Destined by fate starlife update Saturday 23 December 2023

Destined by fate 23 December 2023: Rashmi asks Nakul why is he not going on stage when his name is announced and says she knows he is waiting for Kanha, but Kanha will not perform with him. Vikrant walks towards Kanha holding a knife. Sayuri thinks she needs to alert Kanha somehow. Vikrant is about to stab Kanha when Nakul walks to Kanha and says he will perform alone if he doesn’t want to perform on stage.

Destined by fate 22 December 2023

Kanha walks with him on stage and sings Hum Hain Hindustani.. song. Vikrant backs off and thinks Kanha escaped today.Sayuri gets emotional seeing Indu standing nearby with Rashmi’s baby and then angry seeing Rashmi and thinks she is suffering because of Rashmi. She walks to Indu and touches her feet in lieu of handing over baby’s toy. Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Ghum. song plays in the background. She thinks Indu never let her daughters touch her feet, but today she needs Indu’s blessings. Vikrant witches Sachi/tailor lady watching TV with Kuku and calls her to find out if tailor reached her.

Lady doesn’t pick all out of fear. Kanha notices burqa lady and rushes towards her leaving the competition midway. Vikrant gets suspicious and heads towards home. Sayuri notices that and thinks she needs to return home before Vikrant returns. Kanha follows her. She gets into an auto and drops a chit for Kanha. Kanha runs towards her calling Sayuri and picks a note which reads that his life is in danger and he needs to be careful. He thinks he is sure its Sayuri, why didn’t she meet him.

Kanha returns to event venue. Nakul angrily leaves. Rashmi gets happy seeing that. Yash calls Kanha and informs that Vikrant is visiting a house where an old woman and baby stays and pays its rent, they need to find out how he is related to them. Kanha says they need to carefully investigate. Nakul returns home and fumes on Kanha. Santosh tries to calm him down in vain.

Rashmi starts crying and brainwashes him against Kanha. Vikrant reaches home and finds Sayuri already present there. Sayuri recalls reaching home via shortcut. She tells Vikrant that she was busy trying dresses and sends tailor lady thanking her. Vikrant asks why didn’t she pick his call. She says she was watching TV with Kuku with loud volume. He warns her to keep her phone with her always.She asks if he had gone to meet Kanha, did he warn Kanha not to trouble them again. He stands stunned.

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