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Barrister Bahu 21 July 2022: Episode starts with Anirudh saying I need to explain you always, you don’t trust me, you thought I lie to you, I cheat you, you can think anything, I don’t need to tell anyone what you mean to me, you will always be imp for me. Saudamini stops him and says you know I m so mad, who will understand this madness, I told you such a bad thing in anger, you have always forgiven me, I know how to make you smile. He goes.Trilochan comes to Bondita and says just do what a bahu should do, light a diya every morning and evening, I don’t want you to miss it. Bondita recalls Maa’s words to keep bhog for Lord.

She says Anirudh has become Lord for me and made me fine, he ended my fear, he did good for me, what shall I do for him, so that he feels good, I just can’t thank him. She gets an idea and runs. She gets her doll and says I can give this to him, but I should give him something of his choice. She calls Bihari and asks him to give Anirudh’s barristry certificate, which got spoiled after getting wet. Bihari gets confused.She says I have imp work, so I m asking for it, get that paper for me, you are so good and lovely. He goes and gets the certificate. She recalls Binoy’s words. She says none comes in my words so easily than you. She goes. He thinks she is praising me. She goes and washes the paper to clean the stain. She makes the paper totally blank.

She says I have cleaned it and made it white like Anirudh’s teeth, I will dry it and give it to Anirudh. Anirudh says nothing is imp than education. Batuk looks at him. Anirudh says you can change the world if you have education on your side, just focus on studies.Anirudh gets ready. Binoy says you are going out for tennis, its good to have a partner in game and life, what did you thought now, did you come to save girls from bedwetting problems or Sati issues, I will go and talk about your Barristry practice. Bondita comes and says I want to tell something, you have given me a gift, I can take a bath in the washroom as long as I want, I don’t have to be scared that someone will come, like at the lakeside. Anirudh says its good, I wish everyone understood like you, change is constant. Bondita says everyone will understand, else we will explain them.

Binoy gets angry. Bondita says I want to say another thing, why to keep it in heart. Anirudh asks her to say. Bondita says I want to give you something. Binoy says why don’t you explain her that kids shouldn’t come in between when two elders are talking. She says you can tell this to me directly, you are elder, sorry to talk in between. Anirudh asks her to give it later and go now. She goes. Anirudh says I want to do barristry to bring a good change in others’ life, I want to help those who didn’t get a chance to study, I will start my goal to make the public toilets in tulsipur, I can try, I will lose and try again, I will keep trying, its in my hands to try, this country needs a change, I will start the revolution at home and in the society also. He smiles. Binoy looks at him.

Sampoorna goes out to puke. Saurabh worries. Biraj asks Sampoorna about her monthly. Surmani says Sampoorna is pregnant, have sweets first, a new member is coming home, none should know it for 4 months, I don’t want anyone to cast an evil eye. Biraj thinks why is Surmani so happy. Saurabh says but Sampoorna…. He signs Sampoorna to come. He asks Sampoorna how did this happen. Sampoorna says how can I know, Biraj and Surmani are saying. Saurabh asks did anything happen between us, how can this happen. Munshi calls him to come for work. Saurabh goes to Anirudh. He thinks of Sampoorna’s questions. He says Bondita sat in the puja, I want sweets, your smile is so sweet, I just want this as reward. Sampoorna smiles and gets shy. FB ends.

He thinks maybe Sampoorna doesn’t know it, nothing happened between us, she is mistaken. Anirudh asks what are you thinking, were you missing Sampoorna. Saurabh says no. Anirudh says I want your advice, we have to make public toilets in Tulsipur, this time, you support me well. Saurabh says you are my master, can I refuse to you. Anirudh says don’t say that, think what to do what women agree. Saurabh asks what can I tell you. Anirudh says you understand the village and thinking well. Saurabh says if any woman knows what’s imp for women, if she explains then they will understand. Anirudh says it means a woman should explain the benefits, your advice is good.

Bondita says the paper has dried, I will give this to Anirudh, he will be fine. Saudamini comes and looks for Anirudh. Saurabh says Saudamini is educated like you, she also uses bathroom at home, she can explain the women, she is much sensible. Saudamini smiles and thinks he will come to ask for my help. Anirudh says no, I know you said right, Mini can explain everyone well, people will hear her, but not listen to her, because she is different, she is not from the crowd, she didn’t see anything less in her life, how can she talk about public toilets, someone else can do this, who had seen village like that women, whom this change matters, then the women will listen.Saurabh asks who is it. Anirudh says there will be someone who wants a change, who argues and can end the difference. He recalls Bondita. He says Bondita….. and smiles. Saudamini gets shocked.

