Imlie Starlife update Thursday 9 May 2024

Imlie 9 May 2024: Annapurna panics fearing Agastya’s arrest. Agastya assures her that nothing will happen to him and he will change the history. Amrit signals Imlie that her time is up and waits for her in a lawn. Imlie walks to him.

He holds her hand and misbehaves with her, asks her to leave Agastya and run away with him. Imlie frees her hand and asks what does he want. Amrit asks her to obey her orders if she doesn’t want Agastya to go to jail. Imlie refuses to obey him. Amrit threatens that she doesn’t know who he is and what he can do.

Imlie says he knows what he can do, warns him to stay away from her, and leaves from there. Amrit frowns. Jugnu notices them. Agastya speaks to doctor and learns that his employees are out of danger now. Sonali asks him not to think much now. Agastya thinks who must have set a fire in his shop and is still walking free.

After some time, Imlie thinks how is Amrit related to the fire accident and why is he threatening herr, what he wants from her. She returns to her room and finds Agastya shivering in sleep. She tries to pull out a blanket under him with great difficulty and falls on him. He wakes up and pins her down and asks why was she on him, shutting her mouth. Imlie signals to free her mouth and says he was shivering like a dry leaf, so she was trying to cover him with a blanket. Their nok jhok start.

Agsatya falls on her while pulling his blanket away. Their eyes lock. Imlie says she will explain herself with singing. He refuses to listen to her and walks on bed. Imlie sings Yeh Hai Reshmi Zulfon Ka Andhera… song. Agastya says she looks hot while singing. Imlie says she didn’t listen. Agastya says she wasn’t looking hot while singing, lifts her, and drops her to her bed. Imlie sleeps smiling.

Amrit calls Imlie repeatedly at midnight. Agastya wakes up and asks Imlie who is calling her at this time.

Imlie sees Amrit’s call and lies that her cousin is calling her and walks out. Sonali walks to Amrit and asks whom he is calling at midnight. She snatches phone from him and notices him saving Imlie’s name as Madhur Bhandar. She picks call and asks why is he repeatedly calling Amrit at 2:30 a.m. Imlie disconnects call and repeatedly call Amrit to stop him pester her. Agastya walks to Imlie and asks if she finished her call.Imlie says yes. He notices Amrit and Sonali arguing downstairs. Imlie says there is some issue between them and returns to room with him. Sonali asks Amrit if he is having many more affairs, he should inform her before she finds out. Amrit assures that he isn’t having any affair. Sonali leaves. Amrit notices Imlie already gone.

Back to room, Agastya says there are a lot of issues in marriage and tongue lashes Imlie of selling herself in a bar and tricking men for money. Imlie says he will not understand in 7 lives why she does that. Agastya says their marriage is fake and they are having problem, Amrit and Sonali’s marriage is true and even then they are having problems, he can’t trust an institute of marriage and love anymore. Imlie tries to convince him there is true love in the world. Agastya refuses to believe her. Next morning, Agastya joins Annapurna for breakfast. Amrit pins Imlie to a wall and says she did wrong last night. Imlie says if he troubles her, even she will trouble her. He threatens her again to obey him. She refuses and says he was kicked out of the house and will be humiliated if he doesn’t mend his ways. She leaves from there.

Sonali tells Annapurna that she will go now. Agastya asks her to have breakfast and go. Amrit agrees and makes Sonali sit. Imlie serves breakfast to Agastya. Amrit touches Imlie inappropriately. Imlie drops food on Agastya and apologizes him. Jugnu notices Amrit and Imlie’s expressions again.

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