Timeless love update Thursday 30 November 2023

Timeless love 30 november 2023: The Episode starts with Amba saying if you all apologize to me, then I will give full permission to Chitra to go to her mayka anytime. Chitra gets happy. Amba asks them to think and tells Chitra that they shall do darshan of Milapni Devi. Devi asks Vidhi what Amba is saying? Vidhi says it is truth that I had gone to invite Chitra, but didn’t talk about this apology matter. Maasi ji asks Satyavati why did she give much liberty to her. Vidhi says if we apologize to Amba that it is like we are wrong, but we have to apologize for Chitra’s sake, and tells that she feels alone there.

Abhi recalls Amba asking Chitra to burn the wedding card. Vidhi asks them to apologize for Chitra’s sake. Chitra and Amba come back. Amba asks Chitra to see how much they love her, and says they don’t care for you, and tells that they came to play holi here, forgetting you. Vidhi stops Amba from leaving. Satyavati apologizes to Amba from all Raichand family. She says today is holi festival, we shall start fresh forgetting the past. Dev says Chitra is the daughter of our house, and we will not let any problem happen to her.

Satyavati says you are our samdhan, we can apologize to you. She says sorry, and tells that they have a ritual, one samdhan applies color to other samdhan. She then applies color to Amba and Chitra, and wishes them happy holi. Amba also applies color to Satyavati. Dev apologizes to Amba. Amba says its ok, Dev and applies color to his face, says happy holi. Amba says your family has apologized to me, now I give you freedom to meet them whenever you want. Chitra thanks her and hugs Satyavati. Amba comes to Vidhi and applies her color, and asks how is she feeling to become a mother, and says 1998…Vidhi recalls Dev giving her diary and tells Amba that because of her, Dev and her relation have become stronger, and thanks her for bringing Chitra there. Amba thinks she will make them shed tears. Satyavati tells Mausa ji and Maasi ji that she is going to do the ritual today. Priya says you didn’t do this ritual before. Satyavati says it is for badi bahu, and gives her holi nek for her first holi, and asks her to keep the jewellery and clothes safely. Priya gets upset.

Yogesh tells Kanika that their plan to snatch Raichand company will be successful after this sign. Amba says your wife brought strawberry will be dull. Yogesh asks for his share in the property. Priya tells Satyavati that you didn’t give nek to me. Satyavati says I had given you more costly necklace than this. Mausi tells that ancestral is ancestral. Abhi asks Satyavati to check if Priya has that necklace or not. Amba tells Yogesh that first let them win then they will decide who will have, how much share. Yogesh asks what do you mean? Amba says we shall enjoy when we are working together, and says what is mine is yours too. She bites the strawberry and gives to him. Yogesh eats it. Kanika sees them and feels disgusted.

Vidhi thanks Satyavati. Satyavati asks her to wear it and see. She calls Dev and asks him to make his wife wear the necklace. Dev makes her wear it. Satyavati says it is looking good on Vidhi.

Kanika asks what is happening here? She asks Yogesh what they are doing, and says you used to cheat and now betraying Dev. Amba tells Yogesh that she is insulted in his house. Kanika says this is my house. Yogesh says this is my house too. Kanika says this woman has lowered you. Yogesh stops Kanika from raising her hand on Amba, and slaps Kanika hard. She says you have slapped on me because of this Amba, that’s enough.

Mausa ji says Sita Ram’s Jodi is of Dev and Vidhi. Mausi ji says they might go to vanvas, and asks Vidhi not to go to her mayka often as Raichands have to pay a heavy price to convince her. Dev says I had sent her to meet her parents, she is my wife and you deserve to get respect from her, but you are forgetting that you will get it when you give it.

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