Naagin update Wednesday 20 July 2022

Naagin 20 July 2022: Episode starts with Bani seeing Balwant, Daksh, Chacha and Shukla are flying in air. The fake Veer/Akesh/Shukura smiles seeing them flying in air. Balwant asks him to read the mantra and call the stone, says its name is Gandhak. Shakura says I will come just now and runs of the house. Bani gets doubtful about him and thinks Viranshu went out. Jai comes outside the house. Shakura tells Jai that Balwant asked him to control the stone, but he don’t know how to do it. Jai says I asked you to stay here for a day, but you…Shakura asks him to go from there. The stone attacks everyone. Bani thinks there is only one way to save them and blows heavy wind from her mouth. She manages to take the stone in her hand safely. Shakura comes to inside the house and witnesses everything. She thinks this stone is listening to my orders and thinks according to Balwant, it should listened to Veer, but he didn’t know even its name. She thinks even today he forgot…and recalls everything. She recalls everything and thinks if these signs are signing me that he is an imposter. She understands that the eagle staying as Veer is someone else. She thinks how to know about this new enemy?

Bani makes arrangements for the romantic decoration. Shakura comes there. She says you should have done this for me. He says I can’t digest the fact that a girl who wants to kill me, have done this for you. She says you was behind me even in Satyug and even in Kalyug. She says you wanted me to leave Jai and come to you. He says you had killed me then. She says yes, but you got behind me again and followed me everywhere shamelessly. He asks her to drink wine. She takes a sip and spits it, just as he turns….She says I thought to remember those moments. She asks him questions and asks what did you call me first? He says Jaadoo..She then ask another questions and tells the wrong answers, which he says yes. She understands that he is an imposter. Balwant tells daksh that why Veer couldn’t control the stone. Daksh says you know Veer, he enjoy seeing us like that. Balwant says why he couldn’t tell the mantra. Daksh says he has saved us eventually. Balwant says may be and leaves. Bani tells that she saved them as they are her enemies and she will punish them. She thinks to find out who is the imposter.

Balwant tells his brother, Daksh and Monil that they shall search the stone in Veer’s room. He says they shall kill Bani right there. He says Veer must have remembered everything by now. Veer is caged and gets flashes of Satyug.Bani calls Meera and tells everything. Meera tells Bani that Veer used to protect her, but this imposter. She says Veer used to love you. Now I am worried for you. Bani says I have to find out about this imposter. Meera asks what is the plan?Balwant and others come to room and asks Shakura about the stone. Bani comes there and tells that she has seen how the red stone was attacking them and then Veer controlled it and it flied away with a speed. Balwant asks where is that stone now? She tells that it is on the trikuta pahadi and tells that Veer told this in sleep and she overheard.

Balwant asks him to go and bring it. She says she will also come with her. Shakura and Bani come out of the house. He asks why did he say that he controlled it and refuses to go out to search it. Bani says if you don’t want to go then tell them why you don’t want to go. He says I have seen how you saved my family. She thinks he didn’t see the stone in cupboard. He asks what are you hiding from me. She says I shall ask you this and sees Pandit ji’s wife coming there. She tells Shakura that she will bring her phone and goes inside. She then becomes snake and crawls out. Pandit ji’s wife tells her that Gandhak stone is very dangerous and it obeys only eagles’ prince orders and as you are Aadinaagin, it obeys you too. She says if that stone goes in wrong hands then it can do the bad thing and will destroy. She asks her to take the stone to the some mountain. Bani says she is going to trikuta mountain now. Pandit ji’s wife tells that it has evil powers there. She asks Bani to take the stone there. She asks her to find out the many secrets.

Bani comes to the room through the window and takes out the stone from the cupboard and wraps it in cloth. Mayuri sees her and thinks what is she hiding? Bani comes out. Shakura asks if she knows the way. She says yes.They leave. Mayuri and Shakura also leave in the car. Mayuri calls Jai and tells that they are coming there and tells that they know what to know. Jai is shown, who tells that he will reach before them, but needs Mayavi ras to become more powerful than them. He throws the Mayavi Ras in air and blows a heavy wind from his mouth. He thinks this place will look same to me, but a hell for Aadinaagin. He thinks welcome to the hell, Aadinaagin. Bani and Shakura reach there. Bani asks him to call the Gandhak Pathar there and tells that Trikuta mountain is near. He says I will call it whenever I want and calls the mountain. He says the mountain is near and asks her to come. Shakura flies away from there. Mayuri and Shukla watch her. Bani steps on the Mayavi water and sees the imaginary place created by Jai.

Shukla comes there and attacks Bani as an eagle. Mayuri also attacks her. They all come in human avatar. Mayuri says she wants to kill her as Veer gave her supari to kill her. Bani says did Veer come to know that you are a moorni? She turns and sees Shukla standing. She asks if Balwant knows that you are here and says he trust you. Shukla says even he didn’t know your truth. They call her Aadinaagin and lock her in the iron rods trap. They laugh at her. Bani thinks to use Gandhak stone and lock them. She laughs on them, but they don’t realize. Mayuri says they shall go and inform Veer that she is Aadinaagin. They turn and see the dead end of the cave and find themselves locked. Bani smiles and says I was talking about your both company. She asks her to brush up her mind. Mayuri and Shukla ask her to free them. Bani thinks she didn’t know that I have Gandhak stone and it follows her orders.

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