Destined by fate starlife update Sunday 25 February 2024

Destined by fate 25 February 2024: Tingu refuses to help Sayuri and throws her out of the house saying he doesn’t care of Kanha dies. Sayuri warns him not to say that and pleads to give him money for Kanha’s treatment. Tingu shuts the door on her face.

Sayuri thinks how will she get money now. Bhanu walks to her and says she heard about Kanha’s accident, so even Rashmi went to hospital to be with family. Sayuri says she needs 10 lakhs for Kanha’s treatment. Bhanu says she can sell her house, but even that needs time. Tingu doesn’t hear Sayuri’s sound and thinks a beggar went, its good that Chaman didn’t listen to her. Chaman walks to him and asks who had come.

Tingu nervously says no one. Chaman says she heard someone’s voice and opens door. She notices Bhanu staring at her and walking away. Tingu says oldie threatened to kick Chaman out of the house and claim back haveli.

Sayuri returns to hospital and informs family that Chaman refused to give money and didn’t even meet her. Nurse walks to her and asks her to bring an injection worth 5000 rs. Dhanraj says he will bring it as he has some money. Kanha’s condition continues to deteriorate. Doctor asks Sayuri to arrange money soon or else Kanha may slip into coma without operation.

Chaman feels worried for Kanha and prays god that nothing should happen to him. She calls Sayuri. Sayuri asks if she thought they can’t save Kanha without her help, Kanha’s whole family is with him. Chaman thinks she learnt about manipulating car’s brakes and says she didn’t do anything. Sayuri reveals that Kanha met with an accident and she had come to her requesting money for Kanha’s operation, but Tingu threw her out, etc. Chaman pins Tingu down and threatens to kill him for not helping Sayuri. Tingu lies thathe did that to increase Chaman’s value in front of Chaudhrys.

Doctor asks Sayuri to arrange more than 10 lakhs rs for Kanha’s operation or else she may lose her husband. Sayuri imagines Kanha passing away and feels upset. Dhanraj calls his friends for money, but gets rejected. Sayuri continues to panic.

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