Lost in love starlife update Thursday 9 May 2024

Savi informs Ishan that her dance partner Sashwath is missing. Ishan calls Navya and Shukla and ask if they saw Sashwath as he is missing and even his phone is not reachable. They say no. He asks Shukla to find Sashwath soon as it’s Savi’s team’s performance next.

Durva’s team’s dance performance starts. They dance on Chumka Gira Re.. song. Nishi gets emotional Durva dancing happily. Sahntanu asks if he is fine. Nishi says yes, he got emotional seeing Durva happy after a tragic event in her life. Durva’s team’s performance ends. Anvi informs Ishan that it’s Savi’s team’s turn now and they have to go on stage. Ishan announces Bawal Brigade team’s performance instead and explains their theme. Bawal Brigade performs on Desh Mera Rangeela.. song.

Shukla finds Sashwath lying unconscious in a bathroom and takes him to the team. Team panics seeing his condition. Navya says now Savi has to perform a solo dance. Ishan says it’s a team performance and her team will be disqualified if she performs solo. Savi says her concept is a love story and she wants to portray how a girl helps her man achieve success. Durva taunts Savi for being late and thinks Savi ruined her and Sam’s love story, now she will face humiliation. She returns to Surekha and asks her to just wait and watch.

Anvi hosts the event next and announces Gawachi gang’s performance explaining the theme. Savi enacts Sai and Virat’s love story with her enacting as Sai and Ishan enacting as Virat. Yashwant and Surekha are shocked to see Ishan on stage. Savi and Ishan deliver dialogues and exchange garlands. Shantanu video calls Isha and shows their performance to her. They depict how their unusual wedding happened and how they fell in love, how Bhavani opposed Sai’s further studies and how Sai determined to become a doctor and Virat supports her.

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