Anirudh saying Bondita has realized how a small thing can bring a big change. Saudamini looks on. Anirudh says I m sure when Bondita speaks her heart, it will reach the hearts of other women. Bondita smiles seeing the paper. Saudamini asks did you forget she is a little kid, who will listen to her. He says she is true, she doesn’t feel scared to speak her heart, she asks questions, she gets answers also, she is different, she doesn’t know speaking in English, but she knows how to read and write, I told her she is special on reading her conditions, that special girl is Bondita. She says its not necessary that everyone finds her special, I mean, will they listen to her, its not a kid’s play to convince villagers. He says I m sure that she can convince them, I m with her, I want her to make my words reach the village women. He asks Saurabh to call all the village women, we are together now. He doesn’t listen to Saudamini. Saurabh goes.


Saudamini says I have just seen one dream, that’s to get you, I will break your dream to make my dream.She goes to meet Bondita. She asks which saree will you wear. Bondita says I have worn it, Maa had taught me before marriage. She recalls. Saudamini thinks I learnt it late, she learnt quickly, Anirudh says right, she is very smart, she can learn Anirudh’s speech and tell in front of everyone, I have to make her fall in his eyes. Bondita smiles and says I have to show something, I got a surprise for Anirudh. She shows the paper. She says it got spoiled by me, see its shining now, its his certificate. Saudamini gets shocked. She asks how can you do wash it. Bondita asks did I make any mistake. Saudamini says its a mistake, does anyone wash the degree, it looks like a plain paper, didn’t you see what’s written on it. Bondita says I have seen, but I didn’t understand, I m not educated.

Saudamini smiles and thinks Anirudh was comparing me with her, she is smart, but not more than me, see how I take an advantage of this. Bondita gets sad and says he will get angry on me now, I try to do good but fail, why did just guys get the right to get educated, why can’t girls study. Bihari comes to call her. Saudamini asks Bondita not to get scared, she will manage everything. She asks Bondita to just do what Anirudh wants, don’t refuse to him. Bondita asks will it be right. Saudamini asks her to do the work to help him. Bondita says yes, I want to please him. Saudamini says Durga maa is always with you. Bondita goes to Anirudh. He asks her to help him in the imp work, the village women will be benefited. She says I will help you. He says none will be better than you for his work, read this well, you have to give a speech in front of village women. She can’t read the speech.

Saudamini goes to Somnath and asks can I sit here. He says yes Baudi, Didi. She says you used to call me Baudi, and see I didn’t become your Baudi. She gets sad. He says don’t get sad. She says when you love someone a lot and he gets away from you, it will be sad, I have learnt to tolerate the sorrow, what Anirudh did today, he showed my place to me in a moment, he wrote a letter for village women and chose Bondita for it. She cries. Anirudh says this won’t be tough, you can read it and memorize it, like you wrote the conditions before marriage. She recalls her letter. She agrees. Saudamini asks why did Anirudh leave me and chose that uneducated girl. Somnath says don’t know what happened to him, he forgot the difference between diamond and stone. She thanks him and says I will make Bondita memorize the speech. He says I wish Anirudh could understand. She says he doesn’t understand that its hurting me. He says you aren’t forced to do this, you shouldn’t teach her, I will teach her in a way that Anirudh won’t ask her to give speech next time. Anirudh asks Bondita to take his help. Bondita recalls Saudamini’s words.

Surmani says Sampoorna is pregnant, did you forget. She goes. Saurabh asks Sampoorna what is she doing. Sampoorna says I m eating tamarind, I m pregnant. Saurabh asks do you know when a woman gets pregnant. Sampoorna says I know when husband and wife come close and touch with love… He asks did we come close. She says you have held my hand, how much close should we get. He says we have to come too close, how shall I explain you. She says I do as you say, I don’t want to explain. He thinks I just kissed you that day, nothing else. He asks her to just do as he tells. He says just tell Biraj and Surmani that you aren’t pregnant, they have a misunderstanding, fine. He goes.

Bondita thinks to take help, who will read the speech, how to read it. She prays. Somnath comes to help her. He asks can I teach you. She gives the speech. She says read it and tell me what’s written, I will memorize every word and say it well. He says everyone will get glad and laugh. He teaches her. Saudamini says Bondita will give a wrong speech now, Anirudh will be ashamed, he thinks Bondita is talented.Biraj asks Sampoorna not to go out in pregnancy. Sampoorna says I don’t think I m pregnant. Biraj says you don’t understand all this, tell me, if you had the monthly periods. Surmani says we know if you are pregnant, look at your swollen feet, your face is glowing, none should know it, Saurabh will be angry. They leave. Sampoorna says Bondita would be so happy if she knew this. Saurabh gathers the people to haveli. Anirudh says Bondita will give the speech. Bondita comes. He asks did you memorize everything. She says yes. He asks are you ready. She says yes. He says then tell me first. Somnath thinks I changed the speech, it will be wrong if Anirudh hears it. Bondita gives the speech. Anirudh smiles.Saudamini comes there and looks on. She thinks Anirudh will know that Bondita learnt wrong lines, I have to do something now.

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