aaliya says I am Aaliya and asks her to mark her words. She says Ranbir stayed there, as he is falling in love with Prachi. She says he stayed there tonight and tells that it will be a big thing if he returns by 11 am. She says morning tea and morning walk. Rhea says why you are snatching my peace , and regrets to call her. Aaliya says she will stay here and will bring destruction and terror in Prachi’s life.

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