Anupamaa Starlife update Thursday 30 November 2023

Anupamaa 30 November 2023: Dimple’s mother tells Anupama that a mother is the one who supports her daughter and fights with the whole world for her daughter, Anupama did that. She says if Anupama had not supported Dimpy, she doesn’t know what would have happened to her; Anupama not only accepted Dimpy as her daughter but also fought for her and now is accepting her as her DIL without any dowry, etc.

Vanraj says even they have a daughter and know what it means to get one’s daughter married. Leela passes on sarcastic comments in between. Mother asks Shahs to forgive Dimpy’s mistakes as she is Dimple is a bit blant. Leela says she is overblatant and disrespects everyone and asks if she will give her gyaan to only them or even Dimple. Mother asks Dimpy to behave well with everyone and consider her in-laws as her family. Leela comments again. Samar asks her not to worry about Dimpy. Anupama asks mother to perform Dimpy’s kanyadaan. Mother says she wants Samar and Dimpy’s love should be pure like Anuj and Anupama.

Samar and Dimpy’s wedding rituals start. Panditji asks bride’s mother to wash groom’s feet. Samar says he can’t accept a mother touching his feet. Leela asks what is the problem in it. Samar says they will perform the ritual without an elder touching an younger one’s feet. Dimpy’s mother completes ritual. Panditji continues mantras. Anupama recalls her and Anuj’s wedding. Dolly performs gathbandhan. Panditji asks bride’s parents to perform kanyadaan. Maaya smiles thinking about marrying Anuj. Mainu Teri Hogaiyaa.. song plays in the background. Kavya coughs. Vanraj offers water to her. Bride and groom finish pheras. Groom then fixes mangalsutra in bride’s neck and applies sindhoor in her hairline. Anupama continues to recall her marriage with Anuj. Panditji announces that the wedding is complete and they are husband wife now. Everyone clap for them.

Anupama gives them advice that they are one from two people before and they shouldn’t forget their relationship. They take Hasmukh’s blessings who blesses to be happy always. Leela blesses to be happy and advises Leela not to fight and listen to only her grand MIL. Bhavesh and Kanta bless them next. Vanraj blesses them and says Samar is like his mother and he was jealous of that before, but now feels its his best quality. Kinjal and Toshu bless them next. Ankush blesses them and advises to Anupama as their role model in relationship and not follow any stranger. Barkha asks if she looks like a stranger to him. She thinks Dimpy and Shah family’s fight will start now. They take Anuj’s blessings next. Anuj recites a poem meaning the importance of living together in a relationship and share each other’s feelings. Anupama hugs them and says they are married now.

Toshu says its party time now. Dimpy’s mother says she will leave now. Anupama asks her to perform bidaayi and then go. Vanraj asks how can she go without having her daughter’s wedding feast. Mother says she came here without informing her husband and should return home before he returns. Dimpy hugs her emotionally and asks if she can’t convince her father to forgive him. Mother says he is stubborn and will melt down if Dimpy’s baby arrives. Samar asks not to talk about baby now itself. Kinjal and Toshu taunt that he can’t stop whatever needs to happen. Mother leaves. Vanraj suggests Dimpy to stop crying and be happy that her mother gave her a surprise visit and wipes her tears.

Anupama eagerly looks at the door. Kavya asks what happened. Anupama says she had invited guruma for the wedding, but she doesn’t think gurumaa will come. Gurumaa with Nakul walks in. Anupama happily announces that her gurumaa came. Everyone look at gurumaa. Leela asks if she is serial actress. Dolly says she is a great classical dancer Malti Devi. Anupama touches gurumaa’s feet and welcomes her in. Anuj notices gurumaa stepping on a nail and protects her feet with his hand. They both feel connected.

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