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Radha Mohan 24 February 2024; Damini mentions they want to hear some more truth then should know she even wants Radha to die so that he can become a part of her life forever, Mohan questions what is she saying when Damini replies she is telling the truth and if she had her way then would have surely killed Radha right now, but she cannot take the life of anyone.

Radha rushes to Mohan explaining Damini is just trying to divert their attention and questions Damini how did she know about the messages of Tulsi, Damini angrily says she had asked her to stay quiet because she always tends to interfere in her matters with Mohan. Damini explains she has loved Mohan longer then Radha has stayed in this house. Damini explains she knew about those texts from the start because she secretly kept checking the phone of Mohan after Tulsi left, she asks what would anyone else have thought about Tulsi, as they would say she was never worthy of someone life Mohan. Radha explains she is just trying to make stories and is not as simple as it seems, Radha asks if she knew about them then why is she feeling now that she wants to read those messages, Damini explains because she secretly listens to their conversation and is worried if Mohan falls in love with her.

Damini reveals she is scared, and the biggest mistake of her life is that she loved Mohan, but the even bigger mistake is that she waited for Mohan, but now she is tired as first there was Tulsi and now is Radha. Kaveri comes to console Damini who pushes her away explaining she must stop her today, Damini accepts she is not a nice person and wrong, she has done a lot of things which are questionable, but she only has one reason for all those things which is the love of Mohan, she explains she did everything to get the love of Mohan, she loves him from the time when she did not even know the meaning of love revealing she has supported Mohan her entire life and has took all of his problems as her own and she even sacrificed her love for Mohan, she was not able to make her place in the heart of Mohan and he did not think she was worthy enough that he could tell her about those messages but now Radha has become so important.

Radha instructs Damini to stop explaining no one is going to believe her, Mohan turning to Radha explains it is enough, she tries to calm Damini but she explains everything is happening because of him, she mentions she cannot live like this and live without him. Damini falls unconscious seeing which Mohan gets worried, he asks Radha to call the doctor but Radha is just standing there. Kaveri starts yelling asking where is everyone. Mohan asks Radha to call the doctor but she says that even he would come and say that everything was just an act. Mohan picking Damini explains he would himself call the doctor, he leaves with Damini which angers Radha.

Mohan is taking Damini while Kaveri asks everyone to come and see why her daughter is not opening her eyes, Kadambari questions what has happened to her when Kaveri replies that her daughter loved Mohan and is suffering, Mohan instructs Ajeet to call the doctor.

Mohan places Damini on the bed when Kadambari keeps asking him what has happened to Damini, Mohan informs that she has gotten unconscious, he remembers when Damini asked if Mohan has also started having the feelings for Radha and he is going to do with her what he did in the past, she asked if he knows how he would feel if someone does to Gungun what he has done with her. Mohan explains it is all his mistake that Damini is in this condition, Kadambari does not understand, Mohan explains the girl who loves a boy since her childhood and the person deceives him each time, then she will suffer just like Damini. Mohan blames himself for all that is happening explaining he is a very bad friend and son. Kadambari asks him what is he trying to say, he says he was neither able to fulfill his promise to Damini nor let her keep the promise explaining it is all his fault. Mohan remembers when Damini came to the collage asking if he has started to like her, Mohan said she is his best friend and he promises to always be her best friend, Mohan then vowed to give all the rights of a wife to Damini when Radha forcefully married him. Mohan holding the hand of Damini gets emotional, accepting it is all his mistake and he apologizes to Damini,

mentioning she always thought for his happiness but what did he give to her in return as she just got alone and suffered a lot, she is right to say he is not even worthy to be called a friend. Mohan wonders what else can he say to her, Kaveri questions why is she not opening her eyes so asks what can she do now, Ajeet requests her to calm down since he has called the doctor who will be arriving very soon.

