Destined by fate starlife update 24 February 2024

Destined by fate 24 February 2024: Chaman angrily pins down Tingu for foiling her plan. Tingu asks what did he do. Chaman asks why did he send Kanha instead of Sayuri in a car. Tingu asks what is a problem in it, Kanha will return soon.

Chaman says he will not return forever as she tampered car brakes. Tingu asks if she loves Kanha so much. Chaman says a lot and hopes he returns home safe. Tingu recalls foiling Chaman’s plan and thinks without Kanha, she has to choose him now.

Kanha is unable to control his car due to brake failure and crashes it to a truck, with brutal injuries. Mob gathers and discuss Sayuri senses him in trouble and drops plates. Family asks what happened to her. Sayuri says she wants to talk to Kanha right now and searches for her phone. Nakul calls Kanha from his phone. Sayuri takes phone and asks Kanha if he is fine. A man among mob speaks and says this man in a car met with a brutal accident. Sayuri panics more and rushes to hospital where she notices Kanha in an ICU. Doctor treating her says his condition is critical and sends her out. Family joins Sayuri. They all wait outside ICU.

Chaman mourns for Kanha. Tingu feels happy and thinks Kanha will never return. Doctor informs Sayuri that Kanha got sever internal injuries with internal bleeding and needs immediately surgery, so she should deposit 10 lakh rs soon. Sayuri requests receptionst that she will pay the money soon. Receptionist says has to pay at least 20%, 2 lakh rs, right now. Sayuri gives her jewelry and asks Nakul to sell it and arrange money. Saroj also gives her jewelry and asks him to sell even it.

Sayuri says she will go and plead Chaman to give her 10 lakhs and will not return until then. She reaches home and calls Chaman. Tingu stops her and says Chaman is resting. Sayuri pleads him to give her money as Kanha’s condition is very critical and needs surgery. Tingu refuses to pay and doesn’t let her reach Chaman. Sayuri continues to plead Tingu. Chaman hearing sad songs things someone is calling her, but starts listening to song again.

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