Lost in love starlife update Saturday 24 February 2024

Lost in love 24 February 2024: Savi notices Vinayak with Samrudh walking to the police station and calls him by name. She asks him if he came here with Samrudh to bail out Mandar, it means Mandar was right that. She slaps him. Vinayak shouts how dare she is to slap her elder brother.

Savi says he is not her elder brother anymore after doing a heinous mistake. Vinayak says she eloped from home and humiliated family. Savi says he tried to kill an innocent. She confronts him for stooping so low and says she is ashamed to call herself as his sister; their father was a police officer and sacrificed his life for justice, but his son became a criminal; his duty was to protect her, but he tried to ruin her life instead; she is feeling like an orphan for the first time seeing his sins. Vinayak tries to speak.

Savi continues to vent out her anger and walks away.

Savi then returns to Isha and says she learnt that her brother Vinayak is also involved in attacking her. She asks why didn’t she inform her about it. Isha says Savi was fighting her own battle and she didn’t want to disturb her more. Savi asks why these people are so ruthless. Isha says they are like that and can go to any extent as they feel inferior due to women empowerment and want to suppress women; she is happy that her son who considers her aayi/mother is always with her and cares for her; she is happy that her son Ishan saved her life, though he still hates her.

Savi says one day Isha will realize his love for him and reunite with her. She says she needs to visit somewhere to correct her mistake and leaves

Durva with Anvi and Prateek tells Surekha that they want to discuss something important with her and asks what is the date after 2 days. Surekha says what? Durva says 11th September. Surekha asks what is on 11th September. Durva says Ishan’s birthday. Surekha says she forgot. Durva says they are planning a special birthday party for Ishan and will invite whole city. They start planning birthday. Ishan comes and sits next to them. Surekha asks him to go and sit with Yashwant as he wants to talk to him. Ishan asks Yashwant what he wants to discuss. Door bell rings. Ishan opens door and gets angry seeing Isha. He warns her to leave or else he will call police again and file an FIR this time. Savi says she wants to talk to his whole family. Surekha asks him to let her in.

Savi walks in and apologizes Bhosales for wrongly accusing them. Ishan asks how did this change of heart happened suddenly. Savi says she learnt who is the real culprit. Nishi and Yashwant shout who is it. Savi says Mandar Latkar and her brother Vinayak. Ishan claps and says her own pocket is torn and she is calling others a thief. Savi requests to forgive her. Yashwant shouts they will not forgive her for defaming them and their college. Ishan shouts next and asks her to leave as she will never be forgiven. Savi leaves crying. She returns to hospital and finishes Isha’s discharge formalities. She asks if she shall inform Bhosales about her discharge. Isha asks if anyone asked about her. Savi says no. Isha asks her to forget then. Doctor says Isha should visit hospital for follow-up, but she stays in Ramtek. Isha says Savi has found a place for her here until she gets well. Savi says she is taking her to a special place.

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