Damini slowly opening her eyes starts calling her mother, Kaveri sits beside Damini when Kadambari also calls her, Damini explains there is no need to call the doctor as she does not want to live such a life and she must be allowed to die, Kaveri requests her to not say such things while she furiously looks at Mohan. Damini explains she does not want anyone from them in the room so she should ask them all to leave, Kaveri agrees so yells at them all explaining they should not remain around her daughter and so just leave, Kaveri assures nothing would happen to her. Mohan gets up to leave and even Kadambari instructs them all to leave.

Damini opens her eyes just as Ketki is about to leave however Ketki notices Damini from the window and gets worried so leaves.

Mohan sitting with Kadambari accepts he is a bad person because he is once again doing wrong with Damini, Kadambari replies he is just listening to his heart so is not wrong, Mohan questions what about the feelings of Damini because she ahs taken care of the entire family and business while he broke all the promises, he made to her. Mohan explains she is doing this all because he has wronged her, Mohan explains Damini was not like this and he left her for Tulsi, but he explains he cannot wrong her anymore and she taught him that if by their actions someone’s feels pain then they are wrong. Kadambari explains what she taught him at that time was the truth but even she has learned a lot with the passage of time.

Radha is holding the phone of Mohan with the texts and thinks it is really important that she has them so she starts transferring the photos. Tulsi notices Ketki entering the room so signals Radha who quickly hides the phones.

Ketki coming questions Radha why is she here when Damini is acting so Mohan becomes emotional, Radha says that Mohan is not that stupid, but Ketki informs that these are her tactics from a long time, Ketki informs Damini is doing the same with her what she did to Tulsi Bhabhi. Tulsi agrees with Ketki explaining that Damini knows very well how to make her lies seem the truth in front of Mohan. Ketki explains that Mohan would never argue with Tulsi, but he refused to oust Damini from the office and that Tulsi Bhabhi who could not live without Mohan for even a moment was so fed up that she left the house, Ketki explains then one day something which they had never thought about happened that Tulsi Bhabhi committed suicide. Tulsi exclaims she wishes that she could tell her she did not commit suicide, Tulsi asks her to understand how can a mother leave her daughter and husband. Ketki explains Tulsi Bhabhi was like a mother for her and she does not want something like that to happen with Radha as she is her sister. Radha requests Ketki to calm down explaining Damini can never play the same game twice, revealing she knows how to foil any of her plan.

Damini sitting explains she has played such a game that Radha would be suffocated in it, revealing this plan always works on Mohan and they just have to make him feel emotional by saying how wrong he has done with them by not fulfilling the promise, then Mohan is always moved by it.

Damini sitting beside kaveri exclaims she has played such a game that this time Radha will die in this game, explaining this plan always works on Mohan as they only have to make him realize how wrong he is, so he feels ashamed in a moment Mohan sitting with kaveri exclaims he has always wronged Damini, he asks what would they do if this happens with Gungun, Kadambari is stunned when Mohan asks if she thinks he would let that person go like this, Kadambari agrees with him when he says that he has always wronged Damini but would not do it anymore and explains that he has to talk with Radha and end the differences that are increasing with Radha, so he will from now on do all those things that are better suited for Damini. Mohan explains they both know that Damini only desires to marry him, she asks if he would leave Radha after six months, she questions if he does not have any problem then why does he seem so tensed, she advises him to make sure that while trying to give Damini her right, he does not do anything wrong with Radha and their Gungun.

Radha informs Ketki that Damini got away with her plan the last time because no one knew about it but this time they both along with Tulsi know about it, Ketki gets really scared wondering what has Radha just said, she replies she meant that they have the teachings and blessings of Tulsi as she has understood that Tulsi had

a very big heart but was never the person who could become smart and they have to use very weird ways to counter the plans of damini.

Radha explains if she can take advantage of the simplicity of Mohan jee then why can they not do the same for his own benefit. Ketki does not understand anything and asks Radha what is she planning, Radha replies she would do what Tulsi was not able to in her life, she will give Damini a befitting reply. Radha asks Ketki to just enjoy assuring she will handle everything, she asks Ketki to go and hide.

Kaveri informs Damini to not make such plans as today it worked but Radha has already gotten to the phone of Mohan and she might very soon find their secret, Damini assures it would not happen because Mohan will himself send Radha out of this house after which all of their plans will work, she exclaims that Mohan would be going to talk with Radha.

Mohan entering the room thinks he has to talk with Radha as he cannot break the heart of Damini, he is shocked to see Radha packing her clothes and questions what is she doing, she says that she is leaving this house. Ketki wonders what is Radha doing because if she leaves then Damini would be able to do anything, Radha herself accepts that she is the reason because of which damini did not get her love and is in so much pain. Mohan wonders what would he do with her, Radha accepts she is really a bad person, Mohan is shocked seeing Radha who explains there is just one way to get rid of her evil doings, she prays to Bihari jee to pick her up, he says even Bihari jee would not be able to do it questioning if these are the things to talk about, he says she must not talk about leaving. Radha stops him explaining that she will leave today as she has realized that Bihari jee has made his relation with Damini so how can she come between them, Mohan asks how did she come between them, Radha informs that when a person does no correct their mistakes even after realizing them then it becomes a greater sin, Radha says there is no need for him to act of being married and she even pulls out the curtain, Mohan is shocked as Radha exclaims he can try to forget her, all those beautiful moments whcih they had spent together, she is always going to keep them in her heart and think they never met. Radha assures from today he has gotten rid of her, as she is leaving forever. Radha tries to leave when Mohan stops her explaining she will not go, Radha explains she cannot ruin the life of her elder sister so requests him to let go of her hand, they both are arguing when Mohan explains he will not let go of the bag, it tears as they both try to pull. Radha starts staring at Mohan, asking he did it again when he says they will patch it up.

Mohan mentions she must not leave, she asks the reason when he says if she leaves then they wuld lose the custody of Gungun, Radha replies she will pretend to be his wife for the next six months and will even teach Gungun.

Mohan still stops Radha explaining if she leaves then who would give her the food and fight with him, while even patch his buttons so he says that life will become incomplete without her.

Radha starts smiling but then says that his life is complete with Damini and not her, so he loves her but Mohan furiously says he does not love her but instead loves her, Radha is shocked hearing this so keeps staring at Mohan who is also looking towards her. Tulsi starts smiling and even Ketki rejoices hearing it, Mohan says he does not know anything other the that she is not going anywhere, Radha is smiling when Ketki rushes to hug her, explaining she was able to do what even Tulsi bhabhi never did so now she thinks someone has finally come to stand in front of Damini.

Radha prays that Mohan should have said what she was longing to hear for a long time, Tulsi makes Mohan wear Radha the dupatta when Radha thinks this is not the time to be weak as she needs to use the love of Mohan as her strength because Damini has a new plan each and every day, she exclaims she cannot start her life with Mohan until she catches the killer of Tulsi.

Damini walking with Kaveri exclaims her acting of being a helpless girl always works as she is sure that Mohan would have surely ousted Radha, she is shocked hearing Mohan say that now she is ready for the office, Gungun brings the tiffin for Radha requesting her to come back early since she has to help her in the homework, Mohan assures he can help her with the homework when Radha replies he had already made a mistake but this time she will do it by herself, Radha agrees to leave but Damini gets worried wondering how did Mohan not throw her out of the house.

Damini rushing down explains Radha will not go to office now as she has already snatched him from her and is now even going to take away her office, she explains that Tulsi at least had the courage of sparing her office but Radha has taken everything from her, Kaveri starts acting as if she is really tensed Mohan explains that Damini is just being insecure. Damini says Radha has the same reputation as Dulari in this house, did anyone think she would marry Mohan. Ajeet and Ketki both set a bid on weather damini has lost her mind.

Radha asks Damini what is she doing as everything belongs to her and she herself is just here for six months, Damini starts pulling the hair of Radha while everyone else is trying to separate them, Mohan hugs Damini seeing which Radha is stunned, Mohan assures no one is snatching anything from her and she will always have what belongs to her, Damini starts smiling staring at Radha who is really tensed, Kaveri thinks

Damini has even surpassed the big heroines today, Damini keeps smiling.